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I’ve been feeling pretty down lately. Combination of things that I’d rather not go into, but I had a shoot lined up yesterday with this young little spunk rat who managed to put a smile on my face for most of the day. Love her gothed up outfit, with a bucket hat, out in the middle of nowhere. Juxtaposition is a good thing!

You can view the full set here:

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Oh Shit. Scien and Klor on the stage.

Klor, myself and Scien.

Myself, Scien and Stella, my hot date for the night.

As part of Vivid Sydney I got to see 123KLAN (all the way from Canada) talk last night at aMBUSH Gallery Central Park. I first met Scien from 123KLAN 12 years ago at Semi-Permanent Conference. We clicked, he’s mad. Scien even tagged my name for my business cards back in the day.

The talk was awesome. I would have loved more time with this guy, but was great to briefly catch up with Scien before and after his talk.


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At the car wash with Krysti and her KE55












Wheels on, straight to the car wash!!!

Spent a little time today with Krysti, who’s FINALLY gotten her Turugi Racing Bilbo’s on! They’re awesome, fat tyres and with a little drop (which is coming) this KE55 will be just about done (for now!).

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A shoulder to cry on



I talk a LOT, but apparently I’m a decent shoulder to cry on too. I much prefer kicking someone in the ass when they need it as opposed to sympathising, but over the years I’ve found myself not being so quick to find solutions, and instead, I’m finding myself listening that little bit more and I’ve been feeling pretty good about it.

I’ve got a friend staying with me at the moment, she’s broken and going through some pretty serious issues. I’ve been nursing her like a bird that’s fallen out of it’s nest. Sounds cheesy, but it’s how I’ve been looking at it. It’s been emotionally draining being a shoulder to cry on (but obviously more intense for her than it is for me!), but it’s been real, deep and super rewarding in many ways.

I’ve been listening so much more, and instead of trying to use my brain to come up with solutions, I’ve just been much more patient, wallowing at the bottom with her, taking it all in, bringing home lots of junk food, smoking and drinking lots and just generally letting it all take it’s course. Happy to say she got better every day, cried less and less and today I dropped her off home.

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Absolutely Fuzzy Street Shoot




Today I met up with Stephanie Goh, who’s a print designer by day who integrates Absolutely Fuzzy, her own life/style blog, into her daily life. I drop in to check out her site every now and then to just appreciate her sense of style, as well as her boyfriend Will’s street photography (PS: I’m actually friends with Will before Steph!).

I was inspired to give street style photography a go so today I killed 2 birds with one stone; checking out the Zine fair as well as street shooting with Steph and Will!

I’m quite happy with the shots above, you can view the rest of the photos here:

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MCA Zine Fair

Jess’ Table of zines!

Jess and some browsers.

Always some awesome talent to discover.

Great vibes too!

Dropped in to the 8th annual MCA Zine Fair today to say hi to Jess who had a table there selling her zines! I was there early, and it looked like it was getting busier by the minute so I hope everyone running a table had a great day. Be sure to check out Jess’ site:

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Old School Crew Reunion at Chi and Co.

Juxtaposition! Chi and Co., a hip Asian restaurant with very ‘now’ branding and interior decor, but… in Canley Vale!

Hey Papz! Eating here was Papz’s suggestion.

Just like the good old days.

Pakula bomb.


Here’s cheers!

Food was good! Tasty, punchy. I liked it.

Pakula making it rain!

Mad catch ups with the old school crew the other night. Auto Salon magazine, IS Motor Racing, JDMyard, all the guys who inspired me to create JDMST back in the day. Time flies, but everyone still looks and acts the same. Lots of laughs as expected! Always great vibes when these guys are all together (which sadly is a real rarity these days).

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Need For Speed




Embargo has been lifted! I’m now allowed to reveal that earlier this year I was flown over to Sweden to play and consult on the new NEED FOR SPEED.

I’ve played the game (in development) and it’s going to be AMAZING. I just kept say “about time!”, especially in regards to car customisation. These in-game grabs should get you pretty excited, and give you an indication of what’s to come.

More about NEED FOR SPEED on Zen Blog!

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S9 Caddy Update


A swappable photograph print on the rear window.

We’re there on the S9 Caddy!

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EZY Slider Trike






I’ve kept the EZY Slider Trike build nice and simple. Swapped out the standard stem for a beefy FUNN Rippa stem, and the tall polished BMX bars for the left-of-field On-One Mary Bars (mounted upside down for extra points). I’ve also changed the polished brake lever for an all black Tektro lever, swapped out Fitbikeco grips and an Alligator serration disc rotor and scored an awesome set of 80’s BMX wheel covers for that 80’s flare.

View the full feature on Zen and also before photos here, and look out for action photos ASAP!

For more info, visit:

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