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Epic Sydney Sunset


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Sony X90J 75″ Bravia XR LED 4K TV [2021]

The new TV is a LOT heavier than the old one. There was no way I was going to get it up the stairs alone so I had to call a mate to help out.

It’s fucking HUGE!

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Deep Clean

Much cleaning!

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My neighbours are awesome

Truly blessed to have next door neighbours checking in on me and also that they seem not to mind me playing my guitars up so loud!!! Not sure how they’d feel if I bought a drum kit tho… pushing it?!

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Viv is moving in, YAY!

Red wine, red face, puffy eyes… but Viv looks good tho!

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair seat pan replacement


All good again!

Today I replaced the seat pan on my 20+ year old Herman Miller Aeron Chair. What started out as a small rip eventually became a huge RIP. The seat pan wasn’t cheap at $300, but the Aeron is quite simply the best office chair in the world and I’m so glad I invested in one more than 20 years ago when I first started my design business. Should be good for another 20 years I hope!

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Monday Morning Meets

Desk Space in Maroubra Beach.

We’re moving, fast!

We’re moving at a rapid pace with Threesome. Yesterday we had our inaugural Monday Morning Meets. Chris, Dianne and I were joined by Nick Turner and Sam Law, we had lunch at Grumpy’s then headed back to dive head first into working on a proposal for this years’ WTAC.

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Blast from the past

Blast from the past! Shot in 2006, thanks Martin Bierschenk for the memories!

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Australia Day/Mums B’Day

Indo food is mostly brown, even the desserts!

Happy Australia Day Mum! So awesome to see mum happy!

Love you Mum!

Karaoke even!


My brother from another mother Eugene dropped this off for me, his parents were doing a clean out and found my old Tamiya RC cars! UNREAL RIGHT?! Will do a proper shoot of these ASAP.

Happy Australia Day Mum!

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Disconnect Reconnect



Get out of the house they say. No bong, no internet, just nature and good company. Kindled Tiny House

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