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Reuben Hills

Walking around my old hood, Surry Hills.

What a spot!

And what the hell is that?!

I like it!

Reuben Hills. Whoo hoo! Yet another hipster style cafe serving up American comfort food!

How could we not order the chicken? Was so tender, juicy and tasty. Yum yum.

The blackbean and portk stew was hearty, really yummy.

Dropped past OutrĂ© Gallery and couldn’t resist buying myself this signed Shepard Fairey print. Cheap, and reminds me of a Japan trip many years ago where I saw it splattered all over the place.

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Three Williams

Three Williams in Redfern.

Housemade flat bread with glazed beef brisket with slaw, gherkins and chipotle mayonnaise.

Grilled prawns and smashed avocado. Flavours? Mexican Tacos basically. Can’t say I was blown away.

Jess’ amazing DC2R has only 50,000kms on the clock. It looks as goes as new. It’s for sale too, if keen, drop me a message.

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Zen Garage Boxing Day Sale

Last day of work for the year!

Was a crazy day. I struggled but I felt so amazing at 6pm! More pics from the day on Zen:

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Christmas 2013

Little Miles, buried in pressies!

Damn toys are amazing these days.

Richie’s home brews.

Nyaw, grumpy (because I woke them up for the shot!) pussy cats Layla and Jasper.

Miles has a car bed!!!

Love it that my sister has a few Fox related prints around her house.

My Auntie Helen’s always had wild taste in fashion.

My Uncle Bernard came as Santa!

My haul!

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Wasted Years

As seedy as you like.

Live music even.


Krystal Le.

Hayley Zena Jamieson.

Amy Veronica.

Celebrated Krysti’s 20th at Wasted Years last night with Rob and Glenn. Krysti got her live art on, was a good night hanging out with arty girls. More pics on Zen:

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Fast & Furious

More free toys thanks to Anh Minh To. Thanks so much bud. Will cherish these forever!

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Autohaus Hamilton

Refreshingly delicious.

Just casually pushing Porsches around.

Finally got to visit the place. Such an old run down venue which took me by surprise (I thought they’d be in a very clean and modern building!). So many amazing 911’s I just failed to focus, and thus didn’t take any pictures at all! Crazy!

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My little tree is up! :)

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Scrag End


If you enjoy food, you might enjoy a copy of new food media production Scrag End. It’s a journal that’s focussed on divulging the stories beyond the plates by going further than offering photos and recipes.

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