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Mishka Keep Watch eyeball rug

I just bought this Keep Watch eyeball rug from Mishka. It’ll live in my lounge room. $50 and shipping was peanuts too. It’s so ugly, and massive! I love it haha.

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Customers Rides

Howie’s Porker.

Lovely Mazda RX2.


Charlie’s ride.

Pokey EG.

Clean S15.

There’s always some cool machinery dropping in @ Zen Garage. Click here for many more photos of customer rides on our facebook page.

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Ordered yesterday and they arrived today (free shipping too). I couldn’t resist buying these as I used to wear them every day in high school (I was never a fan of typical Clarks style school shoes, and wanted something different). Being a suede boot they wore out quick so I’ve had a lot of pairs over the years. I even wore a purple pair in uni (let’s not go there). I can’t for the life of me remember the brand that used to make them but these Deus Rollers are made by Australian company Rossi Boots. Quality is awesome. I’m happy!

Gotta give it to the Deus crew, they sure know how to tug at the heart strings. Find them in the Deus Emporium

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Nana, representing.

Pork, lots of it, crackly bits too.

This has been the highlight of my week. Apart from this epic meal which Nana cooked up the rest of it has just been the shittest week I’ve had all year. A massive departure from last week’s high… had to come down I suppose?

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Love a good spot. sticker + a tonne of Hell on Wheels stickers too! :)

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Folio – Australian Infront

I’ve just uploaded a folio of logos to the new Australian Infront Folio section. The process is pretty damn amazing and super easy. You can literally drag images from your desktop into your Folio, hit publish and bam, it’s live! Best of all the service is free so if you’re an Australian Creative get busy. Visit:

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John’s going away drinks

Last night I hit the amazing Grasshopper Bar for John’s going away drinks. You can get a tab going at the bar, flashing this cassette tape gets your guests free drinks :)

Gloria and Zi.

Hey Charlie!

John and I. No drinking for me, detoxing from Thursday night!

Colin and Mei.

Herman, John and Zi.

Gloria and Steve.

Natalie and John.

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Sushi Tengoku

Salmon sashimi. BYO so be sure to bring your own Asahi.

Aburi Salmon Sushi, sliced so large you can’t even see the rice.

Soft shelled crab.

Sushi Tengoku is a tiny little Japanese restaurant in Kensington famous for their generous sushi servings. Whilst it may be considered taboo to play around with Japanese cuisine culture, it’s hard to hate on quality larger than life seafood. We’re talking thick sliced sashimi in diced and sliced and salmon sushi so large you can’t even see the rice underneath. What’s more they’re cheap too. Our split bill (and we ate a LOT) came to $35/head).

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Saturdaze @ Zen

Kelvin’s Ruckus @ Zen .

I took last Thursday off work to help Damien set up the Aus Infront VR Exhibit, and I was so hung over on the Friday I had to take it off too. The boys @ Zen were cool with me taking the extra day off, but made me promise to get in early to open Zen on the Saturday (we’re now open every Saturday), they said they’d be in later.

I got in 20 minutes before 11AM (official opening time) and there was already a bunch of peeps waiting! Was a busy day, funny thing was Sean and Rob didn’t come in at all, leaving me to man the store by myself HAHA, serves me right! :P

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VR06 Exhibit @ Lo-Fi

We had a pretty awesome turnout.

Caught up with some familiar faces, and met new ones too.

Electro tunes spun all night.

Mates from way back. Sean and Liz who was down from Queensland.

Atsuko @ Nanami.

James and Nana.

My boys. Ex-Zen staffers John and Tate.

James and I.

Visual Response 6 – Native exhibition at Lo-Fi in Sydney on the 17th of May 2012. What a night! I tried my best to pace myself, but as expected I was bought a lot of birthday drinks, sometimes having 3 drinks lined up at the one time! By the end of the night I couldn’t walk straight, and was so smashed I truly can’t remember much at all. Fun times! More photographs from the night by Byron Spencer on the all new Aus Infront web site. Visit:

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