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Motive End of Month Meet

SO good to see modified cars out and about! Just a quick snap Sam took of Andrew Hawkins and I at the Motive End of Month Meet earlier this week.

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JDMST gets a mention in this new End Of Month Meet video by Cardo

End Of Month Meets live on thanks to Andrew Hawkins and his team at Motive DVD.

Much thanks to Ricardo Williams for creating engaging content of and for the scene. Much thanks to Andrew too for the mention in this video (the respect is mutual!).

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Same shit, different name… oh wait! Same name? Kinda!

I founded and hosted the very first JDM Style Tuning End Of Month Meet (EOMM) back in March 2005. The concept was simple. I was inspired by Daikoku Futo meets in Tokyo Japan and wanted to re-create the same “all in, all welcome” vibe in our own backyard. The meets were awesome, and grew in size real quick.

In 2015 Top Secret Imports (TSI) and Fernando Wiehrl (Project D Drift School) helped us to secure the WSID carpark @ Eastern Creek for our largest EOMM and in 2015 Sean Ryan and Rob Green (Motor Culture and previous founders of ZEN Garage) secured the WSID carpark for monthly EOMM’s.

We ran the EOMM’s for the love of it, for the scene. WSID management insisted on a $15/car entry fee to pay for lights, ticket booth staff and a clean up crew. I tried my best to convince them to let all cars in for free just like Daikoku Futo meets, but only managed to get them down to $10 entry/car. Hundreds, most times thousands of cars would rock up every month, you do the math! The event was definitely a lucrative deal for WSID, but a small price to pay for a venue that we wouldn’t get kicked out of every month.

Towards the end we had a growing number of bad eggs ruining it for the rest. We’ve always tried our best to ask patrons to keep the music down when entering and leaving the meets, and to not rev their engines at the meets or do burnouts on the way out, but the scene is the scene (hey even at Daikoku meets people do filthy burnouts on the way out!). It is what it is, but sadly it just got worse and worse to the point where a crowd of people would egg on the burnouts just outside the meets, add to that a few accidents with people hitting poles and knocking down fences on the way out. In 2017 we asked the Police for help, they attended one meet, then on the next one they set up a defect station and well, that was that.

Fast forward to yesterday; I got a heads up from Andrew Hawkins of Motive Video that the End Of Month Meets are back. I believe the scene needs this meet and I believe that the event is in good hands and wish Andrew all the best. The first Motive Video End Of Month Meet kicks off at the end of this month on Thursday the 30th of July. Be sure to check out the events page here:

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Art of ZEN | Obsessed | Justin Fox

Cardo has uploaded his final edit on an interview we did a few weeks ago. He’s done a great job! I’m honoured to have such an in-depth video interview about my passion for cars and GT-R’s.

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Africa Trip – Day #04

Today we hit the wineries!


1st stop, De Villiers Chocolate in Paarl.


2nd stop, beer for breakfast! Beer tasting at CBC Brewery.

Cheese and wine tasting at Fairview.

Owners ride. First time I’ve ever seen a 4WD on a wine bottle!


Old till at the perfume museum.

Chanel No. 5.

This is an artwork.


Good name for a Burger Shop?! Die Burger is a daily Afrikaans-language newspaper.

Franschhoek Motor Museum.






A few guys on Facebook suggested I visit the Franschhoek Motor Museum which our guide says is owned by the 2nd richest family in South Africa. Turns out it was on the way to a few of the wineries already on the list for the day so I was granted my wish!

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WTAC 2019 Merch




Excited to see that the Drift King design I did for WTAC has made it to garment! And also great to see the WTAC logotype I designed on lots of merch this year!

PS: This merch is not available for pre-order – so get it FIRST at the event!


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Maroubra Beach Hop Charity Car Show









































Awesome day out at the Maroubra Beach Hop Charity Car Show today. Local AF!

Full Feature on ZEN Blog.

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Low Life


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RIP Nick Tuyau

Nick’s Stagea.

Attended Nick’s funeral yesterday. He was 45 (just one year older than me). The long drive there got me thinking all sorts of things, the long drive home was even more intense. I’ve got so many thoughts on the church service, but for once I’m at a loss for words, or just feel like it’s better I keep these thoughts to myself.

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Keiichi Tsuchiya Drift King T-Shirt for WTAC 2019


A lot goes into making something right and sharing is caring, so if you’re interested in my creative process, check out this feature on the 2019 WTAC Keiichi Tsuchiya Drift King T-Shirt which I designed:

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