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Happy B’Day to me! So sweet! She carried these on the train!






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Old & New Japan 911 Sticker Design



Late last year I flew to Las Vegas to cover SEMA for Toyo. I took a photo of the Old & New Japan 911 and David from Import Bible Canada has turned it into an illustration, and now a sticker design. They look great! Find them in the Import Bible shop:

SEMA Feature:

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Late Night Art Sesh with KPOP




Late Night Art Sesh with Kristi. Full Set:

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The Surge was fucking amazing!

My guy.

My end game character. If you fight right, you get to keep the bits of armour from the enemies you come across so there’s lots of styles and stats to choose from, each piece can be upgraded to level 5. If you wear a matching set you get a special bonus. It’s all very Division!

RPG goodness.

I bought The Surge on my B’Day (May 16th, check my review below). I’ve been chipping away at it since. No other game I’ve ever played in my life has made me want to rage quit more than this game. It’s got to be the hardest game I’ve ever played!

There are 4 big bosses in the game and I couldn’t get past the 3rd boss for days. During those days I watched a lot of videos. On the 3rd day I watched other guys on Youtube play past the boss only to see them die over and over on the next level (which was, like the last level, a billion times harder than the level before). I decided that I’d not put myself through the pain and rather stop playing here, BUT! I gave it one last push and fucking hell I beat the bastard!

I farmed hard on the new level in order to build up my character (so as to make it easier for the final boss) and when I got there I died at least 20 times before beating him. Wasn’t as bad as the 3rd Boss, but it was damn bad and it makes me realise this game is torture but I’m such a sucker for this kinda shit!

SO stoked to have finished the game (especially that the game has no difficulty settings, nor glitches or console cheats). The ending sequence was great and made up for the lack of story throughout the game (it was all action baby!). Super smart level designs and I really appreciated the sound design (but I had to turn the music off for boss fights in order to pass them, the intense music was killing me!). Really loved the super intuitive and fairly deep RPG elements of the game. You can really build up your character how you like to play, and for me that was tanky as fuck with a heavy hard hitting weapon.

PS: When you finish the game your save file becomes “New Game+” and the game start over but with a whole bunch of new surprises (I’ve only just loaded in; you get to keep your gear and the first guy you fight feels like fighting another player/PVP!). Very very cool. I’m more than satisfied.

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Photoshoot with Sophie




Afternoon hangs with Sophie. Full set up soon!

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New Shopify ZEN GARAGE Online Shop


OMFG we did it! The all new Shopify ZEN GARAGE online shop is live! Thanks Catalina Briceño for the lifestyle shots. All the product shots need to be re-shot ASAP (that’s my job!), text descriptions need love too, but I’m so glad it’s live!

Free shipping on all orders over $100 for now (one thing we’ve been meaning to implement for ages but couldn’t with the last shop software).


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The Surge – Happy B’Day to me

42!!! I had a huge breakfast at The Pool Cafe with Mum in the morning and spent the rest of the day gaming and avoiding calls to go out. Under the radar is just my style when it comes to birthdays!!!

2 games were released May 16th. “Injustice 2″, one very polished Mortal Kombat style beat’em up featuring Superheroes and another called “The Surge”. Had to buy at least one of them and since I’ve been eyeing Dark Souls 3 (everyone’s comparing this game to it) I thought why the hell not.

I love it how every game I buy now I just go: Full Screen, 4K, Ultra! So so good! This game features low res textures throughout, but I love the art style, which feels low tech grungy and very Fallout 4 as you’re in a mech suit at all times.

39 hours in and I now truly understand what Dark Souls is all about. It’s about dying… LOTS! The RPG elements are great so far (I’m killing things over and over just to gear up before progressing) and the map makes you go a long way out only to give you a very quick alternative way back to base (surprising and welcoming each time).

The first boss was a bitch but the 2nd boss took the cake and had me crying in frustration as I died at least 30+ times before beating it. The 3rd boss made me quit, then watch tutorial vids on tips to pass. I’m on the 4th boss now and I’ve just about had enough! I know what to do… but I just can’t get past him! The maps/world is starting to get all samey and my research tells me there’s only one more boss to go after this one I can’t pass, so if that’s it then I have to say yup. The Surge got me good. 100% would recommend. Trailer above, some screen grabs to come!

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

4K goodness. A screen grab from the super detailed and crazy windy opening scene.

Style is bang on.

I’ve heard of Deus Ex, a game released in 2000 (for a little while when I’d google Deus, Deus Ex would rock up, that’s way before Deus took off!). I’ve always been into first person shooters and I love cyberpunk-themed worlds. Not so massive on stealth type games as I do like to gun, but the main thing I never liked about the Deus Ex franchise was the look of Adam Jensen, the main character. It’s like not liking an Actor in a movie. To me he looks stiff, like Neo but so not, and generally just trying too hard. With every new game release the character never changed so I never bothered to pick up the game until now.

I decided to play the most recent 2016 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and was instantly thrown into a vibrant detailed world with impressive graphics, turbulent windy environment (which sadly doesn’t impress again after the initial scene) with tons of litter everywhere for me to pick up and interact with. It’s not open world, feels it at first but the world feels smaller as the game goes on. There’s a crafting system which I didn’t use at all, the main guts is in how you upgrade your character’s body augmentations, some of which will make or break the way you can get in and out of spaces, and this game offers you even more ways than Prey does.

My playthrough was 27hrs start to end doing a fair few of the side missions. I’m still not into the main character and thus didn’t get into much of the rather simple story (delivered with stiff cut-scenes). Prague/the world is awesome and I liked the general gameplay feel and how effective each upgrade I invested in worked. Although it’s a stealth game I still did 50/50 stealth and attack and I think I got the best of both worlds (IE: satisfaction from sneaking around in vents to avoid enemies to get to point A, or blasting my way direct to point A).

Gun play wasn’t amazing, the guns just didn’t feel powerful, but hey Deus Ex isn’t primarily a shooter. The ending was a let down as it’s a cliff hanger to a part B DLC, one which I didn’t pay for and glad I haven’t to be honest. Am I a Deus Ex fan? Nope. Really enjoyed the game, but kinda knew it wasn’t for me, still isn’t and it’s primarily because I have to play Adam Jensen.

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Shot these 2 today, always much harder shooting 2 girls, especially at the depth of field I choose to use. I was pretty loose as well from partying last night and continuing on with Star this morning before the shoot!

Still managed to nail a few shots though! Full set is already up! You can check it out here:

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Hangs with Nana

Hangs with Nanami today! This is what she’s working on at the moment.

Nana got gifted this gear from Sony Australia (jealous!!!!!).

LEO!!!!! I love this man.


Scuderia Graziani.


Would daily this 100%!

LAAAAMMMEEENNN!!!! Chaco Bar. OMFG I so needed this! I tried the Yuzu Scallop, was tangy and not at all what I was expecting.

Nana went for the Fish Salt, which is the pick on the menu for sure. Broth was so complex!

Ariel is back on Oxford St! Sadly nowhere near as amazing as the old store though.

Then we checked out this sweet little Warhol exhibit at the AGNSW which showcased Andy’s design work (he was a designer before a famous artist).



Roy de Maistre. My mate in high school studied this piece for his HSC. Always so amazing to see it in real life after seeing it only 5cm large in an art book in high school.


This digital wave rocked!

Captain Cook.




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