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Jordan Donnelly GT-R shot

A little over a year ago Florida based Photographer Jordan Donnelly shot my GT-R. He wasn’t happy with his shots, so unfortunately I never got to see anything, until this week! Love the shot, click it to view it a little bigger.

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BMU rebirth

BMU boys.

The Bikes Move Us forum was running on old forum software, and was being attacked by spambots so badly I had to turn off automatic new registrations and approve members manually (much work).

With a little help from Nyssa (my new web developer) I finally got around to upgrading it to the latest stable release of vBulletin. Of-course it looked like vomit on install (our old theme was no longer compatible) so I’ve spent a bit of time tweaking it to look better. Visit:

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Database corruption


So yesterday morning a few people reported issues with JDMST not loading right. I failed to see any problems, but after some trial and error I noticed an advertising banner was screwing up the entire forum, at this point I’d already ripped a lot of hair out and attempted to rebuilt and optimise tables in the backend. Unfortunately for me something crapped out when rebuilding some tables… fair call as JDMST is a MASSIVE forum, this in turn totally destroyed something. People were not able to see new posts, some couldn’t make posts… nightmare.

I googled hard, and harder, no luck. I ended up contacting some developer friends, no luck there either (they were all too busy). I contacted the host in the USA and they suggested I revert to a previously backed up snapshot of the forum. Problem is the backup was 4 days old. I did it, as it had to be done, but all posts made in the past 4 days were lost, all private messages too and this has obviously upset a fair few people (members and traders as well).

On the one hand I’m glad everything is working as it should again. Daily backups could be worth the extra $$$ perhaps, but then again it’s not the kind of thing that happens a lot (and it was my fault in the first place!).

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Gowings Bar & Grill

Caught up with Christina last night, we tried out the new Gowings Bar & Grill. They’re trying really hard, but its nice, very nice. The service was over the top great and the food was awesome too. I think once the newness of it all wears in a little more it’ll be great.

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The Wheelman

Had the Wheelman over to fix my wheel, did a fantastic job (again!). I can now rest well at night once more :) Visit:

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Pushing Field Trip!



Spoke to the lecturers and students at CATC, and lecturers at COFA this week, pushing Field Trip hard and tickets are selling very well. For more info, visit:

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Had the Darlo Bar and the Bombe Alaska, so good!

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Mr Wong

The queue.

Meat on display.

The bar.

Dark and moody interior.

The menu.

Sieu mai tasted just like sieu mai… just a lot more expensive haha.

Drunken chicken was yum, and looked prettier than any drunken chicken I’ve ever ordered.

Char siew was super juicy. Very nice.

The cheung fan was next level, so soft you could only just pick it up off the plate, melted in your mouth too.

Zi asked me if I was up for having pretentious yum cha. How could I refuse?! Mr Wong is situated in Bridge Lane where Tank nightclub used to be (ahhh the memories). There was a queue of people waiting to get in when we got there, the laneway stunk of garbage. Authentic!

The decor inside was amazing. I could still see the old Tank club through it all, but they did a great job and the soundtrack was pretty cool too. Food wise, amazingly, it has to be the best yum cha I’ve ever had. The only thing that lets Mr Wong down is the expectation (due to price, hype, decor and atmosphere) I had for them to make every dish served better than say Marigold, or The Palace. Some things were ‘just the same’, but other things were definitely next level, more complex in flavour and much prettier to look at too.

Lunch cost me $55, albeit I did have 2 Tsingtao’s, $35/head for everyone else. Would I recommend it? Yes, as a treat so long as you’re not expecting to fill yourself up like you usually would at yum cha (we were left hungry and joked about going to yum cha after yum cha haha).

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Toyota Appreciation Day @ Zen Garage

If I ever wanted a car the year I was born, this is it. Beautiful.

We invited Toymods to come hang out at Zen Garage last Saturday. Was an awesome day, great vibe, great people and great cars too. I had Aleks shooting on the day, so more pics via a feature on Zen soon.

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Australian International Motor Show


Hnnnnnng! Amazing.

Old Corollas.


Loved the carbon air vents on this 86 race car.

Cynthia got to jump into it for some shots.

Matt shooting Cynthia. We were lucky enough to get over the barrier with the permission of Lamborghini staff (I did ask nicely!).

Media pass to the Australian International Motor Show – so awesome! Despite being a few halls smaller than usual I had an awesome time! I had gun photographer Matthew Mead with me and I also invited Cynthia Lu to come and play. She’s super fun to work and hang with. Look forward to Matts shots next week some time.

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