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Hong Kong/China Trip April 2010

Suga and I just got back today from our one week trip to Hong Kong and China (where we checked out China’s biggest trade fair).

The trip was exhausting. I had old man naps at every opportunity I could. China was farking scary, people were sick, food was freaky, traffic was insane, cyclists everywhere, grey skies and pushy sales people.

Here are a few pictures for now, more to come!

Many more pictures are up here:

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Shane’s Supra

I’ve just interviewed long time JDMST member Shane for this month’s JDMST Featured Ride, check it out here.

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Random photos

Christina’s 1st Sizzler experience. We ate next to that girl who came 2nd in the last Australian Idol. Awkward!

Baby Recaro.


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Needs wheels, badly.

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GTI update

Got camber? Check.

Got rolled and pumped guards? Check.

Got low? Check!

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KK’s run

Mmmmm donut.


R36 with Lambo wheels (yes, real Lamborghini wheels!).

More pics here.

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Visual Response BLACK

New INfront VR – now accepting entries. The theme this month is “BLACK”, set by yours truly ’cause you all know I’m an emo at heart.

Visit: for more information.

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It’s Christmas time

CROSS Competition coilovers

With front camber adjustable pillow ball upper mounts.

Neuspeed Hi-Flow Turbo Discharge kit

H&R Sways.

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Wiseman’s Ferry run

A few shots of a huge lot of cockatoos Christina snapped today on the Wiseman’s Ferry run. I didn’t make it (yes I opted to sleep in instead! More pics here.

In other news my mate Mark came over and took the death trap away. I had one last blat around the block on it, it will be missed (but if Mark ever decides he doesn’t want it any more, for whatever reason, it’ll come back to me).

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Turpan Restaurant

Christina and I watched Kick Ass the movie last night (that’s about all I’ll say about that movie) and we had a late dinner at the new Turpan restaurant on the way home. They’ve got the same fake plastic grapes and rugs hanging form the walls as the handmade noodle house under the Burlington Centre in China Town but their foods nowhere near as good, still, it’s nice to have a handmade noodle joint close to home.

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