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Tunes to help you get through the day!

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THE JURY reviewed in Heavy Metal Magazine

Found this with waybackmachine!

THE JURY (my old high school 3 piece rock band) reviewed in Heavy Metal Magazine!

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LatinPoet at The Whitehouse








Great hangs last night with the LatinPoet Rodrigo Cerda Salas – No doubt about it I knew every song he played, eccentric AF. Loved it!

Follow him:

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Latin Poet

Caught up with Rodrigo last week, a mate I’ve not jammed with in AGES.

I always respected him as a musician, he’s the real deal, and it’s great to see him gigging more than ever.

I can respect anyone who can get up on a stage with nothing but a guitar (you have no band to hide behind and the crowd can hear all your mistakes!).

We caught up because Rod has followed me for some time, and he wanted to have an open chat about potentially getting more out there through social media.

Like many people our age, we find it hard to value Facebook and Instagram over real face to face time with friends, but I was there to convince him it’s a necessity more than an option.

Rod has mastered his craft, and for that reason alone his opinion is worth it. What he reads, sees and hears is all worth sharing, and sharing more of himself is what I think he needs to do in order to get more people to go to his gigs for that face to face time he desires.

I’ve spent the morning going through his Latin Poet Facebook Page. He’s only got 60 followers, I’m hoping you guys will take a time out, play this song, and just enjoy it for what it is, a catchy tune from the heart.

Don’t watch the video even! Just play it in another tab and do whatever it is you’re doin’.

PS: His Facebook Page; please like: LatinPoet

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Inspired by my recent trip to The Brett Whiteley Studio. I pulled the trigger on this Dire Straights LP (CD art would have been way too small!) which features his art.

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RIP, Keith. The Firestarter

From dancer for live shows to vocalist. RIP, Keith.

Age 49, death by suicide. Heavy. The Prodigy and the world won’t be the same without you.

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ZEN Playlist


Lots of new subscribers to the ZEN Playlist on Soundcloud. I’m glad people dig it. I’ve been working on it and to it for years and it’s always been a great motivator. Great vibes, downtempo beats, nothing too abrasive that you have to skip a song or turn it down. I’ve added a few new songs to the start of the playlist. Will try to add a new song a week!


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I don’t often listen to The Cure, but when I do, so do the neighbours!

I’m an Artist. I went to Design School. I used wear women’s leggings throughout university. I had pink box plaits. My mum is my best friend. I was 18yrs old when my Dad died. When Dad died I cried, a LOT and I haven’t cried since. I’m now 43 and I cry a LOT. I cry every time Chris Cornell hits that note in ‘Fell On Black Days’. I cry when I try to sing and play ‘Nutshell’ by Alice in Chains. I cry watching other people cry on YouTube. I cried in the mall when I got overwhelmed by the noise in the food court and realised I didn’t want to be there. So what am I trying to say? I’m trying to say that crying feels SO fucking good.

“Boys Don’t Cry” has a double meaning to me now; Dad brought me up to be a man. Swallow your tears, crying is for girls. I see now how so many guys don’t cry because they think they shouldn’t, because they see crying as a form of weakness and so they choose to be less connected to their emotions.

I’ve been living with so much pent up anger that it took my therapist to tell me to my face that I go on about all these great things I’ve done, but when I’m playing my life back to her I don’t at all sound like Mr. ZEN. It’s taken me about a year since first seeing my therapist to learn how to cry again. The medication I’m on is meant to help me with my mood swings and depression, but I still feel they’re just sleeping pills and more of a breakthrough has been made by ditching the bong. I’m now no longer wake and baking every day of my life away, the numbness has subsided and I can see clearer by the day.

A couple of tears listening to some amazing dead dudes gives me a huge emotional release. Take it from a 43yr old emo, ask yourself why are you trying so hard to be a Ninja Turtle? A super turtle is even worse than ordinary turtles who retreat into their shells when shit hits the fan, hoping for everything to just magically work itself out, or go away before resurfacing. Stop sweeping your emotions under a Fukari Rug.

If you’re an emo guy own it. Being emo shouldn’t be a ‘thing’. Macho macho men make you out to to be a weirdo, but hey, in reality it’s those guys who can’t deal with their emotions who are the weird ones.

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It was cool to be a feminist once.


In 1991 Nirvana’s Nevermind was passed around the back of the school bus home like a dooby from hell.

My world was a better place with Kurt Cobain in it.

Kurt Cobain: “I even thought that I was gay, I thought that might be the solution to my problem … I had a gay friend. And then my mother wouldn’t allow me to be friends with him anymore, because, um, well, she’s homophobic.

Because I couldn’t find any friends, male friends that I felt compatible with, I ended up hanging out with the girls a lot, I just always felt that they weren’t treated with respect. Especially because women are totally oppressed.”

In the liner notes of In Utero (their last studio album), Cobain wrote, “If you’re a sexist, racist, homophobe or basically an asshole, don’t buy this CD. I don’t care if you like me, I hate you.”

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Television, the Drug of the Nation

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (Franti!). Television, the drug of the Nation. Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.

Is TV Dead? Last week a friend urged me to watch the Tennis Finals. I couldn’t find it live anywhere online, and I realised I’ve not had TV in years. Does anyone still watch Television?

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