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Grid Life!





Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 1.51.09 pm

We’ve been pretty busy working with clients, and we’ve not been able to spend too much time on developing our own brand assets.

Today I’ve been getting tight on a Keynote/PDF proposal template for Spacewalk Agency which is very much inspired by tech drawing class back in high school where every drawing we did had to have a thin border and info box on the bottom right corner.

IE: Less is more!

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Burger Me Up Logo


New logo I designed for Burger Me Up (the old Chur Burger in Surry Hills) looks a bit like a storm trooper (or Bobba Fett?) with a mo?! It also kinda fits in with the “Beam Me Up, Scotty!”/Burger Me Up, Scotty! theme!

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2 out of 5

2 of these logos were designed by me!

Always so good to see stuff I design make it to print! KROSSWERDZ and SAM LAW logo designs featured on this years’ Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit 2019 T-Shirt.

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Roughly 6 men take their lives each and every day in Australia. Grow your mo this month of Movember to raise awareness of men’s suicide!

Burgers make me happy, so more than happy to be working with Burger Me Up (previously Chur Burger in Surry Hills) on this Movember graphic for their socials!

For more information on Movember, visit:

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WTAC 2019 Merch




Excited to see that the Drift King design I did for WTAC has made it to garment! And also great to see the WTAC logotype I designed on lots of merch this year!

PS: This merch is not available for pre-order – so get it FIRST at the event!


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Blast from the past! Found this on LinkedIn. So good!

Who’s who in order?

Justin Fox | Oz Dean | Andrew Knott | Caroline Dean | Caryn Gillespie | Rina Cheung | Joshua Davis | Tomas Roope & Joel (Tomato) | Mike Young | Michael Cina | Jade Palmer | Karen Ingram | Gina & Michael Cochrane | Andy Polaine | Toke Nygaard | Andrew Johnstone | Ryan Hays

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No Saints

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 7.51.14 am

Just wanted to share/vent something on my mind lately.

One of my clients (which we absolutely love working with) had been a little slow getting back to us with some feedback. It wasn’t like her at all to be slow in communications with us so we just put it down to the fact that she must be super busy.

Fast forward a few weeks, we recently got an email from her, but it wasn’t from her, it was from her boyfriend using her account to let us know that sadly our client has been in a serious accident and she’s in a coma.

It’s been grey ever since. Literally raining, literally heavy on my entire crew. It’s a wake up call that shit happens.

Last week her team made it official on their instagram page:

“Our beautiful No Saints founder Caroline has been in a terrible accident. She’s currently in hospital in a coma in Barcelona surrounded by those she loves the most. We know you will join us in wishing her the best possible recovery. Please forgive our radio silence on our No Saints posts in the meantime. Our website remains fully functional. Thank you for being friends of No Saints and Caroline :heart::pray:t2:”

Post is here:

It’s good to know she’s in good hands, and there’s plenty more support in the comments on the post. I had just started making this graphic below for her using one of the shots we took of her sneakers. I’m hoping she gets well and gets to see it soon:


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Headshotphoto Logo




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Krosswerds Logo

I just finished this RUN DMC inspired logo for Krosswerdz – really happy with how this turned out!

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INTRO 2019 Billy Blue Exhibition






















Last Friday night Dianne, Nick and I represented industry and checked out INTRO, the 2019 Billy Blue grad show with an aim to potentially pick up some of this year’s bright sparks. Billy Blue has moved from North Sydney to Ultimo to one very cool space which looks and feels just like a top end agency (they’re actually in the same building as DDB Australia!).

Design lecturer and car guy Andy Wana gave us a guided tour and the multiple bars they had set up kept the refreshments flowing all night.

We wore 2 hats, both Threesome (looking for a junior designer) and Spacewalk (looking for photographers and motion work), happy to say we picked up a couple of cards; one student who had some Cinema 4D work on show, and another who created her own typeface.

Feature on ZEN Blog:

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