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Trinkets from Japan




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I still call Australia home

Maroubra Beach.

Meow! Angry Mia is angry!

Rest? What’s that?! Welcome home party!

I came home to Ocean views, and a couple of very vocal and affectionate pussy cats; Mia and Star. :) It’s fucking awesome to be home!!!

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OMFG we missed our flight!

Goodbye HK, train to airport.

OMFG YES! Blew me away in the US last December, had to have some!

Cathay Lounge.

No number 13, or 14, super superstitious!

We had to check out at 11AM, but our flight wasn’t until 9PM so we had plenty of time to kill. We ended up getting to the airport pretty damn early as we trained it to avoid HK traffic (being a rainy day we thought it would be the smart thing to do despite never having done it before).

Mum & I got to the Cathay Lounge (as we were flying Business Class on the way home too), I got into a bottle of red, Mum had a nap. At some point mum said to me “hey the screen says our gate is closed”. I got up and asked the front counter about our flight, as we hadn’t heard any announcement that it had been delayed, or anything.

The lady behind the desk kept telling me us go upstairs, unable to communicate simply that “we had missed our flights”, this bad communication sent both mum and I into an instant state of panic and shock.

I got upstairs and the guy up there spoke much better English. He explained that we missed our flight. I let it rip that we’ve never once missed a flight in our lives, and that with Qantas Lounge we’re used to them calling us late, so that we can just enjoy and relax in the lounge until the time came to board. He let me know that’s not what they do at Cathay so that customers in the lounge can relax (although PA calls for delayed flights were going off as he was explaining this to me).

Fair call, so it’s not their policy. I acknowledged that. We asked about the next flight, but unfortunately there wasn’t one until 8am in the morning. What made matters worse was that we would have to pay extra for a booking fee, and we would also have to get out of the lounge, as it shut at 1, but then would re-open again in the morning.

I then asked why didn’t they just call us call us, from Cathay gate to Cathay Lounge, knowing we were in the lounge? He said they called at the gate, in the airport, but not the lounge. Doesn’t make sense to me as it would have taken them at least 20 minutes to get our bags back off the plane and back into the airport.

At this stage I was pretty desperate to get home, really desperate. I’m a dick, so I dropped “UNITED”. I just had to. At this stage some other attendant jumped in. He managed to calm me down, though I wasn’t really that worked up as I was already half defeated. He asked us to have a seat and come back to the desk in an hour to see if they could get us on another flight home, even if it wasn’t business class, and we couldn’t get a refund on the tickets, it was still worth considering in the moment (despite mum insisting we fly business home as she did fork out $5k/ticket!!!).

Whilst Mum prayed to God, I cussed loud enough for others to hear. I’m sure I went to the desk a couple of time before the hour was up, but on the hour, Cathay came good and amazingly, somehow got us 2 Business Class tickets on a flight home, within 2 hours of missing our flight. We literally had to piss bolt to the gate as the flight was taking off right then. The seats were right next to each other too so I’m assuming they might have pulled the same trick, leaving another couple in the lounge without a call?!

Lucy, who got on the right plane home without Mum and I then tells us, when we land, that the staff contacted her on the plane to ask us where we were, she told them we were in the lounge. The staff then told her they called the lounge, and apparently we were not there. The plot thickens!

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Day 13: Hong Kong > Sydney

Goodbye Hong Kong!

Teleporting back home soon! SO homesick! I can’t wait!!!

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Day 12: Hong Kong

THRASHER. Have run out of clean underwear and T’s, having to wear new stuff I’m buying now which kinda blows lol!

Kurt would be turning in his grave.

Clean R33 4-Door.

Decided not to shop with the crew, and instead check out the markets.

Street meet. No ice, no refrigeration and Hong Kong weather is super hot, sweaty and sticky right now too. Buckets under the tables to catch the dripping blood, and I literally saw the shop keepers resting meat on the filthy wet footpath, next to our feet, then hanging it back up again to sell. Chinese stomachs must be tough as nails!!!

Exotics everywhere in HK.

Goose! Wasn’t quite as gamey tasting as duck, much more like pigeon rather than chicken.

Lucy’s been heaps of fun! She’s still got plenty of fire in her belly this woman!

LOL Julius!

I’ve been hanging out with this guy for the past week in HK. He’s a tenor who got all the way to the finals in Australia’s Got Talent in 2013. I’m sure he’s gay (or bi as he says he has a gf) as he’s suggested more than a few times this trip that I should probably give guys a go! Love his gentle nature, we’ve had some great D&Ms, big laughs too. Sad that he’s put his dreams of singing for a living on hold to run a restaurant back home in Indonesia, but he can’t discount that he truly does have talent, and who knows, the stage might be ready for him later on in life. Check out one of his performances here.

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Day 10: Hong Kong

Must put on weight! Triple O’s burger, fries + gravy!

