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The Woodford to Glenbrook Classic

Richie and Brad and his sexy little Mazda 2.

Sunday, no traffic? Must be dreaming.

Registering was a breeze.

MWG the machine.

Jing’s Reign got me home.

Today I participated in the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic. I did it in 1:20:40 and our team the pixel pushies came in 3rd! 25km of true pain. Well I made it to the finish line at least (lol). Whilst I had a rad day I’m super disappointed in my lack of endurance strength.

I didn’t have any of my bikes ready, so Jing very kindly lent me his Giant Reign for the day. I set her up last night and was a bit excited, but did manage to get a fair few hours sleep in. I got up at 5.30AM, had a bite and headed off to pick up Richie (my sisters husband). We got to Brad’s place at 7AM, chucked the bikes on his cool Thule roofrack on the back of his sexy orange Mazda 2 and we were off.

Sunday, no traffic. Amazing! We got to the mountains damn quick (1 hour flat) and registered. Perfect weather, we were excited. The catch up with Brad was awesome. I hadn’t seen the guy in forever, we met up with Matt (MWG) at the start line, Jing sent me an SMS to say he just got up, that really pissed me off, but the gun went off and away we went. Richie and I dropped back whilst everyone fought for position. I passed Matt as he was on the side of the road fixing a flat (lol). I caned a few rough downhill sections overtaking quite a few people only to have most of them overtake me back on the uphills. Richie passed me at some stage too and by the time I finally got to the crazy 10km downhill at the end I was exhausted (dead pretty much) which was a real shame as I imagined making up many positions down there.

In the end of the day the only people I overtook were the ones with flats on the side of the road. A guy with his baby son attached to the back of his bike overtaking me hurt a lot… then I was overtaken by a 13yr old girl who was making a lot of noise and complaining to me about a stitch whilst she overtook me. My ego/legs were gone at that stage and I just was happy to get to the finish line.

The massive grass hill and corner into the finish gate was awesome, the crowd cheering, the vibe. All smiles. Matt did a n utter time, Brad kicked it. Turns out Richie stopped for a piss break at some stage and I did beat him to the finish, Felix rocked up and we chilled for a bit before doing the most hardcore nasty road climb back out of the valley up to the station to get to our car back at Woodford. PAIN, Maccas on the way home (shhh), Sydney traffic, wash broken bike (shifter broke in trasnport, bum poo fuck), glass of wine, blog.

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Poor Sam Hill

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Ti project almost done

A few complications/problems. It won’t get there for the race this weekend… but it’ll get there eventually.

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Back to square one

Fucking shit I bought a Jazz AGAIN. The S2000 is sold. If that doesn’t prove my dedication to bicycles… (lol) I don’t know what will!

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Ti update

Ti rotor bolts, KCNC skewers.

Go the old school!

Thin and sexy

Ti bolts.


The Ti project is almost done!

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Loftus Enduro

Did 25km’s of Loftus this last weekend on the single speed. A couple of kids from Farkin showed us all the great bits, the trains we’re working on the day so these guys rode to meet Jing and I in the carpark, for me, that ride alone would have killed me.

From the first few minutes into the ride it was already evident that these 18yr old kids had boundless energy. Keeping up was pretty hard but all in all I had a great day and really appreciate the guys showing Jing and I all the different trails at Loftus, not to mention pushing us to ride for a shitload longer and further than we usually would.

The single speed was shit. I was clipped in all day, which wasn’t so confidence inspiring, and on the rocky downhill stuff the front end was so bumpy that I’d just understeer off the line (no suspension will do that to you I suppose?). I walked up a fair few hills on the 2nd part of the ride, lol. Pretty embarassing.

All in all it was a great day and the single speed was different but I’ve decided the single speed’s best for the road/around the block bashy.

Pics here.

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08 Cycle King Carbon Saddle (94g)

Work of art! It’s modelled off a Selle SLR too which I find comfy, so hopefully this isn’t going to be too uncomfy!

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New goodies for the Ti project

Hope Mono Mini’s.

Floating rotors.

Syntace carbon bar.

Syntace stem

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Go’n get!

Fuck IE. IE is shit. Firefox 3 is out. Download it, use it and abuse it NOW.

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Din Tai Fung

Found: Sydney’s best dumplings. Hands down. Din Tai Fung

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