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Herman Miller Aeron Chair seat pan replacement


All good again!

Today I replaced the seat pan on my 20+ year old Herman Miller Aeron Chair. What started out as a small rip eventually became a huge RIP. The seat pan wasn’t cheap at $300, but the Aeron is quite simply the best office chair in the world and I’m so glad I invested in one more than 20 years ago when I first started my design business. Should be good for another 20 years I hope!

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Monday Morning Meets

Desk Space in Maroubra Beach.

We’re moving, fast!

We’re moving at a rapid pace with Threesome. Yesterday we had our inaugural Monday Morning Meets. Chris, Dianne and I were joined by Nick Turner and Sam Law, we had lunch at Grumpy’s then headed back to dive head first into working on a proposal for this years’ WTAC.

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Blast from the past

Blast from the past! Shot in 2006, thanks Martin Bierschenk for the memories!

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Australia Day/Mums B’Day

Indo food is mostly brown, even the desserts!

Happy Australia Day Mum! So awesome to see mum happy!

Love you Mum!

Karaoke even!


My brother from another mother Eugene dropped this off for me, his parents were doing a clean out and found my old Tamiya RC cars! UNREAL RIGHT?! Will do a proper shoot of these ASAP.

Happy Australia Day Mum!

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Disconnect Reconnect



Get out of the house they say. No bong, no internet, just nature and good company. Kindled Tiny House

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I hate celebrating birthdays, but I X my BB Star. So much!

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Monday Funday

Fuuuu!!! I love this BTS video by @archvspce

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Collab Photo/Video Shoot







Awesome collab today with:

More on my blog/folio soon!

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Ecosa Mattress


Mia pee’d in my bed whilst I was gone, that’s how upset she was!!! I’ve had to buy a new mattress, really wanted a Tempur as I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about them, but I’ve got nowhere near enough funds right now to justify the cost, and even if I did have the funds for a Queen Tempur, the real mission is to own a King sized bed… but it’s all such bad timing as I’ve got a legit reason to get a new bed right now, but can’t afford the King, nor the Temper Queen lol.

I ended up doing research and pulled the trigger on a pretty interesting choice. The brand is Ecosa, and you might have seen the video where a girl has wine on the bed, a guy jumps on the bed but the wine doesn’t spill. Their web site looks way better than their video, and with free 4hr shipping from time of order, as well as a 100 night free trial I was keen to give it a go.

The guy at the door came with a pretty small box. Heavy, but the box had wheels built into it. I thought that there was no way there was a Queen sized mattress in that box! But on inspection, Queen was ticked at the top. Unboxing was quite hilarious fun! The mattress came folded up and squished flat in airtight wrap, once I pierced the film the mattress literally exploded to life, filling out crazy fast.

The new mattress gave off some pretty funky plastic smells so I let it air out in my room with windows open for a day. The mattress is a LOT shorter than my old one with pillow top. I could look into a pillow top option for this mattress in future if the height bothers me (my side tables are now too tall). The mattress feels super firm too, but I love it! It’s been 3 nights so far and I’m sleeping well and feeling good when I wake up!

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I still call Australia home

Maroubra Beach.

Meow! Angry Mia is angry!

Rest? What’s that?! Welcome home party!

I came home to Ocean views, and a couple of very vocal and affectionate pussy cats; Mia and Star. :) It’s fucking awesome to be home!!!

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