ZEN PODCAST #013 – Rosamina Bold

Rosamina Bold is a Mongolian Art Nude Model. We discuss Model Mayhem, shooting nudes, Mongolia, Lolita and more.

I first shot with Rosamina in 2014 and man she’s come a LONG way!!! She writes now! With passion. Here are some of her words in relation to a recent shoot we did:

Summer afternoon. Soft light.
Skin. Curves. Fishnets. And Persian carpet.
Woman. Man.
A woman captured by a man.
Muse. Artist. Artists both.
Energy. Female. Male. Harmony.
Human. Expression. Mind. Both minds.
Conversation. Camera. Music.
Camera clicks. Soft breeze. The trees.
Fate. Life. Inspiration. They inspire each other. One mentors the other.
One lived longer than the other.
Young. Old. Older. Younger. Naive.
Wise. Energy. Connection. Friendship.
Fate. Life. Past. Future. Curves.
‘The curves of your lips will rewrite the history’.
Oscar Wilde.

And also this great post she made on her Facebook Profile after the shoot:

Today on Zen Podcast with my favourite JF .
My first ever and I even surprised myself by being at ease all the way.
Didn’t feel nervous at all, 0 pressure! Super chilled, easy chat with Justin Fox.

We talked about how we first met, what it means to be a creative, photography, modelling, writing, art nude, cyber bullies and their insecurities, being an Asian especially Mongolian in Sydney, growing up in Mongolia, what’s next for me and so on.

I am little superstitious. I do believe people that are meant to meet do meet.
Justin and I get along really well. I love how we both don’t hesitate to fight back haters, closed minds and talk about topics people like to avoid.
If we don’t, who will?
We’re all about creating awareness, fighting for justice, fairness and getting people to talk about stuff.
That’s why I’ve always looked up to him.
He definitely helped me to be more open to talk about stuff I feel in my adoptive country Australia expressing via my non native second language that is English.
I know there are idiots who call themselves ‘feminists’ but they’re not actually ‘feminists’ because they judge and discriminate women for being who they are including their life choices etc would call him an anti-feminist just because he shoots female nude photography??!!!

But he is actually one of the most feminist guy I’ve ever met.
As to me (and as it should be), feminism is about gender equality, equal opportunities for women, promoting freedom for women to do whatever the f*k they wanna do!
He is always on about protecting women’s rights, helping women and girls to grow themselves, their businesses making sure men aren’t taking advantage of them, (that include photographers, businesses, boyfriends everything) in their careers and relationships.
Justin genuinely believes women have just as much potentials as men do and he just equally gets frustrated about all the negative stuff in society we face as women.
I have three uncles from my mom’s side. They’re all pretty cool and feminists too.
They never said I should be this and that because I’m a girl.
So, Justin always reminded me of my uncles.
He is my buddy, mentor and someone I’ve always looked up to ever since I met!

Thank you for always supporting me and helping me to grow!!
You’ll always be like a family to me.

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