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The old Red Lantern on Crown St, now PORK’D!

Oink! Nice logo Glen!

Pauline had reserved an awesome table for Kimmy and I outside.


How could I go past the Sly Fox beer?! Was excellent!

Tasting plate was the way to go!

Happy times! Owners, Pauline Nguyen and Mike Bain (owner of the Royal Albert Hotel).

Last night Pauline Nguyen from Red Lantern invoted me to the soft launch of her new restaurant PORK’D (which has replace Red Lantern on Crown St. in Surry Hills).

The beer and food was AMAZING!!! Next level! I’m looking forward to their grand opening, these guys are going to absolutely kill it!

For more information, follow:

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Brunch at Coogee Pavillion

Coogee Beach was more beautiful than usual this morning. The colour of the water was amazing.

Vertically challenged Krysti and her bestie Zoe.

Get your hipster on! Barber shop in the Coogee Pavilion.

Pong on!

Bowls even (and you can see the kids play area in the background).

Brunch is served. Lobster roll, beef and chicken burgers and onion rings!

Girly-go-round. We walked off brunch with a stroll to the far end of Coogee Beach where there’s a kids playground.

Vertically challenged Krysti provided some more lols with having a hard time reaching ropes to climb haha!

Faded! This thing used to be bright red when I was in high school, and it also seemed SO much higher back then!

Justin Hemmes’ people have done a pretty damn good job with the re-do of the old Coogee Pavilion, which was never an awesome place to go. As expected, it’s expensive, but at least the food is reliable and I like what they’ve done with the play area out the back (would be even better for families as kids can play whilst parents get sloshed!).

Not sure I’d go back for the food, but might go back during non-peak hours for some pong and beer action!

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Box of goodies at my doorstep!

What planted the H2Coco seed.

I’m VERY late to the Coconut Water movement. A little while back we sponsored a young race car driver by the name of Trent Grubel (we still support him today), we got his race car wrapped in some crazy graphics by James Jirat, and he won the series last year (you can see photos of his car here).

At the time Trent was raving on about coconut water. I love coconut juice as much as the next guy, and sure I’ve been drinking the super sweet stuff from Asian groceries for years, but never knew that coconut water was a healthy rehydrating drink (because the stuff I’d been drinking was full of sugar!). Enter that fatal morning when I was so hung over I needed more than water, and I grabbed a coconut water which somehow went down damn nice (tastier than an electrolyte drink IMHO) and also made me feel a lot better soon after.

Now I’m hooked and going through the stuff like a fiend!

This box wont last me long (can they please send me a box weekly?!). For more info, visit:

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Beer & Clam night at Red Lantern

Willie the Boatman’s beers were awesome. Fruity, hopsy and quite complicated.

Hand dived scallops with a green mango and shrimp salsa matched with Foo Brew Golden Ale. Such an awesome way to start!

Thrown into the mix, Red Lantern’s amazing signature battered chilli salted squid with fresh lemon and white pepper dipping sauce.

Juicy diamond shell clams and Vietnamese herb salad matched with Todd’s Trailer Ale.

Vietnamese style clam chowder was a great twist on Chinese congee, matched with The Bulger.

Tea smoked SA blue mussels with roasted red peppers and chilli matched with The Crazy Ivan Pale Ale. So hearty.

Corong Pippi’s in Thai basil, chilli and lime matched with Old Salty Gose (my fave beer of the night!).

Happy diners!

Tonight a group of 6 of us experienced Red Lantern on Riley’s Beer & Clam night with Willie the Boatman. 5 amazingly delicious courses of Sydney’s freshest shell fish, washed down with awesome craft beers from Willie’s local Sydney brewery.

Such a great intimate night with the chef and brewer educating us along the way from behind the Red Lily cocktail bar. Red Lantern are hosting these semi-regularly now, so be sure to book yourself in to one. At $60/head it’s awesome value, you won’t regret it!

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Coogee Bite

Ham Eggs Benedict at Coogee Bite, still my fave eggs benny in Sydney!

Cacia went for the Salmon. Food orgasm in her mouth, she says!


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Marrickville Market

My mate Leo’s shop at the markets! I love this man! Double Denim! Just do it!

Almond Milk. I can’t refuse it!

FUH! Finally had this pho in a cup and damn it sure didn’t disappoint!

Spotted on the dash of a rusted out Combi.

Spotted this piano at Reverse Garbage. It was in tune too! I was so tempted to buy it…

The chi stand was suuuuuuper chill.

Spotted in a pawn shop window. The only 2 pedals a rock/metal guitarist ever needs (I have both and used them when playing live all those years with my old band).

Loved this Dodge. What a beast. Amaze!

Newtown, as Melbourne as Sydney gets.

Mojito! Quick refreshment stop at the rooftop bar at Zanzibar.

So awesome!

Couldn’t resist a spinach and ricotta pastizzi from the Maltese Cafe (and of-course their amazing tomato and garlic sauce!).

RPRSNT! So much love!

Dropped in to Dan Murphy’s on our way home and splurged on a box of 2008 Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sav, aw yeah! AW YEAH!!!

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Maroubra > Bondi Coastal Walk

Was a really nice morning, so Cacia and I decided to get up and do the coastal walk.

By the time we got to Coogee, the wind had really picked up.

We had a dip in the rock pool at Coogee. Lovely little spot (next door to me but I’ve never swam in it before).

I’m always hungry after getting out of the water (it’s like being reborn, or something?!), so, some fish and chips (and fresh juice) at Chish N Fips (I like their tartare sauce!).

Spotted: So right in white. Hard to not feel jealous!

Also spotted this super clean Valiant.

Cacia being pushed by the wind, which had gotten pretty crazy by the time we got to Waverly.

Love those huge rocks! Amaze!

Then the skies opened up on us, hard! The rain felt like sharp pins on our skin.

Wet, and not at all miserable, we made it to Bronte beach and decided to call it quits with a great bottle of red from Bordeux!

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Buffalo Dining Club

Buffalo cheese, next level achieved.

Always craving jamon, so damn good.

Their Gnochi dish, still the best!

Finally got to meet Mesker!

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Black Betty Coffee Fix

Cacia Zoo at Black Betty.

Cold Drip goodness, on ice. Smooth as!

Cacia tears into a croffin!

Aromatic siphon coffee.

Always awesome dropping in to Black Betty Espresso Co. in Kingsford for a coffee hit. Cacia and I shared a croffin, a nutella filled pastry that’s not a croissant, nor a muffin, but something in between. We also savoured some refreshing cold drip, and some fruity siphon coffee too.

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Chinese Noodle & Dumplings

Black Fungus salad was an awesome way to get the taste buds going.

Cacia went for the curry noodles.

Jess had the Fujian noodle soup, subtle broth was delish.

I went for the beef noodle soup, noodles were a bit thick, but the broth was awesome (and reminded me a lot of a Vietnamese Pho).

Xiao Long Bao is always a good test for any restaurant and I’m happy to say these guys pass!

There’s always a new restaurant popping up on Anzac Parade in Kingsford. I can’t keep up with them all! One I’ve been meaning to try since my flatmate mentioned it a couple of months ago is this new Chinese noodle restaurant which serves up some really traditional dishes (lots of intestines and offal on the menu!).

Food was good! Will definitely be back for another try.

Apologies in advance, we didn’t catch the name of the restaurant except for the huge NOODLES sign outside. It’s got a facade which makes it look like an old world Chinese restaurant, wooden bamboo like window decorations etc. It’s directly across the road from Manpuku. I’ll be sure to get a name for it when I go past next time.

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