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Happy Birthday Liz!

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Facebook told me (#sadbuttrue) that it’s my good friend Liz’s Birthday today. I messaged her to ask how old she was, she replied: “Fucking older than you! Lol”.

I forget that Liz is older than me! I love it that some creatives out there consider me somewhat a mentor to them, but those friends closest to me know that I’ve been looking for an older mentor my whole professional life. Now I think I’ve had one all along! It’s LIZ!!!!!!!

I’m gaining so much clarity not smoking bongs. Beautiful memories are coming back, food tastes fucking amazing, my head is positively charged! At some point I’d love to take (or get a mate to take) some really good photos of Liz and I together. We have a few, but I want more! Positive energy and love is the way.

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Chinese New Years 2019 @ Queen Chow

Family decided to celebrate this year at Justin Hemmes’ new restaurant in Enmore (Justin Hemmes owns Merivale and I used to do design work for the wanker). I was like oh noes, its gonna be expensive, and we’re supporting a Sydney Playboy here, not a chef…

43yrs old still getting dem red packets!!!


Always awesome to see mum happy!

OK this Alaskan crab & pork xiao long bao with gold flakes was the best fucking yum cha I’ve had in my life. This Chinese New Years special, with the fucking crazy rich asians gold leaf, was so juicy and the crab tasted like it was caught this morning, fresh from the ocean. Fucking wow. Even a local Guangzhou chinaman would lose his shit tasting this. We ended up ordering 2 more serves!

Also SO SO good. The one with the red bean that we usually find in stinky medicine, that one in particular was fucking epic mushroom goodness.

Oh de long life noodle.

#wearefamily – Was awesome to finally catch up with my cousins. Not as much awkwardness as I thought there would be as I hadn’t been attending the larger get togethers for about a year now.

This is meant to be like the flavour of the year or some shit, voted on some world wide challenge. I took one spoon and was like OMFG it’s just… so so sweet… way too sweet (funny as I loved sweet stuff when I was punching cones all day). I thought it was missing an adult coffee flavour. Lesson: NEVER ever say something is the best, ever? Hype kills.

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Gotta Have Faith




I’m seeing a separated woman of strong faith (it’s complicated). Her husband (also of strong faith) broke one of the Ten Commandments. They have a gorgeous 4 year old son and have decided to go through divorce.

Does what we do here on Earth even matter? It’s hard for me to believe it does when, every now and then, you get blaringly loud signs from God that you’re not at all in control of your own life.

A few months ago I met 2 Elders. I’m thankful to both of them for taking the time out to invite a total stranger into their home. They listened to what I had to say; everything from earbashing Mormons on weekends as a kid to vultures trying to convert Dad to Catholicism on his dying bed.

Through visual storytelling they helped me to see Religion in different ways, they helped me to understand that God is not to there to be blamed for what others do wrong, it’s more about your personal relationship with God, and his offer to walk beside him is there for me if I wanted it.

They tried to convert me on the spot, but I ninja turtled into my shell. They’re not going to get me that easily! They then asked if I was at least willing to try to talk to God before I left. To make a prayer. I did this without much hesitation, and realised that speaking to God feels just like speaking to Dad.

When I speak to Dad I ask him to please look after my mother and sister (sometimes out loud at his gravestone, sometimes in mind), I feel that I speak to my father like one would speak to God.

I was then asked if it would be OK if they said a prayer for me. Of-course! I was SO down! They asked for God to show me a sign within the next 7 days, a sign so strong that I wouldn’t have any doubt about God’s existence.

I got that sign too, LOUD & CLEAR.

My mother let me know that an esoteric family friend looked into my future and told her that if I don’t settle down with this married woman, I won’t get another chance again to have kids and a normal family life. I’m like Mum, please.

Later that afternoon said married woman and I were slothing on the couch going through design posts on my personal blog, we scrolled all the way back to 2013 (yes we were bored) and we came across an interview I did with raised by wolves.

It’s a good interview! I really enjoyed re-reading it as I felt it encompassed quite a few of the things I had going on, that I’d like to get going on again!

The next morning the doorbell rang and I took delivery of this amazing parcel.

It’s the sign I was looking for! A smack in the face! A printed edition of raised by wolves with the interview that I did in 2013, the interview that I just happened to read last night, printed and laid out so beautifully in front of my eyes in the morning.

OK. So God exists. Does that change anything? Well… not really?!

I have more questions, and so long as I have questions I’ll forever ask them… because to question is to live, right?!

I’m a good person, but I could be a better person. I could learn to better respect others’ beliefs, to better listen and learn from them before so quickly deciding whether to give influence or take influence.

I believe God exists, but to be a good person has nothing to do with Religion.

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“What About Bob?” and the importance of taking Baby Steps

Baby Steps.

