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Namatjira inspired Australian aquarium landscape update

An original watercolor by Albert Namatjira, painted around 1954.

View the complete build thread here

Just an update on Christina’s Dad’s tank. Water is clearing and neons have been thrown in to cycle the tank. They’ve been in there for a week and doing well, if anything they kinda look thirsty huh?! Plants next week!

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Excellent Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Yup it really is.

The public herb garden outside is such a great community idea.

OK so they loose points on presentation, but you eat with your mouth, not your eyes! Tofu has a juicy scallop inside, special surprise!

Had dinner at Christina’s family local last night in Carlingford Court. These guys serve up some great traditional Chinese dishes which I’m not so familiar with and after eating some so so food recently (most of it which has been overpriced, and in my opinion trying too hard), it’s just refreshing and comforting to have such reliable good food.

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We’re gonna be on TV part 2

Our R32’s.

Christina’s interview.

Andy and Herman shooting the GT-R.

Lumix in video mode mounted outside my GT-R.

Yesterday we finished off the 2nd day of shooting with Herman and Andy. They came over at 10am and already the sun was bitey. It turned out to be the hottest day so ever and being under the sun from 10am-5pm took it’s toll on Herman’s face which was ridiculously burnt. I also lost about 5kg in sweat as the GT-R has no air-con, nor any lining so I was basically sitting in a tin oven sweating like I’ve never sweated before! It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could have had the windows down, but with them down I couldn’t hear instructions over the walkie talkie so I had to have them up!

Talking about cars in the interview was so much more enjoyable than talking about design and I thought both Christina and i did really well in the interviews. Also really chuffed to see the boys use a Lumix GF1 for some of the on-board footage. I love my camera and had no idea if was good enough to shoot film for TV!

It’s all in their hands now. Bit nervous and hoping we don’t come across as idiots in the final product!

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The two R32’s. Suga and I got there at 6 to have a word with security and sneak a dinner in.

Apples and oranges but both cars share the same badge, 6 cylinders and 4WD.

7.30PM the carpark is filling up.

The cycle crew!

Babs’ Hako is always a hit.

Last night was JDMST’s first EOMM (end of month meet) for the year and it was a big one with 70+ cars. We decided to have this one at The Entertainment Quarter (Fox Studios). Despite everybody paying $6 to get into the carpark we’ve been kicked out before (for loitering!) but this time I did a little ground work by calling the security office a week before to let them know we were coming, and also getting down early to actually speak to the security team on the night. Everyone was well behaved which blows my mind. I mean seriously, asking these kids to restrain themselves with strict rules is a big ask (no engine revving, no burnouts, respect the surrounding community on the way in and out and no loud music). Put yourselves in our shoes…if you’ve got a hotted up car that sound beast all you want to do is let everyone appreciate it by revving your engine, and of-course, do a filthy burnout on the way out!

Heaps of photographers on the night, check out all the pics here:

Also be sure to check out pics from interstate JDMST EOMM’s:
[MEL] Gallery – click here
[QLD] Gallery – click here

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Flying Fajita Sisters

Flying Fajita Sisters on Glebe Pt. Road.

Nachos was spicy (we chose the beans).

Snapper was fresh.

Beef Burrito ws good, would have been better if it had rice in it too IMHO.

That Nachos at Pancakes on the Rocks the other night just did nothing for me so last night we dropped into the Flying Fajita Sisters in Glebe for a proper Mexican meal. $70 seems like a lot to pay for beans, corn chips and guacamole (well OK, Christina did have fish) but the staff were nice and the food wasn’t bad either (though I’d prefer Guzman y Gomez any time!).

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12 days old

Our new little guy to be (Maximilian we’ve decided to name him!) is 12 days old. We’re not sure which one he is, but we’ve been getting lots of updates on his progress. Mum and all kittens are doing well! :)

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Campag’fucking’nolo overload

New Old Stock (NOS) Campagnolo GRAN SPORT brake levers from the 70’s-80’s.

Love the details. You spin the brev inter logo to spin the cable catchers inside.

I tracked down some nice soft and gummy hoods, amazing reproduction of the old stuff, so much love.

NOS Campagnolo Victory Pedals with Toe Clip and Straps. Yeah unused from the 80’s, what a win!

So amazing.

Campag winged logo toe strap end clips, so so awesome.

The Campagnolo winged logo, it’s all over the bike now.

I put so much care into installing the pedals, what is usually just a routine installation all of a sudden is something special.

Just like old times. Into the zone with some wine, Alice in Chains on iTunes and some internet references to get the brake cable routing right.

Vintage bike brake cable ferrules made for non-aero brake levers.

Took my time to get the cables right, so so right.

She’s now period correct, makes me so happy it sure took a long time to ditch those Japanese Suntour Superbe Pro aero levers which belong to bikes from the mid to late 80’s.

Waiting for some period correct bar tape now! So close to being “done” :)

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Scallops and prawns, so pretty, like a Picasso! They say you eat with your eyes. I disagree as this dish looked so much prettier than it tasted.

Barramundi + Saffron Gnochi. Simple flavours, hearty and home style.

Mum treated us to lunch today to celebrate her B’day (again). We went to Assiette, a fusion (I hate that word when used with food) French restaurant in Surry Hills. Food was so so, looked pretty though. Would I suggest it? Nah, but they have a $35 3 course meal on Fridays and a $55 2 course menu + wine during Sydney Festival so for that kinda money it’s pretty impressive.

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Sold on eBay

Goodbye Anthem. You were great.

Goodbye Mr. Ti. What an up and down journey it’s been. You’re a work of art despite your flaws.

Goodbye deathtrap. You were crazy fun!

Due to my fucked up financial situation I was forced to sell a few toys on eBay in order to pay off the Zoomer (why do I do this to myself?!). The Anthem sold for $2550 (rrp is over $6k!). It’s an awesome bike, climbs hills better than anything I’ve ridden but in the end of the day hills aren’t my thing. Riding it helps me to keep up with the fast boys but I’ve never had fun on the thing. My Reign on the other hand just carves up the corners when going downhill and it kicks ass on technical stuff too so it won, anthem lost and now Anthem is gone.

The Titanium bike sold for $810 which isn’t too bad. The frame has a defect in the bottom bracket but I managed to find a BB that fits and works fine. It’s a work of art with that huge imperfection. I love it lots and I’m going to miss this one for sure.

The deathtrap went for $521. It was crazy fun to build and even more fun to ride. It’s a shame it’s illegal to ride on the streets otherwise I’d have kept it and not got the Zoomer. I’ve got a feeling I know the guy who won it on eBay. I’ll soon find out I suppose!

I’ve also got a buyer for my 20inch SSR wheels which I ordered for the V35 Skyline I owned before owning the Golf. They’ll be gone next weekend, so all up that covers the Zoomer purchase, now to re-top-up my savings (which will never happen as I’ll most likely spend this cash on mods for the Zoomer!).

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Australia Day

Suga was in the mood!

Suga’s boozy white wine chicken pie filling.

Applying egg for glaze.

Chicken pie perfection!

Mmmm prosciutto!

Mah hot potatoes!

Warm potato salad.

Salad bar at Mum’s.

Australia Day is Mum’s B’day too.

Coco and carrot cake. So intense.

Richie’s latest beer.

Suga and I had to help my sister and Richie cook for Mum’s B’day/Australia Day yesterday. We’re both noobs in the kitchen but we took up the challenge and I thought we did really well :) Suga made chicken pie (3rd time she’s made it and definitely the best so far) and I made a warm potato salad (hey gotta start somewhere!!!). Gotta admit I really enjoyed cooking this time around!

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