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Hangs with the Midnight Garage Crew

BEFORE (raw unedited).




Their logo design is way out of whack as you can see now that I’ve put a grid over it.

I hung out with the young guys from Midnight Garage yesterday. They’re good dudes who have always supported ZEN and EOMM. A little while back they started their own brand “Midnight Garage” and so far the guys have come up with a logo and have started to shoot at automotive events.

We had a good catch up, and ended up talking about all sorts of stuff (I might get these guys on the podcast at some point!), but I thought I’d take the time to show them how I frame in hopes it would rub off on them. Will gave me his memory card of shots from a meet the night before and I picked out both shots above to re-frame.

The top image is pretty straight forward, but just a note that it’s always better to shoot a few steps back at car meets rather than being so close you end up cropping parts of the car you’re shooting (which he had done in a fair few shots).

The second image was one of his worse images on the SD Card but hey my slight rotation and crop shows how you could sometimes even save a bad image with a little dynamic framing.

Now the logo file; I knew it wasn’t tight just looking at it, but I thought I’d explain why to the guys by putting it into photoshop then layering a grid over it. As you can see nothing lines up at all. The CREW is off centre, the left little octagon is too. The crew banner edges have different angles both the left and the right and the 3 lower case g’s look super repetitive and make this hand written style font obviously look like a font (a capital G would have been better for Garage). The way the triangle crops around the letters isn’t working either as it’s almost dynamic on the left side, but cut horizontally straight on the right side.

I made sure the guys realised that I was in no way at all having a go at their designer, he’s a junior/young and I’ve got way more experience, but it was awesome to be able to show the guys exactly why the logo didn’t look right to me. Once they saw all the things I saw they were taken aback (I mean these guys already have printed out stickers and T-Shirts of their logo too and they didn’t see all the faults that I saw).

Whilst I’m damn tempted to refine their existing logo (as it only needs a few tweaks here and there to make it a lot tighter) I’m thinking that I’ve got to stop being so generous in order to avoid those nasty resentment issues of mine!!! The guys are totally onto it in any case. I’m sure they’ll sort the logo out and I’m also sure their shots will be framed nicer going forwards too.


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ZEN PODCAST #008 – Design Talk

In this podcast I do the intro part of an hour long motivational/inspirational design talk I do at design schools all over Sydney.

Note: This is the first video I’ve made with Premiere, which is a LOT more complex than iMovie that’s for sure! The video looks to be the wrong format, and the file has ended up being massive in size (making for a VERY slow upload). I’ve not bothered with any transitions as I couldn’t figure it out intuitively and there’s no intro or outro. I’ve tried to synch the audio track to the footage and it’s come out better than the previous iMovie vids in that regard but it’s still out of whack.

I’ll get there!

PS: ZEN PODCASTS are also on SoundCloud:
And on iTunes:

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WTAC Merch

A box with my name on it!



Ian gave me all the World Time Attack merch which featured the logo I designed. Love the hoodie especially! You can still pick some up here:

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Banned off Facebook for 30 Days

Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg.

I’m slowly but surely getting over being banned off Facebook for 30 days (thanks to fuckers reporting my Australia Day photos). I don’t use email, and use messenger instead so communication has been FUCKED for me for the past week. I can see people’s messages, but can’t reply. I can’t make a post on my page to say I’ve been banned for 30 days. End of the day I only have myself to blame for putting a few too many eggs in the social media basket!

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ZEN Track Day Duffle Bag is in from Italy!

ZEN Track Day Duffle Bags have landed from Italy!

Made of genuine Nomex flame-resistant race suit material.

Seatbelts for straps!

All black hardware.

Plenty of space for a helmet and shoes.

Hand made with love by Attitude Supply in Italy.

Our ZEN Track Day Duffle Bags have landed from Italy! This has been years in the making, and it’s our first real product, real as in designed (IE: we didn’t just slap a ZEN logo on a bag, we designed this ground up!). It’s our new direction going forwards!

I’ve only made 50 of them and will keep 10 and sell the other 40 in the shop. The quality is so fucking unreal. I’m so stoked!

We’e priced these way under the usual 100% markup as we’d rather people rock them1 Find these bags in the shop!

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Framing is everything.

Girls; I’m shooting again this year and I’ll shoot you a shitload better than guys with 3 times more instagram followers than I have.

I see SO many beautiful girls with HORRIBLE photos that show off nothing but bad framing, and well, framing is everything… some of these girls have gotten to 25k+ followers in a year… that’s a HUGE following (of guys who want to marry you).

Photographers: You can’t fake framing. You might get a billion likes on a photo of an ass, or tits, but you’d be kidding yourself if you take that as taking a good shot. I need to do a podcast/tutorial on framing to share. Framing is everything! Will do ASAP.

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Through The White Glasses Logo Design


Final TTWG logo design I’ve been working on with my current design junior Louis Queenin for Dino Dalle Carbonare’s upcoming channel ‘Through The White Glasses’.

Would look really nice on a business card design me thinks!

Subscribe early! Visit:

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I’ve been having a blast working on RAIJIN FUJIN, an upcoming Japanese hobby shop. It’s awesome how shit comes together when you’re having fun! 100+ followers on the Instagram account already, and plenty of interest in general.

I’m super psyched to be travelling to Japan with these guys next week to help them buy goods for the store. It’s honestly the dream job!!! I get flown to Japan to go toy shopping!!!!

I have a pretty good idea what toys to bring over, but if anyone’s after anything specific let me know. Anything from figurines, car hobby kits, cosplay, sweets and snacks etc.

PS. I’ll be contributing to their Instagram account along side the 2 Japanese kids who will one day run the store, and of-course the shop owner too (their Dad!). Please follow:

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2017 WTAC T-Shirt



This World Time Attack Challenge logotype I designed a little while back has been approved! It’s legit going to be one of the WTAC T-Shirts available this year at the show!

PS: I’ve been tasked with putting together a team of Zen Babes to wear these new T’s at WTAC this year, so girls if you’re free October 13-14 let me know (paid gig of-course!).

PPS: Massive massive props to Ian Baker and team for taking a risk on me. I truly appreciate the opportunity. I understand in this day and age it’s nearly impossible to do shit for the love without compromise. Leaving the location, dates, sponsor logos, checkered flags and cars off this T-Shirt design was never going to be easy, but hey some shit is worth fighting for!!!

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