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Photo shoot interest


Subject: Photo shoot interest
Message: Hi Justin Fox,

I really admire the work that you have created on this site. It is amazing what you have produced, which demonstrates the elegance and empowering aspects of women. I’m very interesting in collaborating with you and i’m comfortable with expressing my body to produce a great picture. However, I am allergic to cats. Therefore, I would love to integrate my pet turtle Franklin in the photo shoot. He’s very lovable and has had all his vaccinations. The following are the few ideas that I have:

– Sitting near a window with Franklin at my feet
– Franklin crawling across my bare back along my tattoo
– Franklin crawling between my breast
– Franklin covering a nipple
– Me riding Franklin

Let me know what you think. It would be great to work together. Can i also get details of prices, conditions and anything else that I need to know. Thanks.


PS: I cannot attach a photo of Franklin. So instead I’ve attached a link of a turtle that looks like Franklin.

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Photoshoot with Star






Another day another shoot! Yesterday the sun came out to play. Star’s a tiny little pocket rocket (she’s so tiny!), brought heaps of energy to the shoot, which we did at the beach house as Star’s afraid of animals (aw Mia!).

Full set on my folio:

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Photoshoot with Natalie


Spent a grey Saturday day shooting with Natalie last weekend. Natalie’s a switched on Environmental Science student who sings well, drives a convertible BMW 1 series, has a thing for hiking and competed in this year’s Miss Australia Chinese Pageant. Shooting with Nat was much like hanging out, which is what I strive for with all my shoots! We shot at the beach house (a7s + 55mm Zeiss). I hope you enjoy the shots.

For the full set, visit:

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Boxing Day




LOL at all the sheeple in the city for Boxing Day Sales. Ved and I decided to make the most of our empty roads (was a ghost town! SO GOOD!) with a little cruise in Wolfy, the MK1 GTI, to Botany Bay for some Calamari and Chips!

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Food Crew

Best thing they serve.

Ran into Tomoe-chan! My hairdresser!

Sushi at Sushi of Masuya again! Noms!

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Xmas 2014

My sister Jamie outdid herself with Xmas Ham this year!

Always excited to see what Richie serves up in regards to beer. Love the bottle, loved the beer (hops, a lot!).

Teach’em young?! A wooden washing machine and kitchenette.

Mum. Time to open pressies!

BBQ tools for Richie!

I got the boys cars, of-course! A Ferrari F1 car for Leo (which Miles ended up loving lol) and a WRC rally spec Mini for Miles.

Jasper getting in on it.

Nyaw Layla.

Mie and Miles cuddle time.

Teach’em when they’re young? Now this is more like it!

Use the Force, Leo.

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Photoshoot with Kimmy






Had a really special shoot with Kimmy yesterday. Beautiful girl, great conversation.

I’m starting to wish I could publish the stories. Over the 3 or so hours of shooting each girl I usually get to know them as best I can (in order to capture the person as best I can), and some of the stories I hear… amazing (personal, sensitive and fascinating).

More in my folio (NSFW nudity warning):
Follow: @kimmykay___

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Photoshoot with Naomi




Had the pleasure of shooting with this lovely girl yesterday. I first met Naomi at a pub around about 2 years ago. We clicked, and talked (maybe I did all the talking?!) all night. I randomly dropped her a message recently asking if she’d like to catch up, and shoot. She’d never done a shoot before, and was a little nervous about it, but after a bit of chatting that nervous energy soon turned into excitement and yesterday we got together to take some shots at the beach house.

More photos here:

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Photoshoot with Sherina




Super sexy shoot with Sherina. More photos in my folio:

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Came home from Luddenham and this metal box was at my doorstep.

Mia, having a good sniff!

Enough hair goods to last me a year, easy!

A few posts down I mentioned getting a lovely care package from LYNX. Today I came home to another package. The goods once again came in next level packaging, last time there were 2 wooden boxes, this time around the goods came in a very impressive metal box which unfolded to reveal hair products, which I totally intend to use!

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