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Sundays at Byron




My ex-gf and business partner of 7 years Caryn Gillespie has just set up new accommodation at Byron Bay. Her touch is on everything, the place looks amazing!

She’s offering an introductory offer of $250/night (That’s a steal! I’ll be there soon!!!). She’s only just set up her Instagram page, please check out and follow:

PS: She’s looking for influencers to help promote her new apartments so if you know anyone keen on a getaway (couples would be good!) please tag them in the comments below!

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Pulling out the Full Stops

City Folk. Let’s stop being in denial. We all need to reconnect to nature again. Full Stop.

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Disconnect Reconnect



Get out of the house they say. No bong, no internet, just nature and good company. Kindled Tiny House

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China Trip – Day #11 – Hong Kong

We always get to see Uncle Chai when we’re in HK (he’s the tall guy), my Mum was best friends with his late wife.

And that’s a wrap! Sincerely had some pretty amazing food here in HK the past 2 days despite posting about how much I dislike this place. I know the produce we have in Australia is some of the world’s best, but the culture, the cooking techniques, they seem to forgo the need for the best produce as I’ve had the best fried rice I’ve ever had on this trip, the best noodles too.

I hit the ground running tomorrow. I’ve not been this excited in a while! That electric/obsessive compulsive nature of mine is back with a vengeance! This morning Mum and I went through the ZEN Garage online shop, literally every item is out of stock and man, was it a HUGE shock. I truly did drop the ball last year