THE-LOWDOWN ‘Showcased’

Yesterday saw’s ‘Showcased’ at the rooftop of the Entertainment Quarter carpark. As soon as I got up and saw the sun rising above Maroubra Beach I knew it was going to be an awesome day. The boys gave Zen Garage a (very generous) 6x3m space facing the Sydney skyline, primo spot was primo! Our new tent went up with ease and trading went really well.

The vibe was too good to be true and I was left smiling all night, hey I’m still smiling! Sergio went clubbing the night before and managed to secure visiting American Import Model Jeri Lee and her 2 friends to represent Zen Garage and ALL STARS at the show, the 3 girls brought a massive buzz to our stand once they arrived.

Whilst the show on the rooftop was gobsmackingly otherworldly, the level below doubled as JDMST’s End Of Month Meet (EOMM) and it was so packed that cars had to park a level below below! Some photos are starting to make their way online on Facebook as well as JDMST. I left my camera in my bag as there were just way way way too many amazing cars worthy of a shot (hard work for all the photographers on the day!).

For more images, and info:!-Sponsored-by-Xtreme-Motorsports

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