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Monday Morning Rant – 1st Feb 2021

Welcome to my Monday Morning Rant for the 1st Feb 2021!

I’ve always struggled with defining the kind of photography I do. It falls under “Boudoir” but I just hate the term. Boudoir sounds French, old, black and white, lingerie and heels to me. My stuff has a much more “lazy Sunday morning” kinda vibe to it and I like to shoot in situ and into the light. Any ideas for a better word appreciated!

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Cars. Compassion. Action.


A charity cruise I’m helping to organise! More news soon!!! Invite only for our first run, but the first of many to come I’m sure! If you’re into the cause, please feel free to donate:

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ZEN Podcast 38 – Mere Mortals

ZEN podcast #38 is live! This time around I have Juan and Kyrin of Mere Mortals as my guests for an hour of power.

Find the podcast on Youtube:
And Spotify:

Mere Mortals:

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Facebook banned me AGAIN!

Good work Zuckerberg!

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ZEN PODCAST 37 – Gripshiftslide

Awesome podcast with Gwyn Morgan and Grant Salter of Gripshiftslide. I’m a HUGE fan of their automotive photography!

These guys started Gripshiftslide at the same time as I started ZEN Garage (2011) so we take a trip down memory lane and I find out what drives the guys to keep on doing what they’ve always done best; take amazing dynamic and artistic photos on the circuit.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram:

PS: You can also listen to all the ZEN Podcasts on Spotify/Apple Podcasts and more:

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Nanami’s B’Day








Celebrated Nanami’s B’Day at Centennial Park yesterday. I brought the BMX’s out and damn that seafood paella was good!!!

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Monday Morning Rant – 18th Jan 2021

Welcome to my Monday Morning Rant for the 18th of January 2021!

It’s been a busy and productive past week and I’m working on setting up future podcasts with Ben Branch of Silodrome, Grant and Gwyn of Gripshiftslide, Quentin Mui and Kyrin and Juan of Mere Mortals.

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Double Trouble



Super loose shoot (well, we got pretty loose!) with Cremo and Peachy.

Find the entire 60+ photo set on my Patreon soon:

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Kita the Cheetah



Had a really awesome shoot with Aboriginal babe Kita earlier this week. She’s a real cheeky one! Our cheeky shots are making their way to my Patreon now:

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Itty Bitty Bikini










Sometimes I shoot outdoors!

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