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S9 Caddy Update


A swappable photograph print on the rear window.

We’re there on the S9 Caddy!

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Design VS Art – Why I’m not a designer anymore


So today. I got this question thrown at me via Facebook Messenger: “How do your practices differ when creating a commissioned design project to creating art for yourself, i.e do you feel constrained by the perceived difference between design and art?”.

Really good question. For a while there I truly intended to give my clients my best. Sometimes I’d stay up till 3am working on client work, with my fave music up, in my PJ’s, only to have the secretary the next day in the client meeting say she doesn’t like yellow, and eventually having the client have me change things, which in turn makes my work ugly.

This hurts.

A few years of this crap; design by committee (when you present your work to clients and the client gathers opinions from their business partners, secretaries and mothers), uneducated clients (not everyone gets good design), clients who fail to trust me as a designer, it was enough for me to always design with compromise in mind. IE: I never give my clients everything I’ve got anymore. I only put my everything into my own work, which in this case you can call “art”.

So I very rarely do design work for others anymore these days. I suppose I’ve taken being my own boss to new heights?!

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S9 Caddy


Ved’s taken delivery of his new Caddy (it’s awesome and completely tricked out inside too). He’s asked me to design some S9 graphics for it. I know Ved. The mission was to design something quite large in size, but subtle and easy to live with (as the Caddy is his daily).

I’ve had designs floating around my head for a month now, and the other day (in Ved’s man cave) I decided to finally get my thumb out of my bum and push out some initial concepts. Ved and I are quite happy with a couple of these! I’m off to a good start! Final refined design soon!

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JDM them all!

At myplates HQ. Shit is getting real!

Pushing JDM culture since 2005!!! Pretty happy that myplates have approved the development of Japanese style plates for NSW! I’ve got to work with crazy constraints due to plate recognition technology, so the end product won’t be exactly like a real Japanese plate, but hey! I still think it’s a win!

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JDM Style Plates for


A little while back myPlates asked me to design some JDM inspired plate designs. These are the results, and most of the community is voting for design “B” which makes me happy as that’s the plate design I wanted passed.

I’ve had a few die-hard JDM fans critique the design though, suggesting it needs to be EXACTLY like plates in Japan in order for it to work. What these guys don’t realise is that I’ve had to work within very strict confines. IE: I can’t just print anywhere on a plate. There’s a strict grid of where content can go, where the numbers and letter have to go, etc. I also can’t use the Japanese font for letters and numbers as the letters and numbers on all plates in NSW have to pass number recognition technology (speed cameras and the like). Having said all that, with the huge amount of people voting for design “B” I’m sure I can push a little to have it as close as possible to the Japanese plate design. We’ll see!

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Feng shui


I was in the hotel lift earlier today and noticed this framed certificate on the wall that proudly states that the Avalon Hotel here in Gothenburg, Sweden is Feng Shui Certified.

Despite the hotel being under covers on the outside (construction, or cleaning? I can’t be sure), I’ve been comfy ever since entering the front doors, and quite surprised that everything just seems to be in the right place.

The more I look, the more I see and understand what they’ve done. Rounding off sharp corners, the calming green curtains, the generous pile of pillows of different hardnesses. The in-house CD’s, one titled groovy, the other titled cozy.

I’ve always thought of Feng shui to be plain logic, it’s like any good design, when it’s really good you don’t even see it or question it as it just works so well. IE: When I entered my hotel room I was just comfy, straight off the bat. Now that I’ve seen the Feng Shui Certified poster on the wall I’ve gone through my hotel room in a little more detail and I swear, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Hooks: There are places to hang things everywhere. My layers of clothes have a place to hang, as opposed to putting them on a chair or the bed (mess). There are even more places to hang things in the bathroom, towels (which are massive!) wherever you like (one hook close to the shower makes sense) and hooks to keep your clothes off the floor where they could get wet.