“What About Bob?” (1991) was a hilarious movie to me as a 16yr old teenager. It’s even funnier to me now at 43. In the movie Bob (Bill Murray) gets given a book written by his psychiatrist Dr. Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss) called “Baby Steps” (a book that I, and surely many wish actually existed!).

Bob: Baby Steps?

Dr. Marvin: It means setting small reasonable goals for yourself one day at a time. One tiny step at a time. Baby steps.

Bob: Baby steps.

Dr. Marvin: For instance, um… when you leave this office, don’t think about everything you have to do in order to get out of the building, just think to what you must do to get out of this room, and when you get to the hall, deal with that hall, and so forth… you see? Baby steps!

A lack of any kinda of consistent pattern in how I lived my life for a few years eventuated in 6 solid months of smoking an ounce of weed a week, not getting off the couch, not eating right and most important of all, not sleeping well. The lack of sleep made me crazy. It all became obvious to me when I was watching serial killer documentaries; all these guys were pretty normal until they didn’t sleep for 3 days, and that’s what I believe drove them mad enough to go through with their evil plans.

Impatience is a curse.

Wanting to hurry things up once you’ve had enough of feeling sorry for yourself and thinking too big isn’t great when you’re down, as the last thing you want to do is disappoint yourself even more. When I was at my worse I couldn’t even get up off the couch to piss in the bathroom (I’d piss in a mountain dew bottle instead), people were suggesting I get back on the bike, or go for a swim at the rock pool, but they didn’t understand that those most mundane every day things were the hardest things to do.

Taking a deep breath is a small step. It’s amazing how the small tiny little steps have been massive for me lately. It’s like when Dad died, he just had complications on top of complications until he was, well… dead, but man if he was to have had any tiny little baby step forward, we would have taken it, no matter how small a step, as it might just have been the sign we needed to turn the tide.

I’m in a really good place right now, and I’m already starting to develop some big plans. I feel I’ve gotten back on track by A) getting some sleep and B) setting myself up with some very small goals which I’ve absolutely smashed out of the park.

Comedy or not; “What About Bob?” made an impact on me as a teen, and the simple concept of “Baby Steps” is one that I will for sure utilise from time to time in future.

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Year of the Pig


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Been Caught Stealing

Jane’s Addiction: “I’ve been caught stealing. Once when I was 5”.

Did anyone else shoplift when they were kids? I stole a LOT and never got caught (I’m sure I’ve paid it back in karma tho?!).

A good school mate who lived in my area and I used to catch a bus into the city most weekends. We went so often, his parents thought we must have had girlfriends and that we were going in to the movies on dates every weekend. Little did they know that we were actually shoplifting.

We would both wear big coats and backpacks. You could very easily roll magazines into your arm sleeves. I had a jacket I wore under my coat that had zippers all over it (everything bought in Hong Kong on holidays had zippers all over it at the time!). I used to shove POSCA PENS in the zipper pockets (which were fake pockets that just dumped the pens into the jacket lining allowing me to carry a LOT of stuff).

We got more and more brazen and started to do some legitimate shoplifting. We would take a 10 pack of TDK blank cassette tapes from Woolworths on George Street and simply go down the escalator, with goods in hand, and exit via the QVB Exit. scot-free.

On one weekend we thought we’d head into Chinatown to lift. Big mistake as my mate’s tall, and white! The first shop we went into I loaded up, got out and crossed the road to wait for my mate to come out, but he was stopped. I saw him lift his arms and all these pens just fell out onto the street.

I never saw that mate again on weekends. I’m sure his parents busted his nuts. Didn’t stop me though, I just went on to new heights.

One weekend we got a crew together to check out this huge CD & LP sale at the Hordern Pavilion (The Hordern is where all the big rock and metal bands play in Sydney). We pooled our cash together and with it I bought a few hundred dollars worth of LP’s and CD’s, walked out, emptied the goods and walked back in with the receipt.

Any one of us could then walk in, get whatever CD’s and LP’s we wanted to so long as the value was the same as the original receipt. If security asked to see a receipt for the goods in hand you’d just produce the receipt we started out with earlier that day.

Porn mags were sold like crack cocaine in high school. I remember some of my guys throwing porno mags into the year 7’s playgrounds for free, only to hook them into buying new editions each month.

It wasn’t until my little sister got caught shoplifting that I stopped. Mum and Dad had gotten a call from a store to say they had my sister, and that she had been caught shoplifting. This hit my parents pretty damn hard as they themselves ran a retail store in Centrepoint Tower (now Sydney Tower). My little sis copped it pretty bad from Dad, so bad that I never ever wanted to have Dad that mad at me… so I quit!

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Photo of mum 50 years ago

OMG! My mum! 50 years ago from her first visit to Bali. Can’t wait to share my Mum’s amazing story with the world. She’s the real OG!

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