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OK, so I took all the foxes off my tumblr (it was always a stupid idea anyways) and I’ve uploaded a whole lotta shots of the lovely girls I’ve taken with my GF1. RIP GF1, you were amazing.

Check out:

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Such a sad way to start the day. Dropped in to catch up with Nanami before work this morning, who wanted me to shoot a couple of shots of her for an upcoming piece, and bam! Dead camera. It’s been playing up lately, ever since I dropped it last (has been dropped a couple of times). Initially I thought it might have been the battery, but chucking in a fresh battery confirms she’s finally gone.

It’s so sad to think of upgrading, and knowing that there will be many more years of new (and obviously very different) photos not taken on my GF1. It’s like life is forcing me to start a new life, can’t quite explain it… I’m upset!

I instantly started hunting down a second hand GF1 (again, that would make it my 3rd as I lost my first one on a bender one night!), but I started seeing advertisements for the GF6, which led me to google up on comarissons between the GF1 and the new GF6, and also very in depth reviews of the GF6. I absolutely HATE the way the new GF6 looks, it’s not designed for professionals, it looks to be a camera for the masses with WiFi, instagram style filters, a massive flippable touch screen etc. but the more I read into the specs the more I realise it’s going to produce MUCH better pictures than my trusty old GF1. It starts up way faster, it’s lighter, smaller and most importantly it’ll still take my 20mm pancake lens (which I love so much).

The stubborn fucker in me wants to stick with buying another GF1 and the hipster in me would love one of those new retro looking cameras, but I’ve just pulled the trigger on the new GF6 (I smashed that buy it now button!). I hope I, and my subjects can get over how ugly the new GF6 looks, only time will tell!

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Was washing up a mug at Zen last night. Handle broke off (too much power lol) and copped this nasty cut. It shocked me a little as I’ve not had a cut deep enough to warrant stitches since I was a kid.

Luckily for me Zen has a First Aid Kit. I’ve never opened one before, damn they’re baffling!!! SO much content, all of which looks the same (little white packages of stuff!). Rob was there to help me out but (thanks Rob!). I’m going to try and avoid going to the hospital for stitches, cut is in a bad place but it’s my right hand so I should be able to keep the wound closed easily enough.

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Tokyo Planning


Officially started planning my September Japan trip yesterday. Found this Lonely Planets guide on my bookshelf, it’s old, but still great for all the old world stuff I want to go and see!

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This has been my dream for a little while now… I still can’t afford a super clean 911 at the moment (still not ready to let go of my R32 Golf!), so I’ve been wanting to buy a piece of shit one instead, strip it back to the shell then buy a rotisserie and just have the shell on display at Zen Garage for inspiration.

Old mate Iain Kelly (ex-editor of Motor Magazine) saw a facebook post of mine and chimed in:

I saw your post about wanting to gut a 911. All i can say is do it. There is something cathartic about stripping a car down as far as it can go, plus once there it is easier and cheaper to then get the inner structures blasted (i know a REALLY good guy) before paint stripping the sheet steel chemically (got a red hot tip on how best to do this from a coachbuilder i know).

Just make sure you have shitloads of space to put all the parts. I am still blown away by how much space all the crap for my car takes up.

NB: With an old car id suggest planning on installing a chassis table made out of I-beams to fix rust on. Dont wanna tweak that frame.

So right now, 100% it’s more tempting to me to buy in rather than saving up to buy a clean car at $45k+. Besides, I love the build more than anything else and I could stare at that shape all day every day, so slow progress suits me fine!

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Berowra Waters

This Easter the hardcore fishing crew hired out the Berowra Waters Penthouse, a lovely spot just an hour out of the city.

I had a lazy start on Friday, then made my way at around 11am and amazingly I didn’t come up against any traffic whatsoever. I did get a little lost once I got to Berowra Waters, and before I knew it I’d driven onto a ferry!

On the ferry!

I had to do a u-turn, then get back on the ferry (it’s a free ride). I then found a park (that took a while as Berowra Waters was so damn busy!) and without phone reception I started to get a little worried, but then I spotted Stevey and the guys just about to set off on the boat.

Stevey, it’s been a while! I pretty much dumped my bags and jumped right on the boat.

Colin & Julia.

The apartment we rented is the whole top floor of the Marina.

View of the marina from the lounge room.

Straight into the red!

Nem Nuong!

Scaredy Cat!

On the big boat, which is so much faster than the small boat!

Pulled Pork! Colin’s amazing, even without Mei (who sadly couldn’t make it this weekend).

Rosetta Rolls from Haberfield, slaw, home made aioli and pulled pork. Delish!

The morning after.


Morning view.

