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So how’s ZEN going?

Just a few post WTAC thoughts: I had a lot of people come up and ask me how ZEN is going, and I found myself repeating myself throughout the day, and refining the story as the weekend played out, so I thought I’d share.

EOMM shook me up a little. I’ve spent 10+ years fighting for a carpark for us car guys to hang in, we finally get it but within a year the kids have ruined it for themselves. Truth is the guys who were fighting along side me have moved on in life, had kids, etc IE: they’re not the guys rocking up to the meets today, and the guys at the meets have little to no idea about the past.

The disconnect is real.

I’ve done a lot for various communities, focused outward a lot but lately I’ve been spending time on me, focusing inwards, and realising that I might not have the energy to do both ZEN, and me at the same time.

I’m working on family relations with a councillor, and I’m also working on getting over the guilt of doing less in life. Producing less, and just doing what I want to do for me (right now, family and gaming!).

I’ve also started to think about putting my house on the market. When you’re complaining about your council rates being so high you’ve got to realise they’re that high because your property is worth way more than when you bought it 10 years ago. I’m 42 now and whilst I might have blown all my profit if I sold the house too young, I’m sure I’ll be fine now.

Back on the topic of ZEN.

It’s gotten to the point where I almost despise the customers who are buying our goods now because it’s 5 cents cheaper at $39.95 not $40. I know we have the potential to be in General Pants Co. but it’s not the go.

Going forwards I need to go backwards; When I meet someone like-minded, someone I click with, someone who gets it. It makes sense for them to like me, for me to like them, so if I GIFT them a ZEN hat, it feels right. There’s a lot in this. I want ZEN to be free for those who get it. I’ve just got to figure it out, but thanks to all who asked at WTAC, you guys are the best sounding boards/mirrors ever and have helped me to get all the above out. Much appreciated!


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Playboy Magazine

From Star with love!

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Introducing Star to Dad





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Little Bay with Kristi Jade








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Happy B’Day to me! So sweet! She carried these on the train!






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RIP Howie.







I’ve just heard that my friend Howie took his own life. I’m speechless. I knew he had issues, but I never knew how bad they were. He was always in his head a lot, a really smart guy, deep and he loved to have a good laugh. I’m now so upset that I didn’t take the time to catch up with him the last couple of times he reached out to me. Life is fucked up.

Apologies to anyone and everyone I’ve snobbed off these past few years. I’m a busy guy, sure, but I have PLENTY of time to catch up with friends. The drugs, the laziness, hobbies, they all get in the way of maybe what’s really important. I don’t hold myself responsible, in any way, but I do know I’ve got a way with words, and I do know that if I had caught up with Howie we would have had huge D&M’s because that’s what we always used to do. All of a sudden Berty Nghiem’s Cars For Hope project means so much more to me. I’m gong to make moves to help Berty as much as I can going forwards. This is a wake up call of sorts. If you’re my mate, and need to chat, please, get in touch. I’m all ears.

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Drinks with King Baker!

Mr World Time Attack Ian Baker is a dead set legend! Much overdue drinks at church with the King #goodtimes

Jam Donuts!



Afternoon drinks with King Baker and Star in Balmain. I have some massive news to share too, soon!

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I respect all the brave people who make a huge leap towards doing what they want to do in life (especially those who leave the “system” for less money, but more profit elsewhere). I always try to support friends who do and I have 2 girl friends who are going through the motions right now.

Dianne and Star. Dianne who’s quit corporate for her own foodie related business, and Star who’s making the leap from retail into design and marketing. Both have taken the leap, both are struggling, so this is where you all come in!

It’s a HUGE ask. I know, but I’m trying, and if you can help these 2 girls in the smallest of ways (just need 2 likes!) I’d appreciate it, the girls really would too I’m sure.

Star’s heading towards a career in graphic design, she’s landed a job at a mortgage broker, dry as fuck I know but she’s designing there, and running their facebook page too. It’s super HARD to get people to like a mortgage page, but from what I hear these guys are small team of great people. Like their page, Star gets MAJOR brownie points! Like: Loan Market Southwest

Dianne’s food boxes are $59 monthly, the first box was awesome! If you can’t afford the $59 for a box it would be awesome if you’d like and follow her facebook page in case you might be able to afford them down the line, or better yet, tell your friends about: Chilli & Vanilla

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Happy B’Day Dad


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#sniped by Sam at HIN


#sniped by Sam at HIN VIP launch. More photos on Zen Blog:

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