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Tattoo Kit


I’ve FINALLY gone and bought something I’ve always wanted to buy. A dodgy eBay tattoo kit. Bad jailhouse style tattoos here we come! #sorrymum

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Aleks Brajic


SO excited when I came across this image on Facebook. Aleks is a kid I’ve known for YEARS. When I first met him he might have been, like 16, he was at an old EOMM at IS Motor Racing, and he had a JDM Style Tuning sticker on his… bicycle!!!

He’s getting into sign writing, which totally caught me off guard! I’m so excited for the guy!

Last night he came around and we had a killer catch up (been waaaaay too long!). Can’t wait to get him paid to make up some signs for us (Threesome, ZEN, etc!).

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Dianne’s Shiro Tattoo by Dal at Tora Sumi














Dianne got her samoyed Shiro done today by Dal at Tora Sumi Balmain. 4hrs, she sat better than most, and Dal put a whole lotta love in. Love how the tattoo turned out, more importantly Dianne loves how it turned out! Shiro Forever X.

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Consultation with Dal at Tora Sumi



Dianne went in to see Tattoo Artist Dalriada at Tora Sumi today to discuss her next tattoo. Dal’s work, of animals especially, is awesome! Check her Instagram @dalriadatattoos

Di’s booked in for next Thursday! Will be there to take a few photos and offer support!

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Art Gallery Hangs with Jasminia G.




Before Dali, there was Gleeson!


Trippy AF.

The “keys to the shell”.

Ciggie break.



Super fun day with Jasminia today. I’m sure I talked her ear off, but she didn’t seem to mind!!! We checked out the AGNSW, ate lunch there, then walked through the Botanical Gardens (which are looking damn fresh, so so healthy!), then Opera Bar for a quick drink and finished off with the MCA. We’re both loaded up on inspiration now!

Check out Jasminia’s photography here:

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Inspired by my recent trip to The Brett Whiteley Studio. I pulled the trigger on this Dire Straights LP (CD art would have been way too small!) which features his art.

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Brett Whiteley Studio









Revisited The Brett Whiteley Studio in Surry Hills with Dianne this weekend. It’s the workplace and home of one of my favourite Australian Artist’s Brett Whiteley (1939–1992).

He is represented in the collections of all the large Australian galleries, and was twice winner of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes.

“Difficult pleasure” is how he described painting, or creating art stating; “Painting is an argument between what it looks like and what it means.”

Brett Whiteley – Art, life and the other thing 1978

Whiteley became addicted to heroin, this shows in quite a lot of his work and is what drew me to study the Artist when I was a kid in high school. It was his 1978 Archibald Prize-winning painting ‘Art, Life, and the other thing’ which I chose to do a major on, specifically ‘the other thing’ depicting a baboon injecting himself with needles. The tormented baboon is the symbolisation of his battle with heroin.

On 15 June 1992, aged 53, Whiteley was found dead from an overdose in a motel room in Thirroul, North of Wollongong.

Proving that 90’s mindset that Artists only make it when they’re dead, in 1999 Whiteley’s painting The Jacaranda tree (1977), sold for A$1,982,000, a record for a modern Australian painter at that time. In 2007 his painting The Olgas for Ernest Giles was sold for an Australian record of A$3.5 million. 

There are no photos allowed in the studio (respect to Wendy Whiteley his ex-wife and muse), but as a visitor you’re offered the unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the space; the studio full of unfinished paintings, his inspirational graffiti wall covered with quotes and images and a living area full of memorabilia such as photographs, objects, postcards, furniture, his music collection and sketchbooks.

Entry is free and the exhibit changes 3 times a year. It’s open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you’ve never been I highly recommend you go check it out!

All photos by Diana Panuccio, Photographer at The Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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A Venus a Day
















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rosafairy x ErosReflections x FOX

Original image by ErosReflections

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Is Writing an Art?


Writing as Art. Is it a thing? I had to google it.

I enjoyed creative writing in high school, and throughout high school I kept a hand written diary which I made entries in quite religiously.

Recently I rummaged through a plastic tub full of high school love letters and diaries (a memory container!). In it I found A4 sheets stapled and taped together, when un-ravelled and laid out on the floor it went from my lounge room to the hallway in length! I instantly remembered what this was. It was a thing we used to do at Edwina’s place. Punch a cone, go to the A4 sheet on the wall and write.

It was your choice whether to continue on, or debate, or contribute or completely ignore the previous entry, whatever the case, you just had to write your bit. I started reading some of it; “Fluorescence! We are fluorescence!”, it’s all pretty whack, but quite beautiful and mind altering. All of this is the very definition of creative writing to me.

I wrote a lot throughout university but I no longer hand wrote. I used a typewriter for a year but finally caved in and started using the computer to write.

Initially I was writing everything in Outlook Express, an email app. Outlook would underline spelling errors in red and sentences that were too long in red too. I got better at writing by using Outlook. I started to spell better and I also started to learn how to order a sentence better by cutting and pasting words from back to front and vice versa. This cutting and pasting was something I couldn’t do on the typewriter so I never went back.

Eventually I got sick of Outlook as it didn’t accept my writing style. I try to write how I speak. I ramble a lot and thus I use a lot of dots… every time I’d use these pauses I’d get red lines and having red lines all over the place whilst I was writing was really starting to piss me off.

I’ve heard of multi-platform add-ons I can use to check my spelling and grammar but I’m not too interested to be honest. I’m not getting too many red underlines right now, looks like either I’ve finally conformed to how my computer wants me to write, or AI has honed in, recognised and accepted the way I write?! Creepy… right?!

Also on Medium.

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