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JDMST EOMM x TL-D x Garage 88 Grand Opening


Garage 88 FD Civic.

Steak sandwich was next level!

Candy store.

Yesterday I made the call to not run the Zen Garage stall at the JDMST EOMM today. I’ve been feeling a bit run down (can’t afford to get the flu!) and I just wanted, for a change, to just enjoy the meet. Turn up late, check out the cars, talk to a few people and leave early.

Perfect weather today and despite double demerits the troops came out in force. I’m pretty sure everyone present was impressed with new shop Garage 88, both the premises as well as the well organised day. Food served was next level and tunes were great too.

What many missed out on was a shop tour. It’s seriously JDM heaven up there and I felt like a kid in a candy store! I snapped a few shots of the shop (which is still a work in progress). Many more pics here.

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It’s the mau mau

Morning Mia.

Mia’s sporting a pink collar again (pink skulls of-course!).

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Dent Hero dent removal day @ Zen Garage

The Dent Hero.

Dent removal day @ Zen was epic yesterday! The quality of the work done by the technician on the day was otherworldly. His nickname in the industry is ‘Dent God’ – He’s travelled to Europe and the United States to repair hail damaged cars ranging from Audi R8′s, Maybachs, Ferraris etc. The guy had an aura about him, he was like Bruce Lee. Was an absolute privilege to watch him work, nothing better than watching someone who mastered their craft.

Check out all the photos here.

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Buffalo Dining Club for lunch

Hot weather, cold beer and an absolutely delish feast @ Buffalo Dining Club.

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Web/Digital Industry Meeting @ Shillington College

This morning I was invited to discuss the industry and web/digital design issues at Shillington College.

The meeting focussed on the industry’s current state, expectations of junior graphic designers as well as content that they should be teaching students. There was a group of us, a mixture of teachers and industry representatives which made for some great chatter, and lots of great opinions as well as ideas.

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Sushi Yachiyo

Love it. A hole in the wall, basically!

The menu – there was SO much to choose from. Too much! Will have to go back to try the lot.

Our waiter was very friendly, and very much into his sake. He brought out these 3 massive sake bottles and let us try all 3. We went for the one in the middle “enyu”. Beautiful stuff.

Sushi Yachiyo picks the best seafood from the fish markets daily, so we couldn’t go past the sushi and sashimi plate. It was amazing!

Nana ordered this Nabe Hotpot, what a wow dish! Served over a flame in paper! Yup, that’s basically a seafood udon noodle soup in a paper basket, lovely.

Nana’s Mum has been haunting a little sushi joint called Sushi Yachiyo for some time. Last night we both had a sushi craving so we thought we’d give it a go. It’s tiny, you have to book but we got there at 6PM sharp and luckily scored a table. The staff and food were awesome. What I didn’t get a picture of was the deep fried deep cheeks, damn those things were so good (melt in your mouth material!) that they were demolished way before the camera could focus.

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Max camber… please.

Camber maxed out in the rear. Still rubbing (but fuuu check out how fat those tyres are! So awesome!).

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Spice I Am

Best fish cake I’ve ever eaten (bit too hot for me though, had me sweating!).

Duck massaman was amazing.

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90’s Specialized Trail Breaker in mint condition. Even had a colour coded T-Bone stem and biopace chainrings!!! Geek out!

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ALL STARS ‘Spring Picnic’

We set up the Zen tent right next to the river and shady trees.

Rob serving a customer who ended up going for a safety orange Zen T!

Stickers + Accessories – the perspex stops everything from blowing away (genius idea Sergio!).

ALL STARS Trophies!

Zomaya! Undoubtedly one of the hottest EVO’s in the world.

Check out the pimp park! So awesome to see SUGA back in action.

Earlier in the week the weather forecast predicted rain for most of the week. It never came. It rained pretty hard on Friday, oh shit… MUD! I’m not religious, but I prayed that it wouldn’t rain!

Was such an awesome day. Perfect weather, perfect location, great people and awesome cars. Sergio, Claudio, Aleks and the ALL STARS team worked their asses off and the feedback has been so positive. Check out more pictures here, and also check some feedback here.

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