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Raijin Fujin – Japan Trip Day #5


Winner Winner Wagyu Dinner!

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Home Cooked Japanese Dinner with K-POP

So proud of this girl. Haunting Asian Grocery shops like an Asian local. Kristi’s gone next level! Just a few years ago she’d not eaten much more than steak and 3 veg!

Making her own Gyoza! For reals?!

Oh man.

OMFG that marrow. Japanese Curry! My Slow Cooker finally put to good use haha!


Perfection, so good and made even better that the coriander came from Kristi’s garden!

MAN SO GOOD! So proud of this girl. Perfecto!!!

Early morning after Grumpy Baker run saw us in luck as the croissants JUST came out of the oven!

Mad catch ups (as always!) with K-POP. Was a cold but super sunny day so we headed out to the rock pools down by the cliffs and I collected 3 hermit crabs for the tank, amazing as the water in the rock pools is freezing and yet there’s still so much life in them. We then spotted whales breaching the water and man they just kept on coming! We spotted at least 5 whales out there, so rad.

All this time out Kristi had a Japanese Curry slow cooking back at home and man, what a treat dinner was last night. All the textures, flavours and complexities of Japan made in front of my eyes in my kitchen! All these amazing women in my life, treating me to amazing food. I’m fucking blessed!

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Best girl in the world

Woke up to the doorbell, angry, then realised it was McDonalds delivery with a note sent from the best girl in the world. @star.santillan I love you too. #bestiesforlife

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Hangs with Nana

Hangs with Nanami today! This is what she’s working on at the moment.

Nana got gifted this gear from Sony Australia (jealous!!!!!).

LEO!!!!! I love this man.


Scuderia Graziani.


Would daily this 100%!

LAAAAMMMEEENNN!!!! Chaco Bar. OMFG I so needed this! I tried the Yuzu Scallop, was tangy and not at all what I was expecting.

Nana went for the Fish Salt, which is the pick on the menu for sure. Broth was so complex!

Ariel is back on Oxford St! Sadly nowhere near as amazing as the old store though.

Then we checked out this sweet little Warhol exhibit at the AGNSW which showcased Andy’s design work (he was a designer before a famous artist).



Roy de Maistre. My mate in high school studied this piece for his HSC. Always so amazing to see it in real life after seeing it only 5cm large in an art book in high school.


This digital wave rocked!

Captain Cook.




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Chilli & Vanilla Update








Caught up with Dianne yesterday and it’s so good to hear that her new Food Subscription Box venture Chilli & Vanilla is doing well. She’s onto her 3rd Food Box already. Time flies!

She’s running with the templates Star and I designed, check out these photos of all the latest box inserts which Di designed herself. Her branding is all looking so awesome together!

Her web site is looking good too, visit (and buy yourself, or your Mum a box!):

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Breakfast in Bed


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Day 9: Hong Kong

964. Man I still can’t believe how close I was to putting money down on one of these once. I’m so glad I didn’t! Much rather just appreciate them from afar.

Love it!


SO many more money cars in HK since China infiltrated.

Retail therapy.

Out with the old, in with the new.

When in HK one MUST have a bowl of noodle soup from Ho Hung Kee (they have one MICHELIN Star!). They’ve moved into a mall, and it’s not quite the same authentic experience as eating it on the street, but the noodles were just as good as always!

That teal!

Happy Hour at the hotel, free drinks!!!

My new mate.

Then we had an EPIC Chinese dinner with some relos.

These things are EVERYWHERE here in HK. Literally see one every block.

Spotted this bike shop next door to the hotel, will have to check it out during opening hours.

I like to use shit till it breaks and have had my hipster Herschel laptop backpack for 4 years now. I’m sincerely surprised it’s lasted that long as I assumed nothing trendy is built to last these days. The bag has finally had it though, and the fake leather bits were literally disintegrating and leaving bits of the bag all over my clothes and wherever I put it down (lol), so I was crazy happy to find a Herschel store here in HK that had the exact same model! I went even more timeless this time by fucking off the fake leather bits and going all black. #happydays #wouldratherazenbagtho

PS: Culture shock going from Japan > Hong Kong. Japanese = Clean. Chinese = Dirty!

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Chilli & Vanilla Sydney Box

Sexy as! Box was way bigger and heavier than expected!

Our design insert.

Design insert products page printed out real sexy, thankyou card too

Mia bomb!

This tea looks amazing!

Star and I got the first Chilli & Vanilla box delivered to us this week! Unboxing was super special for both of us, especially Star, who designed the insert inside the box.

Quality quality quality! We both just couldn’t get over the whole unboxing experience, it’s all just so cutely packaged and there was stuff in there that we had to break open right away, namely the marshmallows, which were awesome and the Pleasure chocolate bar which is sincerely other worldly, and definitely not something we would have found otherwise (likewise with every other product in the box).

For someone like me (the laziest busy person in the world), getting a box of amaze foodie goodies delivered to my door once a month would actually increase the quality of my life, both consuming the goods, and the goods looking great in my (empty) kitchen!

For more info on Chilli & Vanilla boxes, visit: http//

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Soul Burger

Coconut shakes! Go the vanilla, it was awesome. I went for the straight coconut, which tasted super Asian, refreshing but conceptually I think the vanilla shake, which tasted just like a milk shake, was the way to go.

We went for both the green fries, and red fries, both with aioli, both good!

I went for the cheeseburger of-course! It actually tasted like a cheeseburger, not the best but definitely not the worse I’ve had!

We also shared a fish burger (beccause I’m a fan of fish burgers!). The relish was interesting, the fish looked like fish, or chicken… and it tasted like, um… chicken?!

Amanda went for the Sumo! You go girl!

Vegan, in in food heaven!

I’ve been to a handful of vegan restaurants and enjoyed them all (especially the buddhist temple feasts), but I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant quite like Soul Burger, which Amanda introduced me to today. Soul Burger is a plant-based burger shop and have shops in Glebe and Randwick. Randwick’s way closer to home, and a place I used to hang out at a lot during high school/uni years, so we made the call to eat there and we ordered up a feast!

Whilst I can’t say they were the best burgers I’ve ever had, these guys definitely push the notdog hotdog thing. IE: It looks like meat, it tastes like meat, but it’s not, and there was no doubt that what we were eating was healthier than any other burger I’ve eaten this year. Just seeing how happy Amanda was made me happy, and I hope that the commonality of the American fast food chain store concept makes it’s way to healthier/vegan fast food too.

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Jacks Newtown


The only thing I’m really missing about the US is the junk food. Jacks Newtown is Sydney’s answer to Shake Shack, in that they’ve ripped off the Shake Shack logo, and pretty much the entire concept right down to the small burger bun and crinkly fries.

Glenn (who took the above photo with an iPhone 6 Plus in portrait mode!) and Robbie have been hyping up this joint. We dropped past a week or so before the Vegas trip, they were shut (they close when they sell out and close often apparently!). Since then I’ve been to LA, and had Shake Shack (for the first time) twice, and I really rated it too, so with the Shake Shack taste fresh in my memory we hit Jacks last night and whoo! They were open!

So how did I rate it? The fries were bang on! Super crunchy, if anything I wish they had the option to have cheese on top (just like they do at Shake Shack). The burger itself was bang on too. They had the tiny bun thing happening, loved the taste of the tomato/pickle/sauce, perfecto, patty was good too but the patty was where all the difference was between a Jacks burger and a Shake Shack burger. That dirty meat flavour in the Shake Shack patty just makes the Jacks patty taste almost too clean, having said that, Jacks is probably serving the best burger in Sydney right now!

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