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Melbourne Road Trip Part 2

Good morning Zen.

Morning Hugs – Lauren and Matty.

A German, a Japanese and an Aussie walk in to a bar…

First Stop: Car Wash.

Then a quick bite to eat.

Wide Load – Checking out Matty’s place to be by the beach.

Zen Cycling Squad. Couldn’t resist a blat on these hire bikes. Great fun for $2.60!

At Cookie’s rooftop bar for a refreshing bevy.

Then I forced the boys to choose a macaron each from  La Belle Miette on Hardware Lane. Minds were blown. Cute ladies serving asked about Zen, and thought we were a dance crew (lol).

The plan today was to get cuts at the Barbers on Hardware Lane, unfortunately we got there too late and they were shut. In desperation we came across a random hairdressers, not quite the same experience, but they did the job!

Happy Matty.

Happy Mark.

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Melbourne Road Trip Part 1

Fuel up! Leaving from Zen this morning.

Unnatural habitat.

Piss break!

Isn’t a road trip without McDonalds. 

Beautiful cafe in the carpark.

Natural Habitat.

The price you pay for a photo!

Natural Habitat. Finally!


Matty the host.

Westgate Bridge. The Yarra.

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Can of Worms

Photo Credit:

I love generating discussion and I’ve been known to open can of worm discussion threads on the JDMST forums for years. Tiring for some, but inspiring for others.

The other day I had a situation on the forums where a group of long standing members banned together to blast an individual about his choice of car tuning (stance). Worst thing is they did it in the guys build thread. One of my priorities is to inspire people to create and share their builds by running a build thread/diary on the forums. I can’t have haters destroy build threads as it’ll just scare people off from creating them (takes a lot of effort to run one to be honest).

In an attempt to stand up for the stance guys I wrote a facebook status that ended up getting over 250 comments in a matter of hours, the next morning I wrote a feature which yesterday had over 23,656 views on the Zen Garage web site. Not all the feedback has been positive, but that’s got to be expected when you’re voicing your opinion in public, the main thing is I’ve generated a bit of discussion, and it’s gotten a few people thinking I’m sure.

Check it out here:

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Vodka Party at The Bra

Good times with Samantha Torretta, Adam Burgess, Hayley Swanson and Ved Kay.

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Sneaker Swap Meet @ Zen Garage






All the photos from last weekend’s epic sneaker swap meet are now on Zen. Click here to check them all out:

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So over people hating on “stance”


Has been an interesting and entertaining 48hrs on the JDMST forums/facebook group. I couldn’t help but write a feature this morning, so therapeutic!

Read up:

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The boys at Ellaspede just sent a couple of T’s to Zen Garage (I love free shit!).

Ellaspede is made up of a dedicated team of industrial designers. Owned and operated by Steve Barry and Leo Yip, Ellaspede is a hub for motorcycle culture and creativity.

Visit Ellaspede:

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1/1 Reebok Pumps

These 1/1 (they’re samples) Reebok Pumps are all mine! Yesterday we hosted The Kickz Stand Sneaker Swap Meet at Zen Garage and the boys gave me these kicks as a gift to say thanks. Was an amazing day despite the weather. I didn’t take any shots, but Ved did and I can’t wait to see his shots!

Mia having a good sniff like any sneaker freaker would.


Like a little window into the universe. I was always so fascinated by the see-through bits on sneakers as a kid.

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Behind the Scenes: Simone Peres Ferrari 328 GTS Shoot

I so need to clone myself. Last night I wanted to be at 2 places at the same time; The Harley-Davidson art show (check the previous post) and shooting Simmy with a 328 GTS with Photographer Matthew Mead for Zen Garage.

Whilst I didn’t make it to my own shoot, I spent some of today hanging out with Simmy and editing Sergio’s behind the scenes shots which made me feel a little better (she’s gorgeous and he’s getting good at shooting! All I did was a bit of dynamic cropping and slight colour adjustments).

Check out the shots:






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Harley-Davidson For the Love of Lids – Opening Night

My coverage of last night’s Harley-Davidson “For the Love of Lids” art show at Mary’s in Newtown is now up on Zen Garage. Was an amazing night hanging out with great people, great art, bikes, music, fried chicken, burgers and booze!


PS: The show ends on the 30th of this month, so be sure to drop into Mary’s Newtown (Mary St.) before it ends!

Group shot of all the Artists.

TJ Guzzardi’s helmet. So glad to have met this guy, he’s amazing (we featured him a while back).

Ben Brown’s wild piece. I’ve know of Ben’s work for YEARS. So glad to finally meet this guy too!

Nanami’s piece on the left and Lachlan Bruce’s larger than life helmet on the right.

Our menu for the night, lots of people braved the JD Shake! Personally I stayed on the Young Henry’s and highly recommend the Mary’s Burger (oh… and the chicken!).

Little Bastard, because live music rocks.

The crowd.

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