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NA8C Track Day

I’m absolutely wrecked. My body is so sore from bracing myself all day on the circuit (I really need a bucket seat). The only thing working for me right now is red wine.

Just got back from Wakefield. Stayed the night before, but that just meant getting to the track at 7.30AM, thus more track time than I’ve ever had before. The car broke, my spirits broke when I failed to get a lap time I was after (silly I know)… none of that matters but. Right now I’m just really sore!

Dale from DM Motorsport dropped in to Zen Garage after hours to work some wheel alignment magic on my MX-5.

Unfortunately the bushings on my car are so far gone Dale couldn’t do a great alignment for me.

He just did the best he could.

9PM I’m at Pheasants Nest. KK’s!!!

I even got to watch some of the X-Factor Final. LOL.

Couldn’t resist taking a shot of NA8C, all alone outside.

After everyone got the Pheasants Nest we convoyed to our motel in Goulburn. I was the only one who got a room to myself. VIP YO!

7am, we’re up!

Breakfast of champions.

Morning Dave, morning Cordy!

Dom, who organised the day led the morning briefing.

Love this.

Love the 370Z wheels + rear wing on this S15. Fresh!


This ISF has had a lot of engine work done apparently. Killed me on the straights but I caught him in the corners.

Dad let his son drive this all day long.

Mini scored the 2nd fastest lap time of the day. Seeing it get it’s rear wheels in the air on turns was rad!


My best so far. Fuck fuck fuck you 1.16.

Then my car sounded a billion times louder. I pulled into pitt lane, kicked my exhaust and realised it was just dangling there. The weld on the cat had completely split!!!

I googled “exhaust shop Goulburn” and these guys rocked up. Pro-State Exhausts.

Luckily for me they were awesome guys who squeezed me in, got the car fixed and I was back out on the circuit in no time. Unfortunately the clutch gave way on me and that put a nail in it. What made things worse was my exhaust was rubbing against something at a certain rpm making my trip home hell hitting 110. The only way to stop the vibrations was to cruise at 130 which I did despite spotting MANY cops on the other side (I just hope I didn’t get done).

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Fast2Aus Petition

Thanks to everyone who put their name to the Zen Garage #Fast2Aus petition! Universal Pictures has taken notice and all of the awesome Aussie suggestions and content have been collated in one video so check out our journey in the video above.

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Inessa Tushkanova, from Russia with love! Zen sponsored drivers Adam Burgess and Hayley Swanson.

I’m now a contributor to V2LAB in the States! Check out my first feature here:

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Nanami Process Pics

Nanami’s working on something automotive related! Can’t give away too much, but here are a couple of sneaky shots I snapped earlier this morning.

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Post WTAC Blues

Aleks checking out the new Speedhunters book (which is so high res it’s like viewing images on a screen!).

With WTAC over, the original plan was to go snorkelling at Clovelly Beach but Creative Director of Speedhunters Rod Chong desperately wanted Yum Cha, which he says is not available in Stockholm, so we happily obliged!

Sebastian Dalle Carbonare. Our very own Seb Voll is a massive Dino fan so we thought we’d put Dino’s signature white frames on him haha.

After dropping Rod off to the airport we decided to walk down to the rock pool at the end of my street.

Had a dip, so refreshing. Really needed it!

We then feasted at Churrasco Coogee Beach. Always satisfying!

Coogee Beach, then goodbyes to Dino who’s now back home in Japan.

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COFA Grads Are Here There Everywhere

I have a BA in Design from the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts, recently the college emailed me with some Q&A and they’ve just launched a site which showcases some individuals who studied there once upon a time.

My profile is here:
To check out what other people are doing now visit the main page:

I would describe my job as an amalgamation of passion related projects. It’s taken me many years to pull it off, but I’ve finally managed to combine all my passions; bikes, cars, design, fashion, music, photography and art into the one project which is Zen Garage. Being the brand manager allows me to curate and promote whatever it is I’m into at the moment, without feeling unnecessary internal or external pressures to promote things that I’m not into right now. This puts me in a constant state of Zen!

I’m inspired by family and my past. I figured that I was the only me in the world, so as long as I took inspiration from myself, my past, then whatever I create would be original and true. I’ve eased up a lot of the years though and I now very happily take inspiration from popular culture, especially many grass roots sub cultures where you find individuals doing what they’re doing because they totally love what they do.

The best part of my job is I’m my own boss and I’m free to push whatever it is my heart is into, seeing others get into the stuff I’m into makes me happy. I’ve got great business partners who motivate, support and inspire me and I’m always meeting new like-minded people through running our Leichhardt store and events.

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Post WTAC hangs

Spent the day hanging out with our WTAC guests today. Rad day out! I’ve only just gotten home. I’m exhausted!

Hey Ved! First stop; Deus for brunch and some drinks to celebrate.

Carby Tuckwell’s amazing work. He was a mentor of mine when I did my internship at a company called Bold (which he shared office space in) during design school.

Great minds think alike! We ran into Ian Baker, the man behind WTAC and his mate Michael who manages race car drivers (including F1!).

Anton and Serg. More drinks yayer!

Hailey and Adam.

Boston Beans.

Hey Krysti!

Made a quick stop off at Zen to unload some stock which was in the boot of my car. Hailey got acquainted with Frankie our pet snake.

We then headed to the Opera Bar.


Luke, Adam and I found it a little too hot under the sun so we ducked in to the MCA to check out some art.

I always love checking out the key to the Opera House.

We’d been watching this crow try to crack open a nut for about 5 minutes, then Hails decided to crack it open for him, what a gal!

Food, and more drinks!

Luke and Inessa who’s a Playboy Bunny and Rally Driver from Russia.

From Russia with Love. Inessa gave me a packet of her smokes haha.

Inessa and I.

Then we had a private viewing of Rush at the Dendy (pretty much as we were the only people in there!) with Mad Mike, Rod, Dino and Brad from Speedhunters. Movie killed me, so emotional. I absolutely loved it.

Mad Mike and Inessa.

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WTAC 2013 – Race Day!

Much busier than the day before, as expected!

JDMyard DC5R which Zen is sponsoring.


Hey Hayley! Hey Krysti!

Luke from Maiham Media busy at work.

Still at the top of my dream car list!

Sexy back.

Dino from Speedhunters.

I actually got the GT-R out on the track! Such a tease (I wanted to do a flying lap SO bad).

Had a rad day out yesterday (getting help to run the Zen stand was a great idea!!!!). Spent most of the day in the garages of the 2 cars we sponsor, and on the pitt lane and wall too!

My photos and words are up on Zen:

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Rockpool Bar & Grill

Hit up Rockpool Bar & Grill tonight with the Tassie Crew. Man I’ve been craving a good steak for what feels like a billion years… so happy and content now!

Been a while old friend.

We were placed next to the kitchen, which was cool, but a bit hot.

I went for the Rumpcap!


Melts in your mouth, literally!

The bill. So worth it!

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More guests from Japan!

Had Dino from Speedhunters crash out at my place on Wednesday night. Great to finally meet the guy! Note: Japanese like to sit on the floor.

Also! Alexi from Nori Yaro is in the country and dropped of these awesome pressies to Zen for me! Sweeeeeet!

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