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McLovin Muffin – Chicken sausage patty, folded eggs, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo with chicken ‘n’ herb salt.


Awesome catchups with Leslie and Gina at Happyfield in Haberfield. Hands down the best Sausage ‘n’ Egg McMuffin I’ve ever had in my life!

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Matrix Steak

Blue Amaryllis spotted at Royal Botanic Garden.

Spotted on George St. in the city. Fallout 4 Vault-Tec rep!

Black Angus. The Morrison is now my go to steak place.

Spent the day out in the sun with Nick Turner yesterday (I needed to touch the grass!). AGNSW (there’s a new building there now!), walk through the gardens, Opera Bar for a beer then The Morrison for a steak!

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Catchups with Kristi and Zlatan

Nash Loaded Fries.

Buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce.

Nash Burgers. So smokey and you can taste the grill, they’re good!

Random guy outside More Plants was trying to offload a V8 on his own. Zlatan being the outstanding man he is offered to help!

Hey Buffy!

Kristi’s graduation gift.

Quality catchups with Nick earlier this week, and yesterday I had a long (always) overdue catch up with Kristi and Zlatan. Kristi’s just graduated from her Art Therapy course so we celebrated with Nash Burgers and I also bought her a plant as a graduation present from Alex at More Plants!

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Elf & Taco at The Cannery

Late lunch with Hawko at The Cannery.

Mango Sorbet and Coconut and Lychee Gelato. SO happy to have a Messina within walking distance!

Hawko and I had a late lunch on Sunday. Everything was pretty much shut at The Cannery except for Elf & Taco. The first question I asked the guy at the counter was “are the Taco’s spicy hot?”, he replied that he could make them spicy or not, so I ordered a couple. Turns out the non-spicy tacos they serve are still pretty spicy and had me sweating (I’m allergic to chilli and sweat profusely when I eat it!).

The guy who served me was SUPER sorry. He offered to make me a burrito for free (I had already finished my meal at this point). I let him know that it was totally AOK, but he insisted on giving me a free food voucher for my next visit. Very nice of him!

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Hangs with Hawk and Joker

Beers at the Opera Bar.

Not had a bottle of wine in AGES!

Matrix steak at The Morrison.

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Meeting gamer friend Hawk IRL for the first time

Lunch at Butter.

Hey Hawko! What a lad.

Philter Xtra Pale Ale.

Cheezus sandwich.

Utopia Records. What a blast from the past!

YES! They still sell patches!

100% prefer big art on records over CD’s.

Mantissa! I saw these guys live, they were fucking amazing.

Voivod! I had this on cassette tape!

We dropped in to Hobbyco, then Kinokuniya (sadly no photos allowed in there).

I bought these slippers at Muji. $9.95! SO happy with the purchase!

Matcha and Black Sesame 50/50.

Straight outta Japan! Coin-op toy machines at Regent Place.


I’ve been gaming with Hawk for 5 years now, and today we finally met IRL for the 1st time. I picked him up from the airport earlier this morning. WTF have they done with the airport?! It’s a mess (went around the block 3 times to figure out how to pull over to pick him up (and I was charged for it too!). Hawk and I then met Gina at Maroubra for breakfast at Grumpy Baker. Hawk then helped me to load up the Jazz with as much leftover stuff as possible (my bicycles mainly) and we then had a fun big day out in the CBD (not hung out in there in ages, loved it!).

Hawk’s staying with me over the weekend. Will post more updates tomorrow!

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Moon & Back Cafe





Breakfast with Gina (and Minty!) at Moon & Back cafe.

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Better Beer

Love this beer.

Love the Yamazaki silcone coasters just as much!

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I had a good friend of my mum’s over to bless the entire apartment of negative energy.

We then went for lunch at Ippuku. Finally got around to trying their ramen, it was delicious!

Mum and FiFi (who blessed my apartment).

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More Plants

Such a cute little shop!

I’m obsessed with these huge leaves. SO much want, but not pet safe and I’d hate to kill it, so maybe later.

My 1st plant.

Viv bought a plant too!

I’ve managed to kill every single plant I’ve ever bought or had gifted to me, everything from easy to grow bamboo to a Bonsai tree (yes I felt really bad about killing the Bonsai!). It’s obvious that I don’t have a green thumb, and thus I’ve not bought a plant in years… until yesterday!

Lunch at my local cafe Ipukku.

Initially I was looking at getting some very expensive (hundreds of dollars) detailed artificial plants for my new apartment as they’d be safe for Mia (my cat), then I looked at pet safe plants, then I looked at amazing plant systems to keep plants out of Mia’s reach, then I went down the rabbit hole of indoor plant YouTube videos. People are obsessed and it’s rubbing off on me!

I’ve never been a fan of huge nurseries. Whilst they’re massive, they also feel so daggy, dated and old school, much like the Harvey Norman of plant stores. Good thing then that I found a local plant shop in Rosebery called “More Plants”. Viv and I dropped in yesterday and the owner of this amazingly cute little shop was SO helpful, energetic and inspiring. She helped me to pick out a pet safe plant, gave me plenty of tips (and even offered to repot it for me if I came back in another time).

The plant I got is a Calathea Musaica. I’ve yet to name it!


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