High Tea at The Peninsula Hong Kong to celebrate Lucy’s B’Day.

Mum’s a boozer!

Load up on carbs.

Lucy, Julius and Mum.







Shopping isn’t doing it for me in HK so I’ve just been enjoying having D&M’s with Mum, Lucy and Julius AND eating as much as I can to put on weight! Tomorrow I’m catching up with Anthony who I had dinner with the other night. He’s 14 and crazy into cars so we’re going car hunting! Should be a great day out!

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Day 9: Hong Kong

964. Man I still can’t believe how close I was to putting money down on one of these once. I’m so glad I didn’t! Much rather just appreciate them from afar.

Love it!


SO many more money cars in HK since China infiltrated.

Retail therapy.

Out with the old, in with the new.

When in HK one MUST have a bowl of noodle soup from Ho Hung Kee (they have one MICHELIN Star!). They’ve moved into a mall, and it’s not quite the same authentic experience as eating it on the street, but the noodles were just as good as always!

That teal!

Happy Hour at the hotel, free drinks!!!

My new mate.

Then we had an EPIC Chinese dinner with some relos.

These things are EVERYWHERE here in HK. Literally see one every block.

Spotted this bike shop next door to the hotel, will have to check it out during opening hours.

I like to use shit till it breaks and have had my hipster Herschel laptop backpack for 4 years now. I’m sincerely surprised it’s lasted that long as I assumed nothing trendy is built to last these days. The bag has finally had it though, and the fake leather bits were literally disintegrating and leaving bits of the bag all over my clothes and wherever I put it down (lol), so I was crazy happy to find a Herschel store here in HK that had the exact same model! I went even more timeless this time by fucking off the fake leather bits and going all black. #happydays #wouldratherazenbagtho

PS: Culture shock going from Japan > Hong Kong. Japanese = Clean. Chinese = Dirty!

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Day 8: Nartita > Hong Kong

It’s a new day.

Narita Airport. Goodbye Japan.

Hello Hong Kong.


We’re staying at Lan Kwai Fong near Central (not Causeway Bay for a change!), it’s a lovely little boutique hotel.

Was a rough night. I’ve been going through the motions of being both sad, and fucking mad about Howie taking his own life. I’m saying “Fuck Howie?!” out loud a lot. I’m just saying fuck a lot. I’ve had lots of people message me with concerns, but hey I’m fine, definitely not suicidal! I might have depression, but I don’t really mind the suffering, in fact I might even strive in it. I sure as hell ain’t fighting it, I don’t feel I ever really have.

Sure. I have an appetite for destruction, and my dream has always been to crash and burn, to die young even (though I’ve fucked that one up already), but that’s all VERY different to being suicidal.

The show must go on.

When I came down to the lobby this morning I was bracing myself for a new day. A fresh start, but some of the people in our travel group knew about Howie as they now follow me on Facebook. I even had one of the older ladies tell me that she found my blog, and loved reading all of it, she especially loved the honesty and that really touched me. Mum’s a little down too as she’s met Howie many a time over the years. So talk about Howie we did, right up until our bus got here.

Mum and I said our final goodbyes the the group, lots of hugs and kisses, it’s been real sweet. I’m now sitting in the Cathay Lounge waiting for a flight to Hong Kong. In my calendar it says SYDNEY tomorrow. It turns out that at some point, Mum decided to extend her stay with 5 nights in HK before flying back home, she says she did ask if I wanted to tag along (or if I wanted to just go home after Japan) and apparently I said yes to HK, strange as I really am not a fan of the place (just been too many times as a kid). I’m not complaining though! I’ll be sure to eat as much as I can in HK and hopefully put on some weight (I’m now 53kg, way below my natural 58kg weight).

PS: Star is 90% sure that Mia’s peed on my bed. Ah bugger! She must be so upset to do that. Looks like I’ll have to go home and buy a new mattress too!!! *sigh*.

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Day 7: Harajuku

Tokyo Imperial Palace.




Almost died when I saw what T mum was wearing today!

Hey ladies!

They inspired me to get my own!


Meiji Shrine.


Dad’s passing away anniversary today so mum and I made a prayer at Meiji Shrine.

NIKE Harajuku.

Luke’s Lobster Rolls!


We then hit up this cute little place that smokes everything.

Smoked duck was intense!







Yoyogi park was super chill.

So great to see so many people just chillin’ and enjoying each others company under the beautiful sakura.

Clean BNR34. Lady driver too!

At a hotel in Narita, last night and managed to find some legit Sushi, FINALLY!


My room, smallest of the trip for sure!

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Day 6: Ikebukuro





No weed here in Japan, so I had to beer. Beer = truth serum = lots of trouble! Bashing keys till the sun came up, crashed at some point then hit the streets of Ikebukuro to raid Tokyu Hands and scoff down some JDM Maccas! #bliss #daywrittenoff

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