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BOWLS – Zoomer Down Under

Photo by LAB.220

The cool cats at BOWLS have just featured my Zoomer on their blog: – Very cool. Little bit embarrassing as the Zoomer’s still a work in progress, but happy to get the plug in any case so a massive hi to all of you guys and gals visiting from LA :)

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CRG Blindsight

Got my new billet grips in the mail today so I’ve fitted them up with the 2inch CRG Blindsight bar end mirror I bought earlier. Old grips vs. new grip + CRG mirror + bar end kit.

I could have bought a bicycle mirror but I went for top shelf stuff instead. I figure if it’s good enough for Ducati’s it’s good enough for my Zoomer! HAHA.

Throttle side grip.

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Zoomed out

Really happy with the fatty set-up. Will wrap up the exhaust header soon. Still thinking about tiny old school brake lights and turn signals and shaving off the tabs that used to hold the stock blinkers.

I’ve been riding around without a rear view mirror, it’s pretty freaky. After today’s ride I’ve decided to keep one. If you look at the goodies picture in my previous post you’ll spot a bar-end mounted round mirror which I’ll get on the bike soon (waiting on new grips first). Still tempted to try an HID style headlight to eliminate the round headlights, not sure I’d like it though and also HATE the gold forks and very long brake and speedo cable. Hate the speedo too but I look at it lots so it’s got to stay.

Again, hate the gold forks and rear shock. Love the functionality of the ATR rear shock so I might try to strip the gold anodizing with oven cleaner, or something. Front forks are too high, need to be an inch lower so I’m looking into lower forks (not gold next time) and also a front disc brake set-up and gloss black alloy wheel (front wheel is matte grey and steel) which will brake better, look nicer and also eliminate the long drum brake cable.

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Zoomer goodies

The ugly old standard gas cap had to go. I had to grind down the 2 tabs (used a dremel) to mount the new cap on top of it.

New KCP cap mounted up. Made by a guy in Holland who designs makes and sells his own parts.

More goodies came in the mail today, this time from BOWLS LA where I was in fact buying T-Shirts but ended up with a whole lot of Zoomer parts!

New Takegawa radiator cover. Not sure if I like it, kinda like no radiator cover at all to be honest.

K&N filter with shield. Had to shave off some rubber (luckily I’ve got killer sharp blades) to get it to fit right.

Kijima radiator coolant tank replaces the stock plastic tank.

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Paino Road Bike

Paino’s all done and I’ve been meaning to shoot her for some time now. Sunny day today so Suga and I went for a ride at Centennial Park. The path was quite wet, so our bikes got a little dirty, didn’t stop me from shooting though, gotta love a bit of dirt!

Plenty more pics here:

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Everything by Luke Cleland

That’s Luke on the left.

I got the news today that a friend’s song has made it through to JJJ’s Unearthed Top 50. It’s rating 44th overall in the Unearthed charts (17 in its genre) but the idea’s to get the song into the top 10 so that it enters high rotation.

Listen (or you can download it for free) to his track “Everything” here:

And if you could be assed. Register on JJJ to write a review and/or rate it.

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New Bodyform logo designed by yours truly :)

Poppin FD.

Japanese rims on Euro cars. So right.

Shane’s Supra sporting an amazing new wing.


Steve Gosbee’s NA MX5.

Nyaw puppies.

Huge joint T-LD + JDMST meet out at Bodyform in Smithfield today. Heaps of great cars and great vibe too despite the bad weather and a lack of a DJ (which really would have suited the meet IMHO). So happy to have my Lumix back, heaps of photographers were there so be sure to check out this picture thread on JDMST for more images over the next few days.

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Susan Avery

Garden bicycle outside of Susan’s shop.

There are a LOT of really interesting elements to play with.

Testing and choosing tealights for the 18 tables at reception.

A while ago Christina and I met up with Susan Avery who’s known as one of Australia’s better known florist with over 25 years experience. She’s done over 4000 weddings to date (view her work here) and despite knowing that she was perhaps going to be the most expensive option out there, we thought we’d at least see her and get a quote.

She’s got a lovely shop in Woollahra and a few minutes into our initial meeting we both fell in love with her and her work. She’s a lovely lady, very stylish, passionate and confidence inspiring.

It’s been a month, we’ve seen another florist in the meantime (who was half the price) but today we went back to see Susan and we’ve decided to lock her in. I think it’s been a little strange, and maybe refreshing for both florists to have the groom at the meetings, but hey…I felt right at home helping Christina to choose a design direction for our big day. I’m pretty sure that what we’re going for, which is definitely something different to the typical white and green wedding flower arrangements out there, will blow our guests away.

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Gelato Messina located in Darlinghurst –

Too many choices!

My sister and Richie took Simone and Maja (who have sadly left Australia now) to Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst and apparently Simone was so blown away at how awesome the icecream was. He was quoted as saying “better than Italy, better than Italy!”. Considering he’s Italian and comes from Italy we just had to try it.

Despite being a rainy day it was packed (full of Asians!). We were stuffed from a meal at Una’s across the road so we decided to only choose one flavour (which was damn hard to do as there were way too many choices!). We tried the salted hazelnut icecream which was pretty damn salty and a bit yuck. Better luck next time I suppose!

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Suga’s Apple Pie

Suga’s first ever home made apple pie! Yum yum!

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