Bathroom: The buttons to flush the toilet are behind the lid. IE: You have to close the toilet lid to flush the toilet. It’s a smart move as keeping the toilet lid shut is good Feng shui. Why? Well you’ve heard the complaints many women make about guys leaving the lid up, or people dropping things into the loo by accident, and then there’s Mia, my cat who tends to like drinking out of the bowl. There’s a little bin next to the toilet, it’s raised off the floor, so too the toilet brush holder. This makes cleaning the floor around the toilet easy. Again, its the little things.

Whilst I can see the logic behind most of the common Feng shui tips I’ve heard of, the one that alludes me is stepping in shit, or being shat on, which the Chinese say is good luck. Come to think of it, now I’m certain that stepping in shit or being shat on has anything at all to do with Feng shui!


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2015 begins now

Another amazing Luca Ionescu piece for my walls!

In just the span of a few minutes I’ve received an amazing framed Like Minded Studio print in the mail from LYNX (looks like the LYNXPERX dealio I’m on is coming good!), managed to work on a deal for a new set of semi’s for my GT-R (finally!) and I’ve also been invited to an all expenses paid flight to QLD and test out some new rubber on WRX’s and VW Golfs at a race track next month.

Looks like my plans for starting the year off in February have just gone out the window!

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Who doesn’t love free goodies in the mail?!

There were 2 big wooden boxes (both of which instantly filled my lounge room with great scents). One had a whole lot of Lynx gear in it.

Under all that gear was this rad Sheryo x The Yok T (which I ended up wearing all day in town today).

The other was rather fancy, with a golden latch, and inside a comb, mirror, brush and a sliding compartment which reveals Lynx’s new hair products (very cool).

I’ve never used antiperspirants before, but the stuff in this picture I’m definitely going to use on a daily basis. Hair stuff, 2 types of Shampoo & Conditioner in one and 2 different types of body wash too. For more info on this gear, visit LYNX.

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New Photography Portfolio.

I’m a WordPress guy (well, an HTML guy actually, wish I could turn back time and dominate the web like I did once in the 90’s lol), but recently I’ve been thinking about setting up a photography folio of some sort as tumblr is just not cutting it (6 months into shooting and I’ve got too many images now, and with tumblr I can’t re-organise or sort images).

I started looking into some WordPress base themes but failed to find the right solution (short of hacking to death and using plugins to make it all happen). My developer flatmate suggested I look at Squarespace. I did some research, played with a demo for a few hours and found it pretty damn impressive in regards to getting your content onto a site as quickly and as easily as possible. It’s a bit buggy, and starts to take a toll on your browser (I had to close the window a couple of times and log back in to get it up to speed again).

You can check out my work in progress so far (I signed up for 12 months at around $170 with the use of a coupon code). PS: NSFW Nudity Warning!). Visit:

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Ogilvy Talk

Ogilvy entrance.

Hey it’s Brian! Brian was speaking too, about his new company Common Ventures.

Aus Infront on the big screen.

I’m on a high from a talk I gave at Ogilvy earlier today. Every fortnight Ogilvy have a Lunch & Learn event where everybody gets together and somebody presents on a chosen topic. The whole point is not just to learn, but be inspired.

I was invited to talk on the topic of Start-Ups / Small Businesses. Basically following your passion/dream, breaking out of the mould, pursuing something, tuning it into a business and making it successful.

Of-course I had a lot to say about the topic. Starting with Australian INfront through to Zen Garage, of finding happiness by being in the moment of doing what you love.

Conversations with Pauline helped to get me in the right frame of mind for this talk. I found myself patting myself on the back driving on route to Ogilvy, not just after the talk driving home.

I only had 15 minutes. I’m more used to having an hour to present! I had to take big chunks out, but I shared a little, showed a little and I had an absolute blast. A quick Q&A at the end let me say a little bit more, which was great. I just wished there was more time as I love any opportunity to speak (haha!).

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