Zi’s scrambled eggs.

Morning tunes.

Zi, getting serious.

If you look closely you’ll see mullet everywhere.

The Marina. The smell of fish and chips is getting pretty hard to bare (but we must catch our own!).

Heading out.

Massive jelly fish everywhere.

Earlier at breakfast I brought up fishing licenses. I used to have one, and thought I’d not bother renewing it, but something made me whip out my laptop and buy a license. I took a shot of the receipt with my mobile, and an hour later on the water we had the fisheries inspectors check our licenses. Phew! :)

Julia caught this eel thing.

We went all the way out to Mooney Mooney Bridge with the small boat.

Trucks going past over the top of us on the F3.

David Chang eat your heart out! Colin’s amazing Pork-Belly Pork Bun!

Willy and Alice. Back out on the big boat but still not much luck. Willy brought up a legal sized flatty earlier in the day, but the rest of us have yet to catch anything legal and I’ve not caught a thing at all yet!

Willy Alice and Zi, calling it quits (for now).

Wagyu for dinner, so spoilt!

Supreme Coffee. PS: Happy 420!

Following this seaplane out, was pretty awesome watching them land and take off.

Soon after the above shot of the seaplane we got lucky with a bit of fishing. I finally pulled in a fish, my first was the smallest bream I’ve ever seen, then a tiny tailor, then another small brim, and my biggest fish of the day was a tailor but it wasn’t quite legal size so I had to let him back in. Julia managed to reel in 2 legal sized yellowtails though, that and she pulled in the most fish of the day!

The guys went out one last time and Gloria caught this big flatty!

So cute!

Cherry feeds standing up!

Colin had his pastrami on for hours.

Zi’s tempura yellowtail (caught by Julia) and flathead caught by Willy and Gloria. SO fresh, so good.

Accompanied by the best salad I’ve eaten all year. Couldn’t get enough of it!

Colin’s awesome pastrami!

Everyone felt like dessert, the boys had a brain storm and whipped up this awesome brad and butter pudding!

All in all it was perhaps the most challenging fishing trip we’ve been on as a group. Where were the fish?! We’re pretty sure they were there, but we just failed to find them. We ate amazingly well though thanks to Colin, and despite the fishing not being amazing the weather was. Ultimately I feel very much relaxed, and happy with the mini break.

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Japan Trip

Aw yeah. Booked tickets to Japan! This September. I’m excited!

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Monday Fundays

On Mondays the Zen shop in Leichhardt is shut, on our day off we like to go on adventures. All plans when out the window when Robbie (Zen’s shop manager) rocked up at my place, from there we got a call from a mate who needed help with registering his car. Off we were to Chatswood. Adventure Time!

Miserable weather, but hey, Robbie’s E30 is a lovely place to be.

Spotted a Porters across the road from the RTA. Ducked in looking for a vintage bottle of my fave red. Scored big time!

We spotted these re-release Ninja Turltes at Toys R Us.

Robbie made a bee line right for the Hotwheels section and boom, what a deal!

Nice choices huh? Dave chose a good time to start his first collection.

A small donation got me a balloon (which I forced Dave to carry around for the rest of the day haha).

Gundam poster outside this shop (Hobby Z) said it all.


Very cool.

We were super tempted to buy a rocket (and everything else in the store pretty much!).

Spotted up high on top of some shelves.


Mini-z track which you can hire.


Tabi! Traditional Japanese socks! Next door was Daiso Japan, a store where everything on sale is $2.80.

Strange and wonderful.

Ear muffs?

Robbie cleaning up.

Dat Purple Drank!

Feeding the birds at Nick’s place.


Those God rays.


Back at the Bra.

Dave stole my lighter at some point, he swore it was his, turns out we both had brown bic lighters haha.

They tell you never to open them, but we pretty much pushed Dave to crack open his Bozo car.

And ooooh daym! These little cars just come to life when you take them out of the box!



We took the EF out too, such a fat little thing!

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Joyetech eVic

Joyetech eVic.

New toy. In an attempt to completely quit smoking ciggies (I’m not a heavy smoker, but still…) I’ve bought this Joyetech eVic electronic cigarette starter kit. It came in Apple iPhone like packaging, charges via USB and there’s even an app you can download which outputs all sorts of stats.

The tobacco flavour I bought with the kit was awful, tasted like a cigar, but I’m sure I’ll find a flavour I do like.

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Storm Trooper Helmet

Officially licensed replica, 1:1 scale, and yes you can wear it!

Couldn’t help myself. Saw this on one of Nanami’s Facebook posts (she was umming and erring about whether or not to buy it) and boom! I hit that buy now button, hard.

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