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OMFG. Double Booked. @star.santillan got me a ticket to #BANKS but I just met a client yesterday who’s bought me a ticket to Japan on the same dates!!!!!! What to do?!

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Lane 8 Loving You Cover

This track is coming along real nice after the weekend!

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Star Interview Foxy Asia Magazine – DIVINE


I got the word DIVINE tattooed under my left boob about 2 weeks ago. My best friend @justinfoxau had it tattooed on his arm when his father passed away. I loved the analogy of it, DIVINE after all the shit that almost killed you in the past. Our friendship means a lot to me because I feel like he molded me into the person I am today. Justin’s been a huge part in my transitioning and has mentored me in graphic design, so it’s been an honor to get a matching tatt. (No matter what we do, it’s always a fucking blast, we are as reckless as each other hahaha!!)

The last few years for me were pretty rough, I was in a really unhappy place. I’ve been able to break free from the rut I was so stuck in and I wanted to get DIVINE to mark the start of my new life alone. To new adventures!!


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HNY 2017

Had a rad night with a few crazy peeps over at mine for the count down, hope everyone had a rad night too. Blasted my own tunes at some point, was awesome! I’ve put a playlist together of the tracks Star and I have created (and a couple of remixes too). We’ll be sure to create more music this year (psyched!). Especially keen to work on the first track; “By My Side” which we left unfinished last month.


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Star and I are blazed as fuck and we’ve got what we think is an awesome start to a new track (but we’ll save judgement for when we’re sober tomorrow lol!). #mondayfundays

Have a listen:

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Skin by Flume

Worth it for the art (Zawada) alone.

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Dillion Phoenix

Mother of Pearl.

Egyptian Goddess. Whack!

So strange in white, right?!

Another great sub $500 pick-up off an American guy on eBay! I’m still on the hunt for a Les Paul, or an SG, but this thing comes pretty damn close! It’s a left handed Dillion USA Phoenix which is a replica of a 1963 Gibson Firebird.

It’s CRAZY heavy, as in, weight! Definitely the heaviest guitar I’ve ever owned (heaviness usually translates to fat tones and much more sustain, great for METAL!). It’s got an old school neck but super low action. Doesn’t feel like a metal shredder (typically wider and thinner necks) but it plays great, sounds great and is just an awkwardly strange thing which comes with a right handed bag, can’t sit up against the wall, or on a guitar stand.

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Martin Steel String Backpacker Guitar


I’m on a roll. Spotted this on eBay and had to have it. It’s so weird and wonderful! Sounds a bit shit, but hey it’s tiny, and comes with a lovely little bag and strap too. Will definitely be travelling with this guitar instead of my $2 market cheapy I’ve been holding onto for all these years.

PS: Still on the hunt for a GREAT left handed acoustic guitar. One day!

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Westone Thunder IA Bass



Being a left handed guitarist sux balls. All those times when some fucker who can’t play whips out a guitar at the end of a party, but you can’t play it because it’s upside down, and all the times I’ve walked into a guitar store only to find a billion amazing right handed guitars and 3 shit lefties.

I’m always scouring eBay for left handed guitars. I tend to lean towards the $500-$1000 bracket (if I didn’t spend so much money on “cheap” guitars I’d have my ultimate American Strat by now!). Last week I came across this beauty! A Japanese made Westone Bass (they went down in the 80’s). I’ve never owned a bass guitar and I won this baby for $150!!!

When I went to go pick it up I was greeted by an old Italian man. We got chatting and it turns out the guy moved to Australia and landed a job as a session bassist. He’s been a professional bass guitarist his whole life and this particular bass has played gigs with Tina Turner and Roy Orbison! FUCKING WOW! He used to play it on a boat a lot too, and when the seas got wild he’d find the bass on the floor at times, so it’s got a lot of battle scars, which I love! The action on it is SO LOW, and was set up by a Fender technician who was a good friend of his.

What a score, what a story! Love!

PS: Click here for more info on the guitar.

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