#EAMES shoot with Cayla


Chop chop! One of many cheeky shots with Cayla, who I shot drunk. Going through the shots they’re loose as (as in framing, focus, etc), but I love them! #sometimesitsnicetoturnoffthegrid #artistbeforeadesigner #eames

Full set here: http://www.justinfoxphoto.com/stories#/eames

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3 Responses to #EAMES shoot with Cayla

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    RIP nipples.

    • Justin Fox says:

      Ahhhh yeah… it’s becoming a thing with the amount of times I’ve been banned off social media!

      • lemmiwinks says:

        Fuck social media! Biggest data mining operation in history. Still love your work, censored nips or not ;-)