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Kensington Peking

Forget Peking Duck (boring!) go deep fried duck instead!

Frid so hard you can eat the bones.

Shredded beef. No place else does it this crunchy.

Shantung Chicken.

We had a last minute gathering of the troops last night and hit Kensington Peking. My fave Chinese restaurant (run by a chef which my family has been following since I was a little kid). Might not look pretty, but gahhhhh, so so good!

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Nelson in digital camo.

Nelson number 2 (yes 2 Nelsons!).

Nelson did great on all the gradual uphills (he’s pretty into his road riding so his fitness was up).

Zi chose to ride a hardtail, his ass was raped for it.

Me, back at the car park post ride. I felt great, surprisingly!

Better shot of Nelson’s camo!

I really wanted to hit McDonalds on the way home for a cold Coke and a new Lamb Burger but Nelson being the chong that he is wanted to eat some hardcore Hong Kong style cafe food. Check this french toast out, it was so so so hardcore.

Zi twisted my arm to join him and a few guys at Loftus on Sunday. I didn’t want to go, but I knew I had to because I’ve done nothing in relation to fitness for so long.

Surprisingly I did AOK. I didn’t make it up the big hill, but I didn’t feel out of breath, nor down on energy. The lap took us 2hrs. That’s twice as long as what we used to do it in, but I’m chuffed I did alright. Looking forward to riding again (the weather was perfect!).

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Garth & Val’s engagement party

Party people in the house.

Carol and Garth.


Good friends Garth and Val are engaged (FINALLY!). They threw a party at The London on Saturday night, was a great night (sorry no more photos, all of them were blurry!!!).

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The Max!!!

The Max!

It’s taken a while, but Christina has Max back, and he’s SO AWESOME!!!!! I caught up with Max (hehe) a week ago now, he’s MASSIVE and the same old Max I remember, like a dog! Love love love him. Miss him heaps and heaps.

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EVO IX gets braced up

Goodies in the mail I love goodies in the mail.

In the front.

In the back.

Once upon a time a front and rear strut brace would be the first mod you’d do to a Japanese performance car, and if you’ve ever owned and modified more than a few Japanese cars you’d most likely have bought a Cusco brace at some point in time. The EVO IX already has a 3-pont front strut brace. I did consider a very expensive and now rare Ralliart brake master cylinder stopper but the Cusco brace has one built in, so it was a no-brainer. More pics and images here.

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Sel et Poivre

Croque-Monsieur – A toasted snack with ham or chicken, served with frites. Served with egg ( …and its called a Croque- Madame!).

Sel et Poivre is a cafe on Victoria Rd in Darlinghurst which you’ve probably passed a billion times before, but never ate at. It’s 100% French; the staff are French and they serve you in French which makes you feel a little like you’re in Paris, kinda. The menu is great. I’ve had the Croque-Madame twice now, it’s delish!

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Airtasker – Simplifying your life

Airtasker – Simplifying your life. from Airtasker on Vimeo.

It’s the me again! :) Seriously cool venture. Love the concept and have used them a few times now to do odd jobs @ Zen Garage. Found some dudes to move a massive pile of bricks, also found a guy to clean the space. Check them out if you have odd tasks you need done, whatever they are (and you set the price!).


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7ZEN WTAC Party @ Zen Garage

Zen Garage X 7Tune WTAC Party 2012 from Scott Mitchell on Vimeo.

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Buffalo Dining Club

What to order what to order?!

Caught up with Felix and Di the other night, fresh(ish) from their one month trip in Europe. They hadn’t had any Italian food since their trip so we hit the Buffalo Dining Club.

I was a little late, so we had a fairly lengthy wait before getting a table. The place is tiny (used to be a Burgerman joint) but cozy, loud and fun. Everything on the menu is made to share, the cheese and meat starters were awesome and the mains were just as great. Service was great too. I’ll be haunting this place, me thinks. My new fave Italian ‘restaurant’ (if you could call it that) for sure.

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Excitement! Car Magazine

Me, looking very pished.

Excitement! Car Magazine were at the 7ZEN WTAC Party we held at Zen Garage last week. Check out their coverage:

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