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Luci x ZEN Beanie


In the mood! Dug this shot up that Nick took of Luci a while back and thought I’d edit it too.

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Abby X ZEN Hoodie


Really happy with how this shot of Abby turned out. SO on brand! Shot by Nick Turner, dark AF edit by me. SHOP:

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Photoshoot with Kammy



KAWAII! Shot with Kammy last Thursday! We did both a bedroom shoot and a studio shoot too. Find the photos on my Patreon! Visit/Support:

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Photoshoot with Abby



Had a great first shoot with Abby earlier this week. Abby’s Jasminia G‘s muse (Jas is a friend and fellow Photographer). Those 2 have always created some pretty awesome shots, and Abby’s been shooting with anyone who’s been willing to shoot with her for a good part of this year so I thought it was high time we shot! During the shoot I was totally trying to channel some Emily Ratajkowski vibes! Find a small set on my folio site, and the rest on my Patreon.

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Headshotphoto Logo




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Krosswerds Logo

I just finished this RUN DMC inspired logo for Krosswerdz – really happy with how this turned out!

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Maroubra Beach Hop Charity Car Show









































Awesome day out at the Maroubra Beach Hop Charity Car Show today. Local AF!

Full Feature on ZEN Blog.

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There goes the Neighborhood


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It’s R U OK? day today. The one day a year that most people will think that it’s OK to not be OK.

Having said that, it’s amazing that when I spoke out about not being OK on ZEN Garage I got smashed by a barrage of negative comments along the lines of “take your meds cunt!” and “he’s lost it, unfollow!”.

Let’s get real, every day should be R U OK day.

Yesterday I had a very close friend of mine call me in tears. She’s had a whole lot of shit go wrong for her in the past few months and she had hit rock bottom when her boss decided to fire her yesterday.

She was scared. I was scared.

In this particular case I felt that there was nothing I could say to help her. She obviously wasn’t OK, and just hearing her out wasn’t going to help change much so I suggested she see her GP (which she is today) and also to speak to Kimble Chan, a Hypnotherapist I met recently who helps people in dire straits on a daily basis.

Personally, no friends, web sites or YouTube videos did anything to help get me off the couch, but my GP saved my life by recommending me to a Psychiatrist.

If you know someone who’s fucked up, sure, ask them how they’re going, but if what you’re hearing freaks you the fuck out then suggest they see their GP, better yet pick them up and take them to their GP.

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Saskia in the studio


I think I’m starting to like shooting in the studio! @spacewalkagency

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