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Mia Mao Mao x Anne-Marie in Motion

My photo of Anne-Marie feeding Mia (in my kitchen).

Sydney based film producer Dennis Ardel came across my photo (pictured above) of Ann-Marie La Dupont on tumblr (you can view the full set here), he was inspired to turn it into a video, and managed to track both Ann-Marie and myself down, and a few weeks ago we got together at my house and this is the end result! Hope you love it as much as I do (Mia’s a star!).

Timeline – Short Film from Dennis Ardel on Vimeo.

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Anne-Marie Video Shoot







A week or so ago Anne-Marie contacted me to say that a videographer found a photo I took of her feeding Mia, and he wanted to shoot a video of her and Mia. I couldn’t refuse as I’ve secretly wanted to see Mia star in a video! The shoot happened yesterday. I can only hope the results are good!

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a7S VS GF6



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Mia Mao Mao

Mia Mao Mao now on facebook, tumblr and Instagram!

Had to be done! Mia’s now got her very own facebook page, tumblr and Instagram account!


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Shoot with Christine Joy Somera

Spent my Monday funday with gamer and Star Wars fanatic Christine Joy yesterday. Had initially planned to maybe shoot her out at Cockatoo Island, but decided to stay in my comfort zone, literally, by having a lazy day shooting her at home.

Really happy with the results. Just the right amount of light (it was on and off all day) and little Christine (she’s tiny!) was such a pleasure to hang with.

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My little tree is up! :)

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Guest from Japan

Massive day yesterday. I woke up to my phone ringing, some massive number starting with an 8… ignored it, went back to bed then realised OH SHIT! It’s Tuesday! World Time Attack (WTAC) this week… that number, it must be my buddy Luke from Japan!!!

Yep. I’m shit. I’m hopeless. I’d forgotten that I was meant to pick up Luke at the airport. I returned the call. Luckily Luke hadn’t gotten his bags yet. I knew that was going to take ages (lol) so I got some clothes on, jumped right in the car and headed off to the airport. Just as I got there, Luke had exited the terminal. Phew! Perfect!

PS: Be sure to check out Luke’s amazing work:

Luke’s bags. Full of camera gear. Legend brought his Zen hoodie too.

All set, ready to roll.

He bought me this pressie, awesome!

First stop was my place, just to drop off a few things, then we headed into the city to pick up Nanami and help her get some of her new work from The Distillery.

At The Distillery.

New work. Might get in trouble for posting this one!

After a spot of lunch Luke and I were off to Zen. Spotted this awesome park on the way.

After a quick stop off at Zen we were off to the Northern Beaches to get Luke’s camera balanced for radio controlled helicopter use (serious stuff!).

Loved this guys man cave!

Whilst we were in the area I dropped in to Cordy’s place to finally meet her cats Tash and Sushi. They’re so cute, both couldn’t stop moving and unfortunately all my pics are blurry.

Tash. So pretty.

Luke and I then headed to the WTAC opening party. It’s going to be one massive week!!!

Mad Mike!

The Japanese are here.

Nemo. Monkey bars gone AWOL.

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Meet Shiro



Felix and Di’s new puppy made a surprise visit to Zen last Saturday. He’s so cute! More pics:

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Back home

Came back home to a clean house as I’d organised for the cleaners to come in whilst I was gone. Also, pressies on my kitchen table and an egg sandwich (thanks mum!) and cookies (thanks sis!).

Mia was very vocal, poor baby.

She was instantly up for some quality couch time :)

Purr purr purr.

Flew in to a beautiful day in Sydney. Cab driver tried to rip me off by going the long way home, was a little annoying having to correct him a few times and the bill ended up being more than 10 times the cab fares we’ve been used to over the past week, but hey… I’m home!

House was sparkly clean as I’d organised for the cleaners to come in whilst I was away. What an awesome move that was! Mia was suuuper sooky, she still is today, so cute. I’ve not unpacked yet, need to do a food shop too and also catch up with everything Zen. It’s great to be back!

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Chill out

Was a great day today @ Zen Garage. BBQ, hot cars, great people, but right now… quality couch time with Mia :)

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