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Sydney Motorshow 2005

OK I know it’s NYE but I couldn’t help myself. I called a guy with a Subaru MY06 Liberty Tuned by STi. It’s not a “real” STi but one made by the STi division in Melbourne (300 were made and sold in 2006).

I’ve always had a soft spot for it since seeing one at the 2005 Motor Show. In Melbourne I got a good look at Glen’s one too which confirmed that I liked it.

Anyways, 35,000kms (low!) and the car was immaculate inside. The paint outside was perfect, not a scratch but the rear boot didn’t line up perfectly on one side. I assume a rear end accident, nothing major though (well I doubt it).

He wanted $34k and I offered $30k and we walk over to the bank to sort it out, unfortunately the guy wasn’t so keen. I’m not too fussed, hey I tried. We’ll see what happens next year!

Have a great one all!!!!!!

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Flowers, like babies, never been a fan of them (haha) but I bought this bunch for Christina almost a week ago and they’re only just opening up now. I’m converted?!

Suga’s workplace. Suga’s grandma is in a bad way at the moment. We were off to visit her in hospital but Christina had to drop in to work for a little bit. I sat on a computer while we were there and just couldn’t dig the vibe. No offence to the studio, but sitting under flouro lights and an open space where everyone can see what’s up on your screen just makes me feel super uncomfortable. I couldn’t last in a corporate environment, way too spoilt.

Mormans spotted in the window. Who would buy this?!

We went for a nice walk this afternoon. They’ve been trying to connect the beaches together for a while now (The Coastal Walk). Unfortunately the path ends at the cliff on the far right, you go up some stairs and hit the road and have to follow the road for some time before it begins again into Coogee.

Still lovely though.

Little crabby!

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Be a man

Dom and Jo

Last night Christina and I were treated to a visit by my old buddy Dom and his wife Jo. Both Dom and Jo live in Melbourne now (I went to UNI with Dom here in Sydney) and they’ve recently had a baby (Isobel!). Unfortunately Isobel didn’t make it over (she was in bed at Dom’s Mums house) but it was great to catch up, talk house rennovating (which is what they’ve been doing in Melbourne) as well as talk about babies, and how having Isobel has affected their lives (my ears were pricked up!).

I’ve never wanted to have kids, never felt the need to, it’s never been a dream of mine (more of a nightmare) but lately I’ve somehow gotten over the phobia of the idea of having my own kid/s (I say “one or none” and Christina says “Two or shoo!”).

I’ve always known that I’d never be “ready” to have kids. I don’t think it’s been a time issue. For a while I was secretly hoping that my sister Jamie would have a kid first as I like the idea of playing with her kid and maybe getting over the phobia of picking the wigglig little things up but it seems like Jamie’s a little like me too when it comes to having kids (poor Mum I’m sure she’s itching to have grandkids).

Despite not ever wanting kids I’ve always respected the people that do. I’ve hopped in many a cab (usually off my face and on my way home). Some cabbies are absolute angels and the conversations I’ve had with random cabbies are up there with the best. I’ve let a few cabbies with kids know that they’re “the man”, real men as they’ve had kids, that you’re not a real man until you have a kid. Somehow it’s gone from being a phobia, into a challenge and one that I’m sure I’d be pretty good at!

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It was a grey day but we had a BBQ anyways! Christina and I have yet to buy a BBQ but her friends brought one over and we used coal instead of gas (what a pain that was to get going!!!). Food was awesome, company was even better.

Slammers!!! I don’t think I’ve ever drunk so much this year.

Jon, Smith and Caroline.

Dirty stuff.

Stevey with his new toy.

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Merry Christmas all!

As it is every year, it’s been great hanging out with the family. Eating, drinking, caring and sharing. This year Christina and I tried to make it to both family Christmas parties and it worked out pretty good. Here are a few pics:

Suga’s new Camera. It’s like my IXUS only smaller, thinner, lighter, sharper and well, just better all round! I want it!

Dinner at the Locks with my Mum, Jamie and Richie too (always a treat!). Black Chicken Eggs, they’re so cute (tiny) and so creamy. I’m converted (I love eggs).

Mr. Locks Vietnamese Salad was awesome.

Mum brought the prawns.

Mr Lock’s main, kumquat duck!

My arrabiata went down AOK, not great but hey it wasn’t shocking!

My sister Jamie is THE dessert queen. She made this, it’s so pro.

Family group shot!

Jess. Christmas Day at the Locks.

Peppa gets toys too.

Will and I. Small world stuff. Will’s a fellow car enthusiast too, he’s on the JDMST forums and he’s Christina’s cousins guy.


Mango pudding.



I got a back massager, just what this old man needs. HAHAHA.

I then headed over to Mums place just in time to pressie opening time!


Dogs everywhere!


My auntie Filian being attacked by Coco the dog.

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I sold the Jazz

Photo by Jing Li.

This would have to be one of the most epic & intriguing cars I’ve ever driven. Read the spec sheet & it sounds like a monster, but drive it & you could be convinced this is a factory effort by Honda to create one of the most thrilling small cars of all time.

I just came across a test drive review of my own K20A Honda Jazz (which I’ve lent to David for a week, he’s the new owner now). I was confused as I thought it might have been an old review when Eddie owned it, then I saw the date on the posts! This is a recent review of the yellow monster, read and enjoy:

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Thule roof rack

I just bought a Thule roof rack which was pricey at $265 but I knew it would be worth it (I’ve had a Thule before on the Jazz, towbar one though).

I’ve also ordered this bike holder from Torpedo7 which is only $60 and just as good as the Thule one which costs $220 (!). It should get here in a few days (T7’s always super fast).

Some pics:

ED specific kit. 3 boxes, the racks, the feet and a fitting kit. The Thule Australia site has all the info you need (search for your make and model). I bought this kit at RRP pricing from Auto One in Kensington.

The ruler under each rack makes alignment easy (so you don’t have one side sticking out more than the other!).

The rubber base that goes under the feet mould perfectly to the roofline and channel.

Fitting it up was super easy.

The only problem I had was the antenna hits the roof rack so I whacked a Jagwire frame protector (used to protect bicycle frames from rubbing cable jackets). Works a treat!

Ghetto as fuck!

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Christmas time at the Locks




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R32 Meet #2

Suga and I also went to an R32 Golf meet at Homebush. Good bunch of guys, good conversations, here are a few of my pics:


Red P’s.

I love the old shape, especially in blue.

Orange nut caps.

Old vs. New.

Suga, everyone loved the sound of her exhaust.

Group shot.

My Civic was obviously very out of place so I parked it far away from everyone else (hahaha).

Ribs and Rumps (again) – it was better this time!

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OzHonda swap meet

Today Suga and I went to the OzHonda Swap Meet at JDMyard. It was fairly quiet unfortunately (maybe the weather put a lot of people off?) but I scored a new panel for $50 to replace the most damaged panel on the ED Civic.






Now, to leave it black, or not?!

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