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iblazr LED Flash




I scored this great little toy from the guys at MobileZap. It’s got 4 bright LEDs, a silicone diffuser, uses an audio jack for smartphones and tablets (constant light or flash modes) and recharges via USB.

I think it’ll come in handy on it’s little cold shoe mount when shooting products in the light tent for Zen Garage. And if you’re always carrying a bag like me, it makes for a great gadget to have in your front pocket (it’s little pouch keeps it tidy).

I’ll be sure to test it out on my iPhone soon, if you’re interested it’s $60 and you can buy it here.

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Leica DG Summilux 25mm F1.4




I found this lens a couple of months ago whilst doing some research on Google (I was looking for creamier bokeh LOL), a fair few reviewers (review 1, review 2) rated it over the 20mm pancake lens (which I absolutely love and is the reason why I’m into Micro Four Thirds cameras).

It’s pricey, bigger, heavier and tighter than the 20mm but I had to give it a go and I’m glad I have, it’s now my everyday set-up for the GF6 (the 20mm is back on the GF1).

PS: I’ve been geeking out about the idea of buying an even smaller camera too. My research has led me to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7, which seems a lot like a GF1, but fixed lens and smaller. Then there’s the Panasonic Lumix LF1 which is truly pocketable (will easily fit in pants pocket).

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Lao Village

Old school cool, look for the screen door.

Easy like a Sunday morning.

What a feast!

Today Jess took me out West to feast at Lao Village Restaurant in Fairfield. Loved all of it, including the whack decor. Highly recommend!

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Day made! My photography work has been featured in the weekly link roundup on COOL MATERIAL. An American blog that’s been running since 2009.


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Stonefield - Potrait

After what feels like years, we finally got to see RÜFÜS the other night at the Enmore Theatre. It was glorious, we were all in love, if anything I felt like my body was a burden, that it was just in the way of me connecting even further with the music in my ears.

I wanted to shut my eyes, but the LED lightshow created by award-winning art and design studio ENESS was just so well choreographed, absolutely mesmerising.

Not much more to say, we needed that. Sound was great, crowd was great. Imaginary Air was amazing. We’re SO proud of the boys!

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CARS ZEN COFFEE was an awesome success this morning. The rain held out, there was an amazing assortment of cars on display, great people, coffee, food and the venue (Bella Vista Hotel) was just perfect. I took a few snaps (with the fisheye lens for a change). I’m sure there’ll be many more amazing shots from other snappers to come.

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Lance Mountain Reissue



I’m failing miserably at saving up money for spending on my Japan trip in September! These guys are horrible, they’re so awesome at pulling on the heart strings. How could I not buy this deck? It’s a reissue of the very first deck I ever bought, in the same exact colour too.

I bought my first Lance Mountain Future Primitive deck in the 80’s, back then we all installed rail guards, nose grabs and tail bones too. I hadn’t used a drill before, and totally destroyed my deck installing the rails with my Dads hammer drill (bahahah). The deck was way too big for me anyways (I wasn’t aware of mini decks at the time) and I wasn’t a massive fan of the graphics, but I really am now! Can’t wait to get it up on the wall (which is starting to look more like a collection of reissue 80’s decks!).

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Terry Richardson uses a GF1

Note the GF1 strap.

Kit zoom lens with built-in pop-up flash.

Zoom lens again but with some sort of retro external flash unit.

This post is going to sound a little lame, but I just found out that one of my fave photographers (and I do not give a shit about all the bad press he’s been getting lately) uses a GF1, not only for a few of his images but a shitload of them!

I’ve just spent the last half an hour going through, downloading his images and getting the EXIF data, which confirms he’s using a GF1 on a lot of the shots I like. He even used a GF1 to shoot Katy Perry for Rolling Stone magazine (the man!). I’m now trying to figure out his settings, which seem to be ISO200, auto mode, in-built flash and having his models stand really close to the white wall. Must do some white wall with flash tests ASAP.

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ARDC Membership

My Australian Racing Drivers’ Club (ARDC) membership came in the mail today.

The material in the package got me up to speed with all the events going on at Sydney Motorsport Park this year, from open track days, to club days through to massive events like Top Gear Festival and World Time Attack. A brochure also got me up to speed with all the benefits of being an ARDC member; free entry to certain events (including the V8’s!), free parking at events, heavily discounted tickets to various events, discounts from the V-Sport store too. A separate document also outlined all the reserved seating benefits I now gain at the ANZ Stadium as well (I’ve still never been to a live game!).

My fave bits though are the lanyard, membership card and the stylish retro sticker.

Like most things membership related, my mission over the next year will be to actually use the benefits to get the most out of my $85 investment. For more info, visit:

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Featured on Juxtapoz


Honoured. Only featured in one of my fave mags of all time! Juxtapoz Magazine which I’ve been reading on and off since the 90’s.


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