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Back on the Bike

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The $3,300 carbon Canyon Inflite CF SLX 9.0 Cyclocross Bike. © C. Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

The $3,300 carbon Canyon Inflite CF SLX 9.0 Cyclocross Bike. © C. Lee / Cyclocross Magazine


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Cyclocross? Pffft! JOHN TOMAC!




Been looking at all these new fancy 2019 Cyclocross bikes, pictures of guys in muddied up lycra carrying their bikes over the rough stuff. This is John Tomac. He was my 80’s downhill mountain bike hero. Drop bars CHECK! Disc wheel CHECK! Way ahead of his time. He didn’t finish many races (mostly due to flats back then, a flat and you were out!) but he rode so aggressively and stylishly no one cared!


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Chris’ Canyon

Beast Mode.

Bike Art by Nanami Cowdroy.

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Alain’s Grom








What do you do when you break up with your girlfriend? You start spending more money on mods, and then you buy a grom, and then you start modding the grom, and then you visit old mate Justin for hangs by the beach!

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Koh Samui – Day #4 – Chaweng Beach

McDonalds overseas is always compulsory! They had fried chicken, it was amaze! I also had a double Fillet ‘o’ Fish and some strange pie.

I’m actually pretty fucking awesome at haggling (Dad taught me well), but man, the prices were fine to be honest so I was more than happy to pay what they were asking!

I wish I could bring one of these bad boys home!

Cute hermit crab sculptures.

Honda Dax!


Find your Zen.

And again!

Star getting a 1hr massage.






Today Star and I headed out to Chaweng Beach on the other side of the island to do a spot of shopping for some local clothes which we’ll incorporate into shoots over the next few days. Super hot day today, killer heat but loving it!

The spa treatments continue, and whilst Star is enjoying her 1hr massage I decided to take one of the awesome Trek 29’ers they’ve got at the resort out for a spin. Won’t lie… got pretty excited and decided to head off the path pretty much straight away. I went through a few spider webs, ran into 2 wild buffalos (!), was chased by an angry dog (lol seriously scared the shit out of me!), and eventually I stacked it! HAHA! I smashed the left brake thinking it was the rear wheel, but nooooooo, turns out it was the front wheel, which dug into the sand and threw me over! #awesome.

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Di Blasi update


We’ve made slow progress on our little Di Blasi, but we’re cool with that! The bike is in bits. From here we’ll clean everything up, the engine, the wheels, we’ll strip the frame back and prep for paint, which should all be in the next update!

More pics on Zen:

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ZEN Deathtrap V3: Di Blasi R7 Project Bike





I’m always on the hunt for interesting scooters. I’m still a little upset that I never saw the Honda Monkey bike project through too (sold it to a dude who also still hasn’t finished it!). At one stage I was super close to buying an 80’s Honda Spacy (so ugly but so coooool), but I was outbid. There was a ‘buy it now’ button on this little Di Blasi though, and after doing a little bit of research online, I pulled the trigger and now it’s a new Zen project!

No doubt about it this is the Zen Garage Deathtrap V3. I mean just look at it. A 49cc two-stroke scooter that folds down and fits in your boot. It weighs 30kg and best of all it’s street registered!!! Bad news for everyone else on the road though, it’s top speed is only 45km/h.

The guy I bought it off explained that he bought it off a company which was using a fleet of these bikes for a drink driving service, where if you get intoxicated and can’t drive your car home, one of these guys will come out to you, fold and pack their scooter into your boot, then drive you home (then they would ride their Di Blasi back to base). Overseas it’s marketed as a unique auxiliary vehicle for boats, caravans and motorhomes, even light aircrafts.

We think this thing will be hilarious on back roads, but even more fun at EOMM’s and other Zen related events! We’ve started tearing the bike down so we can paint the frame, from there we’ll trick out the bike too, so stay tuned for updates!

PS: More on Zen.

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Di Blasi

New Project!!!

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I say no to most commercial work these days but sometimes you just can’t say no! This is a branding design I’m just finishing up for a new women’s cycling label in the UK. The concept was to avoid the typical cliche women’s cycling aesthetic (soft fonts, pinks, purples, flowers and pretty things). Client is happy. I’m happy!

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Shimada Cycleworks






Nanami gave me the heads up on this little bike shop which is situated in the laneway behind Taylor St. where I used to live! So rad! I hate it when places I used to live at get cooler!

I’ve put the full feature on Zen Garage. Visit:

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