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A personal assessment of how I’m feeling about Sydney right now


I’ve been threatening/dreaming/meaning to move to Melbourne for so long, that coupled with all this sad Sydney shit going on, I’m thinking about moving more than ever.

I figure I’ll be living in a great city that supports creative culture, and visiting Sydney would be AMAZING. It would feel like the same old Sydney I love, almost. I could just enjoy Sydney without the politics, then fly back “home” to Melbourne and do what I do.

I’d still have an issue with potentially getting a criminal record (which could make flying overseas difficult) for traces of the weekend in my saliva whilst driving, that started in Melbourne right? Not sure how I’m going to get around that one without leaving the country.

Right now I just feel like I’m backed into a corner, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re trying to do to Sydney; Kick people like me out and make it a safe pleasant “vibrant” place for people from overseas to visit. Me being someone who was born here and loves this city so much. Me being someone who is so grateful for all the amazing (now illegal) experiences I’ve had, all of which have shaped me to the person I really like being today.

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At the Driving Range










Robbie and Krysti picked me up on their way to Moore Park Driving Range for a hit today. Always an awesome release! I’ve lost my club somewhere, so I’ve now got an excuse to maybe buy one again (of-course I don’t care for anything but that “ping” sound the titanium drivers make!).

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Last Night’s Party: Nanami’s B’Day








Nana’s B’Day x Bowie Tribute. Was nice to be hanging out with people my own age for a change!!!

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Hangs with Amber

I’m a motherfucking Ninja, that’s what!!!

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So many fan boys


So many fan boys. #needmorefangirls

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“Should” not “Could”


I’ve been saying this for as long as I can remember: Replace all instances of “should” with “could” to make your life easier. Maybe “easier” isn’t the right word, but I’ve never been comfortable with external pressure, especially expectations that others have of me. The people closest to me; my family and friends, they know to replace the word “should” with “could” if they want me to listen! IE: Saying I “could” do this, or I “could” do that sounds a hell of a lot more positive and encouraging than I “should” do this, or I “should” do that, which to me sounds like pressure and even a little condescending.

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Shadow Stormtrooper


I’ve finally reached Max Rank 50 in Star Wars Battlefield! I only needed to get there in order to unlock the Shadow Trooper outfit (it’s sooooo sick!).

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Krysti’s B’Day at Manhattan Superbowl

K POP, non-stop dancing all night!

Fran, Matty and Krysti.

It’s all about the shoes!


K-POP had such awesome style!!!

B’Day ten pin was a cute idea!

Yup, you guessed it. My score was 88!!!!!!!!

The Goose came out to play! I couldn’t help myself!

The onsie crew!

It all got a bit silly in the end!


Went bowling last night with the 2015 Tokyo Crew (minus Robbie, plus Ved, Cat and Fran!) at Manhattan Superbowl to celebrate Kristi Jade Mclellan’s B’Day.

Dad used to take me bowling as a kid. I had all good intentions to bring his bowling ball along (he used to compete!), but I failed to find it. I spent at least an hour searching my entire house for it, and finally found it, but when I took it out of it’s bag, feels… so many feels. The ball has his name on it! I just couldn’t bring myself to bring it along. Maybe another time just by myself.

I did bring my Top Gun outfit but! HAHA! Had a blast, and f-course, my final score was… 88! It’s beyond ridiculous how I get 8’s all the time!!!

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Chill the fuck out, Sydney

Cacia Zoo on Wedding Cake Rock.

So today I saw a video online about Wedding Cake Rock, which I ventured out to with Cacia recently (my photos here). It’s now blocked off so people cant step on it anymore.


Coming off the back of the recent A Current Affair crap (read; sensationalism) about hoons, which is very quickly undoing the 10+ years of work I’ve put into nurturing the Sydney car scene, this new news has just hit a nerve with me today.

I’m sincerely shocked at how Sydney continues to become the ultimate Nanny State and I’m just glad (and sad) to be able to say that once upon a time I used to be able to ride my bike to school without a helmet, and skateboard on the footpath, and drive my modified car without fear of being defected, and go bar hopping until the early morning…

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Under the radar

Birthday Selfie. Still camera shy. Wavy hair from excessive hair twirling.

Then all of a sudden. I’m here. 40.

I never really planned for anything past 40. Does that make me a free spirit?! In keeping with my latest life decisions (to not attend weddings or celebrate birthdays) I’m going under the radar with this one too (boo!).

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