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Shi and Me

It’s the me.

It’s the Shi.

I had my house shot for Vauxlair today. I was a little nervous, and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect (I HATE being in front of the camera) so I thought I’d ask Miss Iris Shi if she’d keep me company during the shoot (which she did and I felt much better for it!).

Turns out the Vauxlair crew were rad and we all got along. I’m looking forward to seeing their pictures/feature.

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Melyssa Grace photoshoot at Zen Garage

Today we’ve got US Model/Drift Babe Melyssa Grace at Zen Garage for a photoshoot with select cars by Photographer Kelvin Ng. It’s a wet day, but the punters are out in full force. If you’re in Sydney, drop in! We’ll be wrapping up at 4pm.

More pics:

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Fox Studios Regular VAG Meet

Entertainment Quarter (formerly Fox Studios) car park was the first location for’s inaugural meet and over the years it’s become a regular monthly spot for members.

Despite the horrible weather tonight, the troops came out to meet and greet. I took a few snaps last night, they’re all up on Zen Garage:

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Betty meets BBE77Y


Whilst I was test driving the wide-body M3 last Friday Betty was at Zen getting some shots taken with Jonno’s MX-5 (lovingly named BBE77Y). Was sad to not be there during the shoot, but was super happy when I got home later that night to find the boys and Betty at my place for what ended up being a great Friday night in!

Check out more pics on Betty’s new blog/site:

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Wide-body M3

Got width?

Last Friday afternoon I was handed the keys to this beast. A wide-body M3 which is supercharged too. I can’t say too much right now, but check out my facebook page, or instagram for more images.

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Zen Garage x All Stars BNR32

More text and pics:

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Mondays off = work on GT-R

Generic pod cover bought from Just Jap.

Dash/Carbing gear.

So so nice.

Gruppe M’s intake.

Intake installed.

Passenger side foot plate. Looks so hot (sorry for the bad shot!).

Drivers side dead pedal installed. Horn button removed (again) too lol.

Finally got around to doing a few little things to the GT-R today at JDMyard. Namely re-installing stuff that was long lost (unfortunately). Removed carpet and installed Carbing/Dash dead pedal and passenger side foot plate. Gruppe M’s intake and generic intake cover which Kiet modified to fit.

Now ready for a re-tune!

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Cynthia Lu for Zen Garage by Matthew Mead

Today we had gun Photographer Matthew Mead shoot hot little miss Cynthia Lu modelling freshly landed Import Bible gear for Zen at my place.

As usual I snapped a few behind the scenes shots :) More of my shots from today are up on Zen:

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Lazy Sundays

The Bra.

The Boys.

Rob’s E30.

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Spotted: GT2 @ Zen Garage.

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