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HEADCASE – Nanami Cowdroy












Sasha King, James Jirat, Nick Turner and I.

Kitsune! Nana and I.

Last night Nanami had her very first art show (took her long enough!!!) at Disorder Gallery in Darlinghurst. Was an awesome night (I’m feeling it this morning!).

Show details:

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Year 12 High School Art Major

Need to get back to my roots!

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Only took me a million years! Finally kicked off my DeviantArt profile. The site’s looking GREAT! Love the re-design (some of the user interface in the backend is still old school though…). Watch:

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RISE Australia Auction

Just today and tomorrow left for you to grab a piece of art from the RISE online auction!

There are some beautiful pieces waiting to find new homes and hopefully bring happiness into your world (I’m bidding on a few pices for myself and Mum!), in the process they will also help rebuild lives of some of those who were affected by the fires! I know C19 is front of mind for everyone but if you are in a position bid your help will make a big difference.


Video by Spacewalk:

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RISE Exhibition – Media Night







Last night Sam and I attended the media night for Rise Exhibition at Carriageworks (RISE officially launches tonight!).

RISE is an exhibition to benefit those impacted by the Australian bush fires. Artworks on show were created using charcoal from the burnt trees as a medium.

All proceeds will be donated to the Rural Fire Service, BlazeAid, Fire Relief Fund, Wires, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, Wildlife Victoria, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Fund and LandCare Australia Bushfire Relief Fund.

If you want to make a difference, consider buying an artwork. You get something rad to put up on your wall and your money goes to charity. WIN WIN! To check out the artworks for sale visit:

Event photography by SAM LAW

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Just an update


I’ve been in a pretty shit place lately.

Super unmotivated. Smoking a lot (rolling tobacco not weed), drinking a lot, starting to bail out of family get-togethers and shoots too, not showering for days at a time, watching Netflix (Animal Kingdom, it’s great!) and gaming a lot too.

I’m still stubborn AF when it comes to my medication. Trying to stick to 25mg a night (I was at 300mg when I first started early last year) but I find that when I up it to 50mg/night I actually wake up singing and wanting to put Rufus on in the morning to start my day, but it quickly fades away.

This morning I booted up my PC to play some Destiny 2 and bam, it glitched out and the motherboard went up in a puff of smoke.

Maybe it’s a sign.

I’ve spent most of today working on my charcoal (using burnt trees from the fires) piece for the RISE exhibition instead. It’s not been easy, but I’m in the zone for sure. I’m not exactly in a confident place right now, but the music is up and I’m getting my hands dirty.

To anyone else having a shit time right now. I’m with you! Not sure if it ever gets any better, but distractions and good music on full blast help to break up the rhythm and that’s a good thing.

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Always happy to share process: I’ve finally got started on my piece for RISE EXHIBITION – I’m only a couple of hours in but it’s been amazing using charcoal from the burnt trees as a medium. All proceeds from the art works sold is going out to to charities supporting the firefighters, people that lost their homes & wildlife. #RiseExhibition #RiseAustralia

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So you may shoot me with your words
You may cut me with your eyes
And I’ll rise
I’ll rise
I’ll rise

Got delivery of a bag of burnt trees from the fires which I’ll (and all the other artists invited) use to make an artwork for RISE Exhibition. Really excited to be working with charcoal (it’s been a long while!). Really honoured to be a part of such an amazing show!

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RISE EXHIBITION. An exhibition using charcoal from the trees burnt in bushfires as a medium to create the works. This is huge! I’m honoured and absolutely over the moon to have been invited to contribute!

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Sloth mode


Just wanted to thank all my Patrons for the ongoing support.

Late last year I resigned from both my businesses. Despite both of them being creative ventures I’ve learned that design and corporate culture just isn’t for me anymore. Going forwards, art is where the heart is.

I’ve had a REALLY slow start to the year. Sloth mode for sure, but I’ve been shooting and organising new shoots. Just this week an American model who’s visiting Australia next month reached out to me for a shoot, and I’ve also been invited to join an all star cast of international artists to create an artwork for a show for the fires (we actually get to use charcoal from the burnt trees as our medium, more on this in the next post!).


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