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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – More corals








I have 2 new pieces which I bought from Reef Secrets, online. The bi-colour torch is such a sweet piece, but the purple and green hammer is HUGE! It’s way too big for my tank. I’ve put it on the sand bed for now, but I might at some stage have to either break it up so I can arrange it on my rock work, or pass it on.

I also have a new Tunze algae scraper. Expensive but it does a much better job than the Two Little Fishies one, getting into the sand bed and also the corners of the tank. The Two Little Fishies one is perfect for pushing air bubbles from the top of the tank though (which gives me that Fluval Edge top down view).

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – MP10 QuietDrive


Oh man, looks so good in black (previous models were white).

The controller. I’m using Reef Crest mode and at 30% power it’s perfecto!

The MP10 is tiny inside the tank as the motor is on the outside (which also keeps the heat outside of the tank)! Such a smart design.

As you can tell. I’m totally fish geeking out lately! My MP10 wave maker arrived in the mail today! What a relief! It’s been over a month (ordered and paid for it on the 11th of JUNE!). I’m so happy with it (corals are going to be happy too!).

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – Even more corals

Corals in the mail!

Perfect distraction whilst acclimating corals!

The 2 tiny orange hammers started opening up right away pretty much!

Got took delivery of 2 small bits of a orange hammer in the mail today from 100% Reef Safe in QLD. They were packed really well, with a heat pack and a couple of chupa chups even!

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Hangin’ out with Simmy




Yesterday I had a great catch up with Simmy. We were meant to shoot a little too, but instead we got smashed, and all I have on my memory card is photos of her cats Luna and Diego! HAHA!

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – More corals



A few more corals from Aquaristic. A small orange torch and a green leather (as I miss the one in my old tank!).

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – Getting Serious!

Hammers are puffing up more and more by the day! New one from this morning on the bottom right corner. Gold tip hammers on the cards!

Morph is also getting bigger.

Small star polyps.

Normal/larger star polyps. They had opened up completely but got pretty grumpy when I took them out and cut off a bit which was hosting an aiptasia anemone. I like how they move with the flow though, very nice.

Sea water storage. Something I should have done ages ago!

I stumbled upon a guy on Facebook, Adam from Aquarium Excellence, who delivers natural sea water around Sydney. He also sells a big variety of drums of all shapes and sizes. I ended up getting a 220 litre food grade drum delivered to me, with natural sea water. His hose was long enough to reach around 1/4 of my house to my laundry! So cool. I now have so much fresh sea water which will make water changes a breeze! I could even do 80% weekly water changes and not dose a thing from now on! Such a luxury! And in an event of a tank crash (touch wood it never happens!) I have plenty of ready to go sea water.

He also sells corals so I bought some green star polyps (GSP) off him. One piece had a pretty big Aiptasia (pest anemone) on it. I thought about keeping it, but then I remembered how quickly these things spread so I took the coral out and broke off a fair bit of the GSP to make sure he was gone for good!

I also took delivery this morning of 3 x small Nassarius Snails from Darren at Reef Secrets in QLD (I got them to keep my sand bed clean). They came overnight (with another hammer coral too) and everything was packed super well, with a heat pack and all snails made it (they buried themselves into the sand bed right away!), and hammer is opened up already!

Photos of the tank tomorrow, not sure if I can capture the snails in a shot as they’re under the sand bed, but I assume they will come out for food!

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2



Still no fish! I have been having fun visiting local fish shops though (namely Aquaristic, Hurstville Aquariums and Newtown Aquarium too), and picking up coral pieces from each one I visit. I’ve got my eye on a fish (just the one fish I’m thinking for this tank in order to keep the bio-load down), he’s rather special so I’m going to let the tank mature a little bit more before bringing him home.

I’ve got a build thread/tank journal going on Nano-Reef Forums.

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – Fragalicious

FTS. New ISTA 50W heater is smaller than the old one and has the temperature controller outside the aquarium. I’m surprised and happy that the toxic hammer I bought a while back is still alive and doing better by the day. One part of it is not opening up. I figure it was because it wasn’t getting enough flow so I’ve twisted the coral a bit and will see if this makes a difference.

Corner shot.

Side on shot showing placement of a few zoas and a couple of morphs. My VorTech MP10 is still on it’s way!

Top down shot.

Tank in situ.

It’s been bang on a month since I bought the tank and got it wet. The cycle has been long, and has tested my patience (I’ve got none!) but I’ve done it right and last week I splurged on a few easy to keep corals from Fragalicious, an online seller in Victoria.

I stumbled upon their facebook page, which they use to sell off their corals in an almost auction like manner. These guys create a facebook event every time they have a new load of corals, they then upload photos of the corals and if you see something you like, you simply write “SOLD” under the picture and it’s yours!

Their prices are half of what fish shops sell their corals for. Understandable as they don’t have the overheads of a bricks and mortar store. It’s amazing how online shops are killing retail shops in every industry, it doesn’t matter whether it’s cars, bicycles or corals, it’s online and it’s cheaper.

I specified for delivery to be today, they sent the corals last night and the parcel got to me by midday. All corals came in an esky which was cold to the touch. All but one of the corals made it. They’re all grumpy and closed, but starting to open already and should look amazing in a few days!

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – We’re there!

Nitrites are almost at 0, and nitrate’s not so bad at all! Cycle is pretty much done! I’m ready to start stocking!

I’ve just serviced my 4-stage RO/DI unit (reverse osmosis and de-ionisation unit) replacing all 4 filters. This will make sure I don’t introduce unwanted chemicals from Sydney tap water into my tank.

Years ago I bought a 4-stage RO/DI unit from PSI Water Filters who are associated with the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Forums. I gave them a call, they still had me in the system and in an overnight bag I was sent all 4 filters to replace and get my unit up and running again, with discount! Love it that they’re still around! Service was amazing.

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Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – inTank Media Basket

inTank media basket on left, stock basket on the right.

It came with a clown fish sticker and a fishy lolly (I was confused initially thinking it was fish food?!), random!

Almost blew up the house with overflow water dripping down a power cable into the powerboard on the floor. Me bad! No drip loops! One of the first aquarium keeping lessons… I’ve now mounted the powerboard up high.

My inTank media basket came in the mail today. Lovely little thing. Very well made, nicely designed too. It holds a lot less media than the flimsy stock basket, but the flow through the media is bang on now!

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