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Adventures with Crumpet!

Dog in a bag! All set, ready to go!

Crumpet loves the car!

Nana and Crumpet at the Airport.

Noms. Big brekkie at 5th Earl, Rosebery.

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Nanami & Crumpet

Babes in bed.

Boom! If only Crumpet was looking up!


Nanami’s latest piece. Fucking WOW, right?! She’s beast!

Doggy kinda day! Spent the afternoon with ex-flame/bestie Nanami and her new puppy Crumpet (he’s amaze!!!!!!).

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Meet Charlotte




Mums new doggy! :) Check out her new backyard too! Lovely!

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Mia Mao Mao!


Mum told me a couple of days ago that Mia was going nuts! She’d lost her voice and was running up and down the stairs like mad. Funny thing is Pou my last flatmate said the same thing as I was returning from Japan last year. Rob my Zen business partner swears by it; that animals know when their masters return! I think it’s all true!

She’s been so crazy in love with me since I’ve been back! She was a lap cat before, but now she’s a cuddle monster!!!

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Fish Tank update





Long time no update! Tank is doing well, but lighting is starting to become an issue. The light is so off centre/towards the back that a lot of corals are living in shade now. Now quite sure what to do about it, might just let things be.

I had a MASSIVE issue. I packed the filter in the Edge with too much media, and over the span of a day the edge leaked, and it sits on MDF board, so the entire tank almost fell through the air-conditioning chute it sits on!!! I’ve moved the tank to the kitchen bench for now and will repair the bench ASAP.

The Nuvo is doing well too. A month or so ago I noticed my 6-Line was missing. Turns out he jumped over the back wall and into the rear sump compartment of the Nuvo! Took me a while to catch him out of there! A few days later he jumped into the back section again! Smart fella?! I caught him out again, only to have him jump AGAIN so I gave in and just took off one of the spinning nuvo pump thingies, leaving a hole for hi to freely swim fro the front section of the tank to the sump (very cool!). He loved this for the past few weeks as he gets beaten up by the Dottyback, and this has relieved the issue, but 2 days ago I noticed he wasn’t coming to the front for feeding time, today I had a good look and it turns out he’s jumped out of the tank completely, fallen on the floor, then even worse fallen into the air conditioning grate under the tank (I can’t get his dried up dead corpse!).

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Nuvo 16 update



Lots more corals for the Nuvo! :)

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Nuvo 16 Update




Morning on the reef!

The Nuvo 16 is cycled and I’m currently dealing with the uglies (algae issues) but it’s getting cleaner by the day and I’ve somehow managed to get 3 of the most aggressive little fish that I’ve always wanted to live together in the one tank! Now for more corals!

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Nuvo 16 Update – New fishie!

My new Six Line Wrasse. Not named him yet!

Full Tank Shot.

I got a Six Line Wrasse for the Nuvo 16 the other day, he’s awesome!

I’ve always been curious about owning one, so I made the call to look for one and when I dropped in to Aquaristic (my fave local fish store) the guys had a new fish delivery and were just floating bags in their tanks. I asked Dave if there was anything awesome in the batch and he mentioned that he had an awesome Six Line Wrasse! What a coincidence! It was meant to be, right?!

Turns out this wrasse is more colourful than what the guys at the shop are used to. He’s got a really bright top fin, which you only see when he displays (or yawns lol!).

He’s awesome and has settled into the Nuvo 16 nicely. My rockwork has a LOT of caves and he’s constantly swimming through the holes, super cool to watch (he’s also demolishing all the pods on the glass!).

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Fluval Edge 2 – Redline Cleaner Shrimp

Hey little guy!

I’ve finally pulled the trigger on a Redline Cleaner Shrimp! These guys are VERY expensive for us in Australia (cheap for everyone in the US). I’ve wanted one for years, but back then they were hard to come by and fetched crazy prices. Even now I’ve seen them for sale at $160, $150 most of the time. Adam, the guy I buy my natural sea water off (he delivers!) put one up on his facebook page for $100 and now he’s mine!

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JBJ 20 Frag Tank – Kessil 160WE Tuna Blue









I had a few really awesome options in regards to what light to run on my frag tank. The best performing light would have been a Nano Box Duo from the US, but I’m a fussy guy and I really wasn’t so sure I wanted that look. Ultrabright, the guys (also in the US) who make my current custom LED unit on the Fluval Edge 2 tank offered to send me out a new upgraded light they’re working on but I had to wait a while to even see the design of the light. And then there’s the Kessil which I really like the look of (I have a thing for spotlights!).

The Age of Aquariums (an online retailer) had 15% store wide so I made the purchase, only to find out they’re out of stock and it would be 2-3 weeks before the light gets to me. I dropped in the Aquaristic today and they had one in stock but had no goosenecks (the clamp I need to attach it to the tank!) in stock! Grrr! The guys were super helpful but and they’ve lent me one of their own gooseneck clamps to use in the meantime until they come back in stock! Legends!

I’ve installed the light and the shimmer is SO intense it’s bouncing off the walls and ceiling too… I’m not sure I’m going to be able to handle it! I’ve only got it on 50% power too! LOVE the ability to just turn the big metal knobs to adjust colour and intensity. They feel like good quality and have a nice solid movement to them. Very happy! Sitting here on the couch and seeing all 3 tanks from the one spot I think the Kessil wins for a certain quality and depth to how it lights up the water.

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