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House update



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Namastay in bed

“Namastay in bed” on the packaging! Seriously! It’s the small things when it comes to branding and this brand does it right. Love it.



Balmain bed from Koala Furniture came in today and Gina and I got straight into setting up the guest bedroom.

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Turning my art room into a guest bedroom

Just ordered this Balmain bed frame from Koala. Not huge on the legs, but love everything else!

Gina’s renting an awesome space in Paddington for her ZEN Thai massage business so she’ll be coming into the city from the Blue Mountains a lot more often. At the moment she’s crashing out on my couch which isn’t ideal as I get up super early and usually hop on to play games, which I can’t do if someone’s sleeping on the couch so I’m making moves to turn my art room into a guest bedroom (probably what I should have done all along!).

I’m a little bummed I didn’t get the “art bug”, but I’ve got plenty of time, and I’m still hopeful that I will pick up drawing and painting again down the line.

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Aftershock PC

It’s a BEAST!

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Rooftop hangs with Gina






Sunrise to sunset hangs with Gina. Been a while since we’ve shot, but we thought… why not!

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Plants have outgrown the cabinet!

Sadly my fave plants have outgrown the cabinet and are now living in the lounge room.

From Western Australia with love.

I’ve decided to leave them in the sphagnum moss they arrived in (for now).

Philodendron El Choco Red already looking amazing!

2 of my fave show plants (Alocasia Watsoniana and Longiloba) have grown so large that they’re touching the light in my cabinet. Not good as A) the leaves will burn and B) they’re shading all the plants below. I’ve had to move both of them out and so far they’re doing just fine, but the cabinet is looking bare, and no longer has that lush jungle vibe I love so much.

I was watching a Sydney Plant Guy video where he featured a Philodendron El Choco Red he bought online from WA. I did some googling, found the site (Flora Magnifica Australia) and put an order in. I have all 3 babies on the top shelf atm and they’re doing well!

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IKEA Rudsta Wide 4 month update.

What an amazing 4 months it’s been! Keeping plants has been such a truly rewarding hobby that keeps on giving.

I’ve gotten to the stage now where I’ve started to identify which plants I love more than others, and this has helped me to stop the impulse buying (I have a fair few plants outside of the cabinet now), and instead create more of a wish-list of plants I’d love to one day own.

I’m still upset that my Alocasia Watsoniana outgrew the cabinet. It was such a great centre piece. It’s since pushed out a HUGE new leaf outside of the cabinet though. I did try to get it back in there, but 100% no go. The Alocasia Longiloba ‘May’ (Hybrid) has now pushed out a massive new leaf too (you can see it in the background at the top if you look closely). It’s also outgrowing the cabinet!

I have 2 Queen Anthuriums in there. A baby one (top right) and a bigger one I bought (it was all bashed up on purchase). Both have pushed out new leaves, but even the new leaves have come out imperfect (I swear I didn’t touch them at all!). Seeing the imperfect leaves every day is just… depressing! I’ve cut a few yellow bits off, but as much as I’m obsessed with the plant I find more joy in the plants that are pushing out perfect new leaves.

Figuring out which plants bring me joy (and which do not) is all a part of the journey I suppose!

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Terrarium update

Dropped in to Aquaristic to buy some hardscape for the terrarium. Felt a bit silly buying some tiny rocks and a piece of wood to be honest!

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Fittonia White Anne.

MyHouse Globe Glass Vase 31cm x 21cm.

Screaming out for a bit of wood, or some decorative rocks (or both!).

A month ago I impulse bought a big vase from MyHouse online as it was reduced from $100 to $25. It’s been sitting empty in my kitchen for a while (I actually liked it in the kitchen empty, kinda like a “blank canvas”), but I’ve had plans to start a terrarium for years now (years back I really wanted to try a salt water one).

I bought a cork lid for it on eBay, and a DIY light kit with plans to maybe turn this vase into a lamp with a lamp shade (may or may not do, we’ll see). It’s all just been sitting there but yesterday I found some super tiny Fittonia at Bunnings and well, that was my calling!

I’ve set up a false bottom with leca and a layer of charcoal then some orchid mix on top. For now I’ve planted the fern and fittonia as well as some ferns I found growing under an old upside down fish tank I had in the backyard of my old house in Maroubra (literally an accidental terrarium!). I have no hardscape in there right now, but will drop in to Aquaristic later today and pick out either a nice piece of driftwood or some nice decorative rocks (or both!).

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Outdoor bean bags from

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