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JDMST – Why we meet

This is an old interview. The guy opposite, interviewing me was Marty from Mighty Car Mods, and man he made me feel at ease during this interview. I fucking HATE being in front of the camera, and I was shitting my pants when he asked me for a few words, but the way he set it all up, I just remembered how chill he was, which made me chill, and I’ve never been as comfy in front of a camera since (much to learn!).

When the guys did this video we ripped it and uploaded it to our channel so we could stream it into the in-store TV. That was a big no no, and created unnecessary bad vibes. Fast forward all these years and I’ve just reached out to Marty to ask if it’s OK for me to cut out this bit of the episode, and re-up it to my new channel. The lovely man said YES!

Thanks to young Phil Boquida, my right hand video man this year I’ve uploaded the clip to the channel. Check Phil’s work out here, it’s awesome.

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China Trip – Day #6 – Hong Kong


When in HK one must Ho Hung Kee.

Hanging out with my young cuz Anthony, the super car buster!


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Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend.


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Never underestimate the power of a phone call

So what’s with all this attitude at 42? Understandable if I was young, but telling the boss of an international brand that you think you love the brand more than he does sounds pretty damn arrogant, and that’s exactly what I said to Jose Angeles, the big man at Toyo Tyres Australia a couple of years ago during our first meeting.

Over the years I’ve developed an interesting relationship with most of my clients. It takes a lot for a client to take risks on me and allow me to work the way I want to work, because if you try to make me work the way everybody else does… well then there’s friction, and well, then basically nothing gets done.

I got a message from Nicholas Green yesterday. Nick has been a middle man of sorts in my relationship with Toyo. He simply asked for a Toyo update and I lost my shit.

It’s funny how much pressure we put on ourselves. It’s funny how much pressure money puts on me and how much pressure I put on money. In a time where I’m hyper aware of how little energy I have for anything but working on personal issues and gaming, I still wake up with ZEN and Toyo on the brain and if I scroll through my feeds, though there are less posts I still see ZEN and Toyo posts in the mix.

It’s this natural connect that is important to me and I love that Toyo and many other of my clients leave me alone to do what I like when I like, but for some reason, a simple question from Nick yesterday made me feel an immense pressure, like what I was doing wasn’t enough, like maybe we should just drop the relationship, like what the hell was I thinking?

It’s taken a few deep breaths, an apology, and a phone call to both Nick and Jose to calm me down. Thanks Nick, and Jose for being pillars and mirrors for me. I didn’t like what I saw in the reflection, but I’m glad I’ve seen it, and I’m massively grateful for the support.

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The Golf is SOLD!


Going to a good guy who’s a mate of a great guy. This car has been the longest daily driver I’ve owned. It’s the car that killed the modifying bug in me (as I was buying and modding a car a year before this car). Where I often wished I was in my GT-R when a nice ride would pull up next to me at the lights when I was in my daily drivers, I never felt that way in the Golf. It holds it’s own and nothing I’ve owned has ever sounded so good from the front and the back.

#hooraynomoretyrekickers #lessismore

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WTAC 2017




driftking_signing (1)


My WTAC photos are up! FEATURE:

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JDMyard, WTAC winners… AGAIN!

So surreal, so unreal, so… lost for words. My mates at JDMyard have won WTAC again!

I was done at 5PM on Sat at WTAC, as usual, no idea how the guys managed to muster the energy to hold a meet after the win, but damn! What a way to celebrate!

Sam Law was there (when is he not?!) to capture the vibe. Full feature on ZEN BLOG:

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Project Cars 2




Hey all, the full feature from my day playing the latest build of Project Cars 2 is up on ZEN Blog:

Awesome timing as this image just got sent to me last night!


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Hangs with Nicolas Hamilton and Rod Chong












Yesterday I was invited by Bandai Namco Entertainment to the Developer Tour for Project Cars 2. Attending the event was Slightly Mad Studios (Speedhunters Founder) Rod Chong, together with British Touring Car Driver, Nicolas Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton’s younger brother who races with a specially-modified car due to his cerebral palsy).

We got to play the latest build of Project Cars 2 on two DBOX full motion simulators at the event (each retails for over $40,000) as well as full VR support with Oculus Rift and PS4 Pro enhanced versions of the game. We also had a full 12K tri-screen PC setup to play with. I’ll be sure to blog that all up on ZEN Blog soon, but this morning I got to spend quality time with Nicolas Hamilton out at my hood. Seeing him on the sim yesterday was pretty mind blowing stuff (ZEN feature to come!), but getting to know the legend and having him over at my place was pretty spesh!

Check out his story here, it’s amazing, and be sure to follow him: @nicolashamilton

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It’s time to sell the Golf


Due to MDT (or at least, my paranoia of it) I’ve not driven much at all in the past year. I’ve mostly relied on friends to give me lifts and uber. The Golf is sitting out in the car port unloved. It’s bad enough I have the GT-R in hibernation, the Zoomer too, but the Golf as well?! I can’t fight logic anymore so I’ve made the call to finally let her go.

I’m asking $25K which is way under what it’s worth, but I’m after a quick sale without the game play. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, do get in touch. More info on my build thread:

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