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Warframe – unboxing limited edition collector’s statues





Merry Xmas to me! I took advantage of Warframe’s recent store-wide sale and bought the rest of the statues.

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Warframe Progress

The Azima, 100 Day login reward.

I’ve reached Mastery Rank 23 in 3 months flat (#thegrind). These MR Tests are getting ridiculous!

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Warframe Volt Prime Captura Screengrabs








Love spending time customising my frames in Warframe, then playing around in The Matrix like Captura screen grab application (where you can free roam with a 3D camera). This is just one of my looks for my Volt Prime (my current fave fashion frame!). You can check out what the standard Volt Prime looks like here.

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ZEN Garage – Need For Speed Payback Intro

Was a surprise to me to see that we’re on the cover car (main character’s R34 GT-R), and feature in the intro of the game too! Check it out!

Need For Speed Payback is now available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC!

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Screenshot (26)

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I was just as excited about the huge Warframe Plains of Eidolon update as WTAC (LOL!). I ended up spending all day on the plains yesterday and I love it. Must get all my WTAC photos up ASAP though, there’s some hilarious shots on the card which I cant wait to share!

PS: The Warframe girls will be in Melbourne end of this month. I’ve grabbed a ticket to meet them (at a bar which is rad), but whether I commit and book a flight or not we’ll see.

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Collecting Warframes like Pokémon – Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Collect them all.

717 hours into Warframe and I’ve finally got every single currently available frame in the game. It’s probably not how you’re meant to play the game, but it’s truly a game that lets you play how you like and I felt like going all Pokémon on Warframe’s ass.

It’s been a really fun journey, constantly progressing, and having new frames to rank up along the way has made for a never dull, always experimenting and fairly painless grinding/farming experience until Vauban Prime, my last frame which required more materials than anything else in the game.

The journey doesn’t end here though, of-course! Plains of Eidolon comes out this week, a huge game update, and with it soon, a new frame (and many more to come!).

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I’ve been playing with a girl in Ukraine

For reals.

Haha, it’s not what you think. It’s actually a lot more sombre, sadly.

Early on into my Warframe journey (it’s a free game and it’s taking over, download it here) I met a girl. Always refreshing in a shooter but over time I’ve realised Warframe’s community is 50% female/gay guys just as much into customising their frames to look good as well as kill efficiently!

Anyways, the game is super social. And just like The Division, sooner or later you end up talking a lot more about life than the game itself. Turns out this girl I’ve met lives in Ukraine and earns $120/month. In this game you can either grind for gear, or you can fork out cash for it. She’d been after this frame for months, farming hard, and one of the really nice things about this game is that when you’re in the shop, you see a little gift box icon which allows you to essentially buy anything for anyone in the game.

I gifted her Volt Prime, which costs 100 Platinum (in-game currency) which equates to about $8. Nothing for me, but something to her so that’s cool.

She’s since told me more about where she lives. She’s a developer looking to get out. The view out from her window is horrible, yes she can see those stacks and she tells me they glow at night.

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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

The New.

Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The world is surely trying to tell me something…

My sexy Lunar White XBOX controller has died. It lasted a little over a year (I have been gaming pretty damn hard). And now I’m kinda glad I didn’t get the MUCH more expensive Elite version of it, as it turns out the issue is a common one (it’s all over the net with dodgy fixes DIY fixes, the left thumb stick creeps forward on it’s own).

I wondered if the premium version would last any longer, or whether I should just buy a bog stock no-frills, non-wireless replacement. I went to Facebook and more than a few people really recommended the Elite, that and it was on sale at EB right now so I pulled the trigger!

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Warframe – All Quests completed

562 Hours in. I’ve clocked it.

I’ve always been a lucky person, and that’s a good thing when it comes to RNG! Quite a few veteran Warframe players haven’t finished all the quests, mainly because a few things needed in order to advance in some of these quests have as little as a 2% drop rate, which wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to do a shitload of hard work just to get a crack at the drop (in my case it was hunting down and killing at least a few infested Juggernauts a day, tough motherfuckers, until one would finally drop a blueprint).

This one last quest, The Jordas Precept had been driving me up the wall for weeks as the game kept on spitting out reminders that it was there, beckoning me to finish it. Being a bit of a completionist when it comes to games I just had to get it done. When I finally got the blueprint to proceed in the quest I was faced with having to defeat a Juggernaut Behemoth, and then an Archwing mission to kill a mega boss to make matters even worse (where your Warframe is flying in space, thus super frustrating clunky flying/X-Wing/Star Wars style gameplay).

The quest is one of the few that let you squad up, so I sent messages out looking for help but not one person had done the quest, and not one person had their Archwing gear up high enough to even attempt the mission, so what did I do? I tried to tackle the hugest boss in the game so far solo, and despite many on the forums screaming about the quest being too hard, or impossible in a squad of 4, I persisted and finished it all by myself.

Sense of accomplishment? Yeah, sure! I leaped off the couch, massive fist bump and yelled out all sorts of foul words, but sadly unlike other hobbies there’s really nothing to show for it. That’s the one thing about gaming that doesn’t quite sit well with me (this needs more thought!).

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