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Zen Garage video by THA TITH BROTHERS

We had THA TITH BROTHERS attend our Forza Night last week at Zen Garage and they’ve pumped out this amazing video for us. Love these guys (3 brothers), Kim used to be in advertising/design but he makes more money for a living driving trucks, but he loves getting into video, and it shows. It gets my blood pumping!

View more of their videos: THA TITH BROTHERS

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Tiffany @

About 5 years or so ago I was in touch with Californian Photographer Brigham Field. He was pretty excited about Sex in Art, we swapped a few emails and even got speaking on the phone. At the time he was making baby steps towards X-ART, a new project which today is one of the largest porn sites of it’s kind (much classier than your usual stuff).

I won’t be linking to it (wouldn’t want you to be offended, or worse yet, lose your job over it!), but I’m excited to say that after all these years of Brigham and I wanting to work together we’re finally doing it. I’ve been appointed the creative director on a new X-ART project. Can’t say much right now, but it involves a lot of creativity. It’s my first week on the job, will say, and hopefully show more when I can.

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New logo design for another new project, more news soon :)

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Jing’s Bucks P2

Karting action.

It’s the me!

My GTI (love this shot!).

Clifton and Timmy sleeping together (lol).

Hotel sweets.


Felix and I.

Jing took waaaaay better shots than I did, more on his flickr.

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Donations at Zen Garage

JDM toys donated by JDMST member ban_die. (so rad!).

Evo photograph donated by Matthew Mead.

Rad 911 poster donated by JDMST member Andrew Mel.

Oh and the radical son Tom from Hell On Wheels dropped in, turns out he lives literally down the road!

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Jing’s Bucks

Kartatak indoor karts at Villawood.

Clifton wearing the Angry Bird outfit that Jing had to wear all night.

Jing’s Bucks party was on last Saturday. We hit the Karts earlier in the day and just before we got on the track one guy flipped his kart in the tunnel (the black thing in the picture above) and almost knocked himself out (not to mention losing a lot of skin). That kinda freaked everyone out but once we were on, it was on! The track was tight. Crazy hard to overtake which made for some good contact. I was sure to T-Bone Jing out of a corner, Cliffy got the fastest lap of the day (looks like I’m always destined to be mr 2nd on kart days!). Later that afternoon we all smashed pre-dinner shots in a swanky hotel room in the city, hit Churrasco for dinner (was perfect) then I can’t talk about what we did after, but holy shit it was full of laughs!

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Zen Garage Forza Night

We put the space to the test again last week with a Forza 4 industry invite only night. 2 hardcore race sims were set up, fridge was stocked with James Squire and we had about 42 people attend, everyone hung out till very late which was awesome. So happy that people didn’t just come, get bored, and leave! I saw a lot of mingling going on, so great to see people meeting new people, having a Friday night beer and playing games too.

All photos by Matthew Mead, more words and photos on Zen Garage.

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Zen Garage logo wall

So awesome right?!?!

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Deathtrap Project V2 Donor Bike

Fuji Feather.

Lovely headbadge features mount fuji and feather logo + stamped “Made in Japan”.

Moustache bars!

Alloy Suntour 7-GT rear derailleur.

French made Huret front derailleur.

And shifters.

Last week I found this vintage Fuji Feather on eBay. I put a bid on it, and won it for $56 which I think is a bargain (56 is my house number too!).

I’ve since done some research on it and from my finding’s it’s about as old as I am. From the mid 70’s. It’s got a Suntour 7-GT rear derailleur, one of the first derailleurs to feature alloy bits and it’s also got Huret parts on it, a French brand I’d never heard of before. Unfortunately it’s got 27inch wheels which makes converting it to a single speed a little harder than a new 700c with a rear cassette. I might see how I go keeping them. I have a spare 700c wheelset too so I’ll also test to see if the brake pads will come down enough to make the 700c wheelset work.

She’s heavy but she rides lovely, even with a flat front tyre. Brakes well too. Work on the motorised conversion starts ASAP!

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Hey Dad

Dad and my sister Jamie at 11 weeks.

Love this photo of my Dad. Freaky that I’m older now than he is in the photo. Spent some of the night going through old photo books of Jamie when she was a baby, comparing her to Miles, they have the same nose but everything else is Richie for sure!

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