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Hike to Bundeena

You call da WONG 1!

Our first stop was the Loftus Tram shed. Breaking in was easy as the fence is completely down.

Was pretty damn dark in there, here’s a shot of Cacia using her iPhone to light up her face.

Style, she’s got it. One of a few busses inside (there’s even a double decker in there!).

More photos from this set here:

Big smiles in the big tow truck outside.

On the way back out and back on the road to the National Park.

We had lunch at Bundeena, and instead of driving through to Wollongong we thought we’d do the hike to check out Wedding Cake Rock. Great to see the locals putting up clearer signage for all!


Cacia Zoo, Animal of Indulgence.

When we got to the rock there was a huge group of crazy loud Asian kids. They soon left though, leaving us with peace and Zen.



So powerful when you just sit on the edge like this!

Sat there for a good hour talking shit with Cacia, nervousness subsided after a while, was amazing!


We started our walk at 3pm, which is pretty late. The sun was already setting by the time we got to the rock.

Then it started to get dark, fast!

We made it back to the car just as it got pitch black. Perfect timing!

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Eleebana Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip – Day 6

Zi, first up and so committed. One last cast! Seriously though, that monster flathead he pulled up a few days ago just takes the cake.

Today we’re packing up, cleaning up and heading home. It’s been an awesome Easter Break. Colin and Mei have gone next level with their food, and have fed us amazing dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. The weather was up and down, but it didn’t stop So How Crew from catching fish and squid to eat, and whilst the house wasn’t as amazing as baller house (which has ruined us, really), it still provided great fishing, and a place for us to catch up, talk shit, eat, drink and have lots of laughs. Till next year!

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Eleebana Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip – Day 5

Morning ritual. A great coffee and brekkie surprise; today we had ricotta pancakes!

Sun was up! So How Crew didn’t even bother with the boats today. All rods in and the guys pulled up a couple of legal sized brim and another flatty!


Zi’s amazing tempura using freshly caught flathead, brim and squid with Sapporo beer batter!

Then for our last dinner Colin and Mei served up Hiyashi chūka, a Japanese dish of chilled ramen noodles with various toppings, so healthy, so good!

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Eleebana Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip – Day 4

Day 4 and the sun finally came out to play! Sausage and eggs muffins for brekkie!

“big boat”! Boat No.2 at the ready!

Before heading out fishing for the day Colin stuffed ribs in the smoker for tonight’s dinner!

Willy on the water.

Zi puling up a small squid.

For lunch we had nem nuong, bit of a tradition on our Easter trips, except this time Colin and Mei actually made the nem nuong themselves!

Julia and monster squid! Fishing after lunch until dark saw Zi pull up this decent sized squidy!

We’ve caught enough for salt and pepper squid, which will be lunch for tomorrow!

And tonight, we feast on smoked pork and beef ribs!!! My goodness we’re eating well!!!

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Eleebana Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip – Day 3

So last night’s never ending jug of sangria saw a fair few of us get pretty pissed. Lots of lols were had. This morning I woke up to the sound of coffee being made, and then as expected, an amazing Colin and Mei breakfast, this time baked Spanish eggs!

And grilled halloumi!

Julia showing her awesome instincts putting baby Alyssa to sleep.

Straight after brekkie Colin was prepping this coffee rubbed pork butt!

And yeah, outdoing himself once again, this time he brought his own smoker!!!

It’s raining harder than yesterday today, so, laptops out!

Steve’s still rockin’ his Nanami Cowdroy Nuvango skin.

For lunch Colin and Mei made takoyaki with the squid Stevey and Zi caught.

And pancakes too!

Then Zi, who was the only guy who was super committed to fishing for hours in the rain caught, caught this 80cm monster flatty off the jetty! Posing with Mei.

Family photo lol! Done! He’s now got a great fishing story to tell, forever!

Despite the neighbours on both sides urging us to keep the monster female Zi decided to let her go. A billion kharma points his way!

So no flathead for dinner, but Colin’s smoked pork butt came out of the smoker after a huge 9hr stint, and amazing pork butt, slaw, crackling and BBQ sauce burgers were smashed, followed by the late arrival of Willie, who’s been unable to make it the past few nights due to food poisoning! He brought along boat number 2 and bottles of cognac!

Weather is looking up for day 4! Now that Willie and his huge tackle box has arrived… it’s game on!!!

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Eleebana Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip – Day 2

Colin brought his entire coffee set-up from home, our private barista!

Colin and Mei at it again. Corn Fritters for breakfast! Next level!

Stevey taking photos of Alyssa.

Stevey having a go at Alyssa in front of Mum Gloria and Julia.

Boys setting up the boat.

Then the skies opened up, but it didn’t stop us. In the water she goes.

I stayed in the boot of Steve’s Tarago to take these shots!


First catch! Zi with a little squidy!

Colin’s pastrami has evolved since last time. It’s now fucking epic!!!

Reuben Sandwiches for lunch!

Best Reuben I’ve ever had in my life! I’m directing all my positive manifestation powers towards these guys to open their own cafe!

For dinner, Beef Rendang!

Traditional Indonesian yellow rice which always takes me back to my childhood.

Pickled veggies.

And Sangria!

The sun never came up on day 2. It’s been grey all day, and after an amazing breakfast (Mei and Colin made corn fritters!) it started raining. That didn’t stop the boys from fishing though. The aim was to catch squid for Jewfish bait. We all used squid jigs. An hour in we hadn’t caught a thing but then Zi pulled one up and it was game on. Zi ended up catching 3, Steve one, all on the one pink jig.

Back at the house Colin and Mei served up the best Reuben Sandwich I’ve ever! Damn these guys are so ready to open their own cafe. After lunch it really pissed down, which was cool as we all had food coma. Netflix, grandpa naps and more food in the form of dinner; an Indonesian feast of Beef Rendang, yellow rice and pickles accompanied by an evil jar of white win sangria!

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Eleebana Lake Macquarie Fishing Trip – Day 1

View from the house. Private jetty, Lake Macquarie, it’s going to be an awesome week!

Under the house, a boat garage!

The other guys were going to get in really late but Colin and Mei cooked up an Indo feast! These guys are amazing cooks!

Colin with baby Alyssa! Zi, Gloria, Steve and Julia rocked up at around midnight.

Squidding! Of-course Zi wanted to check the waters right away!

It was dark out, but the Sony a7S just makes daylight of everything.

The house from the jetty.

Always hanging for the annual fishing trip with the ‘So How’ Crew. This time the guys have hired a family friendly house in Eleebana, a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie (’cause Zi and Gloria have 4 month yr old Alyssa!).

I woke up with a hang over from the beers and ciggies consumed with Indy my mechanic the night before. Not sure what’s wrong with me lately, but I’ve been copping day long headaches the morning after drinking. Usually it’s not this bad. Must drink more water.

Despite the headache I had to beat the Easter Traffic (I was considering going the day after), so I bought a cheap rod and reel combo from the local fishing store (it’s tradition for me haha!) and hit the road. Traffic was pretty bad in spots, made worse with my headache, but I ended up getting to the house before anyone else.

It’s going to be an awesome break! I’ve just had a shower and the water pressure kicks ass! Showers are something that I’ve not been able to enjoy since renovating my house with water saving devices (no pressure, drip drip drip).

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Blue Mountains

First stop, some sustenance from Excelsior Jones in Ashfield.

Pork Hash, hearty goodness for a grey day.

Beans and peas.


Time to hit thew road. Spotted! A Turbo Beetle! I love these!

We got up late, and only hit the road at 2pm, we finally got the the mountains close to 5PM which made it too late for us to catch the scenic railway, it turns out the three sisters trail was shut for maintenance in any case so we did another walk from the three sisters to scenic world instead.

Them blue mountains.


Jess, Cacia and big views.

Big smiles too!


Just hanging out.

The Yellow Deli – Jess spotted this comfy looking cafe from the outside, and it was amazing on the inside!

Now this is what you call hearty comfort food. Something the hipster cafe’s in Sydney will never get right. Food that feels like it’s made with love and that it’s making you healthier with every spoon full, add to that a bill that surprises you to the point of leaving a generous tip.

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Melbourne Day 1

On a plane, again. Nuts… right?!

Berty from Cars For Hope, Cam from ClubITR, Alain, Rob and Sean from Motorculture and Photographer Matthew Everingham on Tiger air.

Hello again Melbourne!

Our chariot.

Now a Zen Chariot.

Staying at the Quest, at the airport. Whaaaat?! Nice room but, even better room mate.

No food around the airport so we went out hunting. Mix Master Alain put some Beastie Boys on, we had arrived.

Money wall at Lazy Moe’s, a huge food stop we saw on the side of the road.

The menu was HUGE.

MB long necks (so much better than VB!) one for each of us!

V8 Supercar Driver for TEKNO Autosports Jonathon Webb, our pro driver for tomorrow’s drive day.

Chicken Parma, as huge as the menu!

And I’m jet setting again! This trip had initially been planned for QLD, but the cyclone hit, and it not only got postponed to after I got back from Sweden, but moved to Calder Park in Melbourne.

We’ll be testing new tyres on the circuit. I’m tired and still very much recovering from my Sweden trip, but hey… I’ll recover later!

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Day 4 – Gothenburg > London > Singapore > Sydney

Spotted, the new TT at Gothenburg Airport. Darren Cassey from Car Throttle was quick to point out it’s awesome interior (the new air-con vents in particular).

I went to sleep with Twigs. The 23hr journey back home was awesome thanks to the British Airways World Traveller Class. Big comfy seats, and much better food (with metal cutlery!).

I was the first in the cab line!

Coming into Maroubra Beach, home sweet home.

The whole household was asleep and Mia was the first to greet me. Nyaw! Found this on the kitchen bench. Jess mentioned a few days ago that she freaked out and lost Mia (but only mentioned it to me after she’d found her so as not to ruin my trip!). She was most likely just hiding and sooking that I was away, she knows these things!

I got up on the last day of our trip thinking about the long trip back home. A horrible feeling… a sense of impending doom. We had one last short day of work, and then we hit the pub and downed a few beers. One by one the guests left by cabs to the airport, in the end there were only a handful of us left who were en route to London.

We caught cabs to the airport and as soon as the cab pulled over I realised I’d left my big bag behind the counter at the hotel! The guys had all gone into the airport… panic. My cab driver was such a nice guy. He called the hotel, confirmed my bag was still there, and we tried to organise a cab to bring it to me, but if it did get to me, how was the cab driver meant to know who I was? I had no phone. In the end I just thanked the cabbie for trying to help out, but told him not to worry about it and that I would deal with it later. I caught up to the guys inside, who had phones. We tried to plan to get a cab to get me the bag, but baggage drop was going to shut in 15 minutes, so the bag was never going to make it.

Luckily there was nothing too valuable in the bag. Warm clothes and dirty laundry! The guys who flew me out will fly me the bag next week. I’m sorry for how much it’s going to cost them to send me my bag back from the other side of the world… but I’m also SO glad that I got to run out of the airport in Sydney as soon as I landed (IE: Not have to wait at the carousel for my bag to come out!).

On the flight to London I sat next to Darren Cassey who’s a writer at Car Throttle (check them out, they’re massive!). Even then I was up to my usual tricks. IE: Teleporting. Once I got to London I had absolutely no time at all to get to my gate for a connecting flight to Singapore. I found out my gate was C63, which ended up being on the other side of the airport to where I landed from Gothenburg. I took what felt like a billion escalators and even the airport’s internal train system to get to my gate. People were running, one guy that was running flew in the air and smashed his head on the hard marble floor, blood was pouring out immediately. Was it worth running? Not really as I saw him again the the queue to get onto the flight!

I’d been upgraded. The flight home was so much comfier than the flight to Sweden. I had no one sitting next to me on the London to Singapore leg, that was awesome. I had the same seat, albeit this time with a full flight from Singapore to Sydney, but I slept a lot of the way and after a hot shower, and another short nap after cuddles with Jess this morning I’m feeling pretty damn good!

I fly again tomorrow, to Melbourne for one night. I’m feeling like a jet setter, globe trotter. I’m smiling, this year’s off to a great start!

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