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RIP Beach Aquariums

Goodbye Beach Aquariums.

My dad’s old aquarium shop in Bondi Beach has shut it’s doors for good. My Dad left it back in the 80′s and gave the business to my Uncle John who’s been running it ever since.

Amazingly, over the years John never did anything with the shop, he basically just ran it and never cleaned or maintained it. I remember playing in the little rock garden in the front of the store as a little kid. That painting on the glass was really vibrant once upon a time!!!

Sad, but hey, it had to happen. Bondi Beach is being overtaken by hipster cafe’s and the rent has gone through the roof over the years.

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Stonefield - Potrait

After what feels like years, we finally got to see RÜFÜS the other night at the Enmore Theatre. It was glorious, we were all in love, if anything I felt like my body was a burden, that it was just in the way of me connecting even further with the music in my ears.

I wanted to shut my eyes, but the LED lightshow created by award-winning art and design studio ENESS was just so well choreographed, absolutely mesmerising.

Not much more to say, we needed that. Sound was great, crowd was great. Imaginary Air was amazing. We’re SO proud of the boys!

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Pew! Pew! Pew!

Placement right the second time, was great to have Josh and Loic both make sure symmetry was right.

It’s been around 20 years since I got my last tattoo’s. I’d totally forgotten what the pain felt like. The outline was a sharp feeling, the colouring in a much nicer pain. It all just felt really good!

Done in no time, super tight work by Josh. Pew Pew Pew! Let me elbow you!

Next up was Krysti who was getting one of her own pieces on her forearm.

Her original drawing was reduced 20% before final placement.

Reducing the size of the piece didn’t phase Josh, who put an amazing amount of detail into such a small piece.

Krysti’s worn these same shoes for all times she’s ever gotten tattoos done.

Amazing detail. Keep in mind that Krysti in tiny, the hand is the size of a 5cent piece.

Krysti was super happy with the end result.

Today Krysti and I were booked in to get tattoos at Tora Sumi.  Krysti got one of her original pieces done (she’s rad like that) and I wanted little lightning bolts on my elbows, something I’ve wanted for ages, so long ago now I can’t even remember why I wanted them!

Was such a cool experience, from start to end. Hours later my elbows feel sunburnt, and I already want more ink!

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Garth and Val’s Wedding





I don’t ever wish to shoot a wedding (too much responsibility!), but Garth and Val’s wedding was so sweet I couldn’t help but snap a couple of shots! :)

PS: Shot with the GF1 not the GF6!

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The last nail in the coffin

Some light bedside reading, thanks to my bro-in-law Richie who convinced me that it’s a worthy read!

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Last Night’s Party



The only shots I’ve got form last night’s shenanigans. Up at 5am again this morning. WTF!!!!!!!

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Jess’ Morning Routine

















Just another day. 6am. It’s cold and dark outside, but it’s time to get up. 6.30am. Hit that snooze button, brush teeth, do hair, apply makeup, get dressed and get to work. Just another day.

First photoshoot with the GF6! Wasn’t an easy one either as I had all sorts of strange issues with the yellow lights in Jess’ wardrobe, and of-course the changing light outside as the sun was rising. But practise makes perfect, right?! Really happy with how the shots came out, and how the story reads too (Jess literally had to get ready for work!).

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RIP H.R. Giger


RIP the amazing H.R. Giger. The very first art book I ever bought with my own money as a kid was an H.R. Giger book, which still sits on my bookshelf today. Some of the imagery in that book is pretty damn disturbing, so much so that I don’t even have to revisit it’s pages to conjure up the imagery in my mind!

Below is my homage to H.R. Giger. Some artwork I’ve created, inspired by the legend.






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Mothers Day

So happy with this shot!

Mum and Miles.

Happy Family.

Nyaw! Baby Leo getting lots of lovin’.

Baby Leo!

Mum & Leo.

Richie’s homebrew.

Always awesome!

Lovely Mothers Day yesterday with the family. Baby Leo’s much bigger than I last saw him and Miles is speaking a lot more and stringing together whole sentences now (he’s so cheeky too!).

Really happy with the first shot of Miles. I’ve hardly had to edit it at all, pretty much looks the same straight off the camera. I was kneeling down, but had the screen flipped up (very cool) and I also set the camera to a mode where when I touched the image on the screen it would not only focus on that part of the image but take the shot as well (ie: no need to press any buttons at all!). Super surreal, but really quite fun to be honest! I think I’m going to like using all these little features of the GF6.

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Lumix GF6

My old GF1 on the left, my newly acquired GF1 (from eBay) in the middle and my new GF6 on the right.

Got to work today and there were lots of goodies on my desk. Of note my brand new GF6, and also another GF1 which I bought on eBay for a steal (it came with a very strange 15mm Olympic lens which I’ll most likely not finda use for at all, but I’m not complaining!).

I’ve since put my old 20mm pancake lens on the GF6, which doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as I thought it would. I actually think it looks quite retro cool and it’s a fair bit smaller and lighter too. I’m not digging the massive flip out screen on the back, when extended off the camera body it feels flimsy. I’m pretty sure it would be the first thing to break ifg I ever dropped the camera, and if I broke that the entire camera might not work as it’s a touch screen now.

Anyways, happy days shooting ahead! I’m psyched!

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