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ClubITR BBQ @ Zen Garage

Chilled out ClubITR BBQ @ Zen Garage yesterday. More pics here.

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Video by Mighty Car Mods.

I skipped yesterday’s JDMST EOMM to go to the beach instead. Naughty to not turn up at my own meet… I know, but the sun was calling, big time and I couldn’t refuse ocean waves and sun hugs.

Luckily yesterday’s JDMST EOMM was captured in motion by the Mighty Car Mods guys. Marty and Moog from MCM have gained so much pace over the past few years. They’ve got a huge fan base (over 26,000 facebook fans). I’m hoping that someone will eventually sign these guys up for their very own show on prime time TV.

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Sergio, myself and some other random Type R who decided to park next to us :)

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I’ve got 2 new cousins in Sydney. Both are NUTS about cars too! One in year 11, one in uni. I’ll be sure to get them to some JDMST meets, track days too if Daddy will let me take them!

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Octopus #1, she’s done

All artists know, one of the hardest things is figuring out when to stop. IE: When a pice is finally “finished”.

Nanami’s use of detail, it’s nuts right?

2nd octopus piece is still a WIP.

Some detail on the 2nd one.

2 years in the making (!). She’s now at the framers (phew!).

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Dopesource Media shooting Christian Joseph @ Zen Garage tonight

The guys from Dopesource Media are shooting Christian Joseph @ Zen Garage tonight. The kid’s good. His voice is suuuuuper smooth.

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Old man nap

John caught me having my old man nap under my desk today @ Zen Garage. Not sure what’s wrong with me, been feeling tired at about 3PM every day for a week now!

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VWG Dinner Meet


Beef Cheeks!

1st Wednesday of every month the crew hook up for dinner, not sure how we missed the 1st Wednesday of this month, but last night we had a table for 20 booked at The Bavarian @ EQ. The tradition continues! I had the special… BEEF CHEEKS! Served with a spoon cause it’s sooo soft!

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Space Battleship Yamato

So excited! :)

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Monday Blues

Monday Blues – Justin wears: Royal Blue Zen Garage T-Shirt, Royal Blue Zen Garage Lanyard (Royal Blue Alife sneakers models own).

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