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Destiny 2



Always late to the party. I’ve finally decided to buy and play Destiny 2! Honestly I kinda got sick of watching the constant stream of Destiny 2 hate videos on YouTube over the past year.

Hate videos get more views and publishers (some who don’t even play the game) cash in on this big time so I figure fuck it. Ima buy it (was on sale) and yup, too right, the fun I’ve had in the game over the past week has far outweighed the years worth of negativity I’ve seen online over the past year.

In a week I’ve done the main story campaign 3 times over to build 3 characters (as you do), now the grind to 380 begins!

I’m playing on PC. Could do with some help getting to max level so add me Guardians!

Battletag: ZENGARAGE#1837

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Monster Hunter World


Monday: Monster Hunter World
Tuesday: Monster Hunter World
Wednesday: Monster Hunter World
Thursday: Monster Hunter World
Friday: Monster Hunter World
Saturday: Monster Hunter World
Sunday: Monster Hunter World

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Hangs and a Photoshoot with Milky






Hangs and a shoot with Gamer Girl Milky Pixel yesterday. Here are a couple of teasers!

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Warframe – unboxing limited edition collector’s statues





Merry Xmas to me! I took advantage of Warframe’s recent store-wide sale and bought the rest of the statues.

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Warframe Progress

The Azima, 100 Day login reward.

I’ve reached Mastery Rank 23 in 3 months flat (#thegrind). These MR Tests are getting ridiculous!

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Warframe Volt Prime Captura Screengrabs








Love spending time customising my frames in Warframe, then playing around in The Matrix like Captura screen grab application (where you can free roam with a 3D camera). This is just one of my looks for my Volt Prime (my current fave fashion frame!). You can check out what the standard Volt Prime looks like here.

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ZEN Garage – Need For Speed Payback Intro

Was a surprise to me to see that we’re on the cover car (main character’s R34 GT-R), and feature in the intro of the game too! Check it out!

Need For Speed Payback is now available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC!

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Screenshot (26)

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I was just as excited about the huge Warframe Plains of Eidolon update as WTAC (LOL!). I ended up spending all day on the plains yesterday and I love it. Must get all my WTAC photos up ASAP though, there’s some hilarious shots on the card which I cant wait to share!

PS: The Warframe girls will be in Melbourne end of this month. I’ve grabbed a ticket to meet them (at a bar which is rad), but whether I commit and book a flight or not we’ll see.

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Collecting Warframes like Pokémon – Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Collect them all.

717 hours into Warframe and I’ve finally got every single currently available frame in the game. It’s probably not how you’re meant to play the game, but it’s truly a game that lets you play how you like and I felt like going all Pokémon on Warframe’s ass.

It’s been a really fun journey, constantly progressing, and having new frames to rank up along the way has made for a never dull, always experimenting and fairly painless grinding/farming experience until Vauban Prime, my last frame which required more materials than anything else in the game.

The journey doesn’t end here though, of-course! Plains of Eidolon comes out this week, a huge game update, and with it soon, a new frame (and many more to come!).

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