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My new plates, such a plate whore! (almost 50,000 members!).

I admit I’m getting used to the Yellow. I still hate the steering (but hey, it’s a Jazz!) and the K20A engine is torquey. I like it.

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Renovation update



Side gate is done!

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Animals at Night

9 strong last night. Loftus night rides are well and truly back!

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Free money on eBay!

Last week I put up a few things on eBay and all the listings ended today. Watching the bidding frenzy during the closing minutes was a lot of fun. I’ve always had good luck buying and selling on eBay. My general rule of thumb is take pictures, many of them, and post them up big (800×600). Deal with the stupid questions as best you can, flame if you have to. Out of this lot of stuff I got $1900.50 for bothering to lost stuff, that’s going to go straight back into some more furnitire for the house.

Couch went for $947.00!!!

Old guitar went for $306.

Strida went for $425.

Basso frame went for $222.50

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Floating bench

It’s all coming together. Yesterday the floating bench was installed in the master bathroom, we just wanted something to rest clothes on when you’re having a shower. When installing it one of the tiles cracked (bum) so that has to be fixed, but once it is fixed the ensuite will be completely finished.

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Weekend update

It was Tony’s B’day this weekend (Christina’s Dad). A Japanese theme meant that we were in for Salmon Sashimi, Wagyu too. Even more fun was having Christina’s parents both over at my place to help clean up. Rosemary had a few boxes of kitchen goods to donate to us and Tony helped with lifting a lot of heavy stuff downstairs (the trash pile is so huge we’ll need 2 loads to the tip!).

Today we bought new bar stools.


A while back Suga and I visited Bimbadgen winery in the Hunter. We decided to go hard for our first wine purchase with a case of their best Signature 2006 Shiraz.

The rear side gate is finished.

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House renovation update


After: Main side gate is on it’s way.

The other side gate is almost done too + new washing line is installed.

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Found memories

I’ve been cleaning up non-stop, well, kinda non-stop. I’ve found so many amazing old things which I didn’t even know I still had. I’ve been distracted by these finds and I’ve found myself going through them (when I should be cleaning!). A huge stack of business cards, old love letters, diaries, here are just a few pictures.

The left number is from the 1991 Bell MTB nationals in Goulburn, my 1st ever MTB race. The right certificate was for the 1991 Gong ride.

I saw Michael Jackson live for the BAD Tour and obviously I bought a guide. This thing is in amazing condition!

The middle spread.

Who’s bad!

Love the hat on mic stand image.

Stock R32 GT-R seats. I got stuck cleaning them up good (what for I have no idea?!).

Love letters. I got caught for hours reading some of these today. I’m emotional. Awesome.

All of these comics are Issue #1’s. I have so many more (yes I was into comics once, who wasn’t?).

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Suga and I, drastically late and severely hung over from Jess’ 18th B’day party the night before.

The boys!

Just in today. A couple of pics that my good mate Oz took a couple of weeks ago at Jamie and Richie’s bogan party (celebrating Richie’s offical Australian citizenship!).

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The blind man

The blind guy came today (no more dust about, it’s nice outside now despite the wind) and installed blinds on 4 rooms of the house. We went for a combination of blinds, full block-out in the lounge room for bad daytime TV when sick or extremely hung over (or both) and some dual block-out and semi-transparent ones in the bedroom so we can let the light in yet still have our privacy.

Bedroom retreat, left side shows semi-blockout and the right window shows what full block-out looks like.

Detail of dual blinds (literally 2 lots of blinds/operating chains).

Lounge room 100% block-out.

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