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Chill the fuck out, Sydney

Cacia Zoo on Wedding Cake Rock.

So today I saw a video online about Wedding Cake Rock, which I ventured out to with Cacia recently (my photos here). It’s now blocked off so people cant step on it anymore.


Coming off the back of the recent A Current Affair crap (read; sensationalism) about hoons, which is very quickly undoing the 10+ years of work I’ve put into nurturing the Sydney car scene, this new news has just hit a nerve with me today.

I’m sincerely shocked at how Sydney continues to become the ultimate Nanny State and I’m just glad (and sad) to be able to say that once upon a time I used to be able to ride my bike to school without a helmet, and skateboard on the footpath, and drive my modified car without fear of being defected, and go bar hopping until the early morning…

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Under the radar

Birthday Selfie. Still camera shy. Wavy hair from excessive hair twirling.

Then all of a sudden. I’m here. 40.

I never really planned for anything past 40. Does that make me a free spirit?! In keeping with my latest life decisions (to not attend weddings or celebrate birthdays) I’m going under the radar with this one too (boo!).

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2015 begins now

Another amazing Luca Ionescu piece for my walls!

In just the span of a few minutes I’ve received an amazing framed Like Minded Studio print in the mail from LYNX (looks like the LYNXPERX dealio I’m on is coming good!), managed to work on a deal for a new set of semi’s for my GT-R (finally!) and I’ve also been invited to an all expenses paid flight to QLD and test out some new rubber on WRX’s and VW Golfs at a race track next month.

Looks like my plans for starting the year off in February have just gone out the window!

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Photo shoot interest


Subject: Photo shoot interest
Message: Hi Justin Fox,

I really admire the work that you have created on this site. It is amazing what you have produced, which demonstrates the elegance and empowering aspects of women. I’m very interesting in collaborating with you and i’m comfortable with expressing my body to produce a great picture. However, I am allergic to cats. Therefore, I would love to integrate my pet turtle Franklin in the photo shoot. He’s very lovable and has had all his vaccinations. The following are the few ideas that I have:

– Sitting near a window with Franklin at my feet
– Franklin crawling across my bare back along my tattoo
– Franklin crawling between my breast
– Franklin covering a nipple
– Me riding Franklin

Let me know what you think. It would be great to work together. Can i also get details of prices, conditions and anything else that I need to know. Thanks.


PS: I cannot attach a photo of Franklin. So instead I’ve attached a link of a turtle that looks like Franklin.

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The sun was out, was a beautiful day and I had a photoshoot planned, but it fell through so that meant that I could drop in to ONE DAY SUNDAYS at the Vic on the Park Hotel in Marrickville to celebrate Jess’ going away.

Straight up, Dennis and I are twinsies! Both rockin’ Midnight Fog Nike Flyknit Roshe Runs. And yes, I wore tights (back to my roots! Haha!).

Then I spotted this… OMFG. Crackling!

Couldn’t resist, was delish!

Ran into Red Lantern’s KENCITO who gave me the great news that he won The Urban List’s Sydney’s Best Cocktail Maker! So proud and happy for him!

Jess and her girls Robyn and Caitlin.

Jess and her mate Thien.

David and Cordy came out to play. YAY!

Ann, Robbie and Glenn.

Turns out it was PJ’s B’Day party too!

Also ran into Nick Turner (right), and his mate Scott.

Basketball out the back.

Was way more chill once the harsh sun started going down.

On route back to the car.

Then I spotted Glenn and crew, who had just gotten Krysti and were heading back in for more!

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Hello Coco!

When I shot Coco in Tokyo last week we talked about her getting more out there, and making YouTube videos was one of the things we discussed. She’s just kicked off her channel and I get a little mention in there! So glad you guys get to listen to her English too, considering she’s never lived anywhere outside of Japan, and was born in Japan, it’s amazing, don’t you agree?!

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A mentor’s mentor

“There is beauty everywhere that I turn. Another awesome day of Growth & Contribution. With Deep Gratitude for the friends I shared time and inspiration with today.” XP.

Yesterday I had a long lunch with Pauline Nguyen at The Meat & Wine Co in Circular Quay (not to be confused with the one at Darling Harbour, this one in the Intercontinental Hotel was great! Had a real gentlemans club vibe about it, smelt amazing and the steak was perfecto!).

I’ve still been on a high from the shoot we did a week ago, and I’m on even more of a high now that I’ve had a good sit down and chat. I’ve mentored a lot of young people over the years but have always wanted to find someone to mentor me. I’ve found it in Pauline.

During lunch Pauline had a note pad out, and asked me questions, and would take notes down when I answered. She was very much holding a mirror up to me. Questions on values, which I found easier to answer by concentrating on the stuff I don’t value. Defining roles, the Artist, the Manager and the Entrepreneur, and at the very end, even discussing what I got out of today, with meeting with her. It’s not often you hear “you’re fucking amazing” from someone totally fucking amazing. I felt like a student, and I loved it.

Follow Pauline (even following her facebook feed is inspirational to me):

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Ogilvy Talk

Ogilvy entrance.

Hey it’s Brian! Brian was speaking too, about his new company Common Ventures.

Aus Infront on the big screen.

I’m on a high from a talk I gave at Ogilvy earlier today. Every fortnight Ogilvy have a Lunch & Learn event where everybody gets together and somebody presents on a chosen topic. The whole point is not just to learn, but be inspired.

I was invited to talk on the topic of Start-Ups / Small Businesses. Basically following your passion/dream, breaking out of the mould, pursuing something, tuning it into a business and making it successful.

Of-course I had a lot to say about the topic. Starting with Australian INfront through to Zen Garage, of finding happiness by being in the moment of doing what you love.

Conversations with Pauline helped to get me in the right frame of mind for this talk. I found myself patting myself on the back driving on route to Ogilvy, not just after the talk driving home.

I only had 15 minutes. I’m more used to having an hour to present! I had to take big chunks out, but I shared a little, showed a little and I had an absolute blast. A quick Q&A at the end let me say a little bit more, which was great. I just wished there was more time as I love any opportunity to speak (haha!).

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Sir Anthony Mason Chambers



Elevators opened up to a foyer and the boardroom + view.

The view.

Nanami unpacking her pieces.

Looking back into the foyer from the boardroom.

Food was amazing, company was amazing too (I admit, a little unexpected… but totally accepted!).

Nanami’s been invited to be a resident artist at the Sir Anthony Mason Chambers in Sydney CBD and today we got a whole lot of framed artwork over there, ready for hanging. The guys treated us to a really lovely lunch too (great wine choice as well!), and so what started out as a simple drop off ended up being an all day hang with some big gun lawyers!

PS: Find more of Nanami’s work on her web site.

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Google are a bunch of creepers


OH, forgot to mention… the other day on my B’Day I saw this on Google. At first I was like “Holy shit! I wonder if the B’Day cakes are a coincidence” then I rolled over the image and BOOM! Happy Birthday Justin?! Come on Google, that’s not smart, that’s just plain fucking creepy!

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