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Mia mao mao

Butt lickin time

Federer is betterer than kibbles

I prefer to drink out of a glass

Catch of the day

Tap that!

A little stuck

Christina’s always snapping shots of Mia with her iPhone. Here are a few of our faves :)

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Simone & Maya’s Pizza Night

Jamie and Christina.

Mum and her friend Wally.

Michael and my Mum’s youngest sister Helen.

Richie and Jamie.

So many pizza bases.


Gnocchi was so damn good!


…and Glenn’s Dad!

Romina and Nicholas.

Massive props to the chefs Maya and Simone, who were frantic in the kitchen all night.

Simone & Maya, who have been in Australia for about a year now, treated us to a traditional Italian home made pizza night last night at Mum’s place. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pizza feast so good. 14 pizzas?! They just kept coming out of the oven!

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People are hating the snow plow like lip. I’m loving the hatin’. Just my intention haha!

Suga and I on the left there.

Pics from today’s meet by jdm_kid, a member on JDMST – nice to have some proper pics of my car (man this guys lens rocks! So nice!).

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JDMST EOMM February 2011

Fresh paint AND glow in the dark wheels!

Worked Civic.

Mavis St. Cafe guys. Feeding the masses.

John from go2space rocked up with heaps of Castrol goodies to give away in a raffle.

Castrol shirts, jackets, fluids and stickers up for grabs!

Kudos to John and the girls for standing under the bitey sun for so long (there were so many prizes to hand out!).

On the way home. Always nice to see the plane’s go overhead.

Hot day out! I had all intentions to bring the GT-R out to this months JDMST End Of Month Meet, but after feeling how hot it was by the beach I figured it would be 10 degrees hotter out west, wimped out (no-aircon) and took the GTI instead! Great to meet some new people this time around, awesome catching up with some of the usual suspects too (not enough time if anything).

LOTS of photographers out today so be sure to check out this thread on JDMST for heaps more photos.

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Plugged in

Little cap/cover makes the lead weatherproof. Lovely!

Bought a rad CTEK trickle charger (eBay) which is permanently connected to the Zoomer’s battery via quick connect/disconnect weatherproof lead which makes it easy to plug in and out of the wall to keep my battery fresh when I’m not using the Zoomer for long periods of time.

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Rieger lip installed

Fat lip fat lip!!!

I was scraping it on absolutely everything on the way home HAHA.

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Zoomer update

JDM lights.

Before and after.

Some good and bad news:

Bad news – was going to change the oil but the battery died (that’s what you get for not riding your bike!). I’ve ordered a trickle charger which I will leave permanently plugged into a new battery (also on the way).

Good news – I’ve been meaning to change the headlights to JDM ones. Deus had to change the headlights to compliance the Zoomer and they’ve used some retro motorbike lights which I’m not into. I found a few 2nd hand ones on Yahoo Auctions Japan, 7000Yen before shipping. I decided to drop into Deus today and one of the bike guys there (Japanese dude named Taka) helped me out heaps with a fresh looking set for $20. I’ve since wired it up, all good to go!

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Mia gets a new collar

Mia, ready to pounce!

Mia’s old collar (ew) at the bottom!

Mia’s been wearing the same collar since day 1 (August last year?) so we got her a new collar today, and a few different collars for Max, our new kitten who will be ready for us to pick up in Easter :)

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You should be mine

Photo by Victor Tran

Yes, this seat will be mine. ALL MINE!

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Valentines with Friends

Pre-dinner drinks, eying the menu and a teaser of our magical outdoor setting outside.

Jon opening the doors to our outdoor setting. He was the best host and chef last night!


Kay’s poem, read by Robbie, set the scene nicely.

Caroline’s mask. Everyone was given a blank mask and plenty of creative tools (in the form of scissors, paint pens, feathers and other accessories) to design and create their own masks, great idea!

Sydney rock oyster was a creamy starter.

Seared scallops on a heart shaped red wine tomato with wasabi mayonnaise. So good!

Lemon lime bitters sorbet made for the perfect palette cleanser.

Crispy skin pork with plum sauce was perhaps the biggest hit of the night. Too good!

Jon’s signature ‘Lady & the Tramp’ Spaghettini & meatballs.

Passionfruit sorbet.

Dessert for her. Frangelico & Hazelnut praline tartlet, berry pavlova with a berry compote, Nat’s rose essence cupcake & red velvet vanilla bean cream cheese frosting cupcake. complete with carriage.

Dessert for him came on a glass plate. Hmmmm!

Gen and Suga playing with sauce syringes.

Last night Jon, Kay and Robbie treated us to a very special Valentines dinner. Together we bought Jon a set of global knives on his B’day and he’s been planning to use them on cooking a dinner for all of us ever since then.

We all had a feeling he was going to go all out, but he truly surpassed himself last night. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he deserves to be working for one of the few top restaurants in Sydney. I’d go further and say he deserves to own and run his own restaurant!

Dinner, drinks and company was awesome, and as usual, with the crazy crew, things got whack at the end of the night. I passed out first (damn it!) but regained consciousness at 4AM to drive us home haha!

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