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Impromptu rise and shine shoot with G




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New growth

Dorayaki X has pushed out a huge new leaf way bigger than all the original leaves (and it’s pushing out another new leaf too).

Watsoniana pushing out a new leaf.

The Watsoniana was the star of my cabinet, but it’s outgrown the cabinet so I had to move it out. I was really worried it wouldn’t do well outside of the cabinet but it’s now pushing out a new leaf and it’s going to be a massive one as the stem is super thick in comparison to the other 2 existing leaves.

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Plants from We Know Water Gardens

All plants came with these great little floaters to hold the pots.

Got to love a hand written note!

I put in a planty order with an online shop called We Know Gardens last week. I expected a very small bunch of leaves, but instead I got a whole bunch of massive plants! These guys are legit. The plants were packed so well and came in a massive (and heavy) box. 100% I’ve bought too many plants!

Native Starter Pack (Knobbly Club Rush, Shield Pennywort, Brahmi, Running Marsh Flower, Hairy Nardoo)
White Water lily (Nymphaea)
Golden Sweet Flag (Acorus Gramineus)
Water Hyssop (Bacopa Caroliniana)

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The fish are in!

10 x Rice Fish.

Today I took delivery of my rice fish from Abquatics. All of them made it, and settled in SO well, they look like they’re starving as they’re picking at small leaves thinking it’s food! I got some plants too from Abquatics, some of them floating, but some not (so I’ll have to sort out some sort of potting for them). The fish are amazing, the plants not so much (quite unhealthy and ratty to be honest). Overall happy though! More pond plants are on the way from another online shop!

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Giant Philodendron Hope.

More plants from More Plants in Rosebery who are having a 15% off all plants sale atm to celebrate their 5th b’day. Support local!

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The pond is wet!

No leaks! Happy days!

Early settlers.

I dropped in to Aquaristic today (I now live next door to one of the best small aquarium shops in Sydney) to buy some dechlorinator. Not so surprisingly (as Aquaristic tend to sell some really special things) they had one single red rice fish! I passed on the fish for now but I did pick up 2 banana leaves (free-floating, no stems, the roots sprout out from directly under the leaf itself). They only had a few and these were the only 2 in decent condition (they were the biggest ones too). The guy who looked after me said they will flower if they get full sun.

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Plant update

My Queen Anthurium has pushed out a new leaf and it’s beautiful!

In love with my Watermelon Peperomia. Not only because the leaves look like watermelons, but they sparkle in the sun!


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Japanese Rice Fish Patio Pond

75mm wide x 40mm deep fibreglass pot from Bunnings (holds 176L which is massive!). Came with a drainage hole unfortunately so I had to make it watertight with some 2 part epoxy.

I often think about setting up another aquarium, but then I think about the maintenance (cleaning algae off the glass daily and weekly water changes) and all the livestock I’ve killed over the years. These thoughts have usually been enough to keep my want for another aquarium at bay, but I’m super into growing plants right now and I’ve spent some time looking into terrariums, which then led to looking at paludariums as well as ponds.

Since I’m starting to work on setting up my rooftop I started looking into ponds a little more. Whilst I’m still put off by having to do weekly water changes I stumbled upon Japanese Rice Fish (Medaka) and how many Japanese keep them outdoors in small ceramic pots without filters or heaters all year round (with no water changes!).

The more research I did the more I’ve found that these little fish are perhaps the hardiest fish out there (and I think they’re beautiful!). They’re found in rice fields, and have been kept by the Japanese since the 17th century. They can tolerate temperatures form as low as 3 °C to as high as 42 °C (nuts!) and pH levels from 6.5 through to 8.0 (basically they can live in fresh or salt water, again… nuts!).

A low-tech pond sounds like a really fun project so I dropped in to Bunnings this morning and picked up a huge plant pot and some epoxy to fill up the drainage hole. I’ve made an online order for some pond plants and some rice fish too. I’m excited!

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Oxalis Triangularis

Purple Haze.

I’ve had some plant shops suggest plants that were not green, but at the time all I wanted was to have some green in the apartment, so I never looked at anything that wasn’t green, until now!

This is an Oxalis Triangularis (also known as a ‘purple shamrock’ or ‘purple butterfly’). Like prayer plants, it moves! It closes up like butterfly wings at night and opens wide to the morning light.

I first saw this plant on Sydney Plant Guy’s videos (he was the first plant Instagram I followed and a bit of an inspiration) about a week ago. I was browsing Facebook Marketplace and BAM! This plant popped up for sale! Turns out it was being sold by Sirius, a guy I’ve bought some aroid pups off before (he lives just down the road from me). Was meant to be!

Whilst it’s good advice to wait a week before repotting plants from soil to leca, as usual I repotted it as soon as I got it home. Sure enough all the leaves closed, and stems drooped. Apparently this plant doesn’t like to be moved but I’ve had really good luck with moving everything to leca so far, fingers crossed it’ll be just fine!

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Welcome to the jungle







Plants I got from AJ at Growing Grounds: Peperomia Hope, Peperomia Parallel, Peperomia Xiang Cao, Pilea Peperomioides, Calathea Sanderiana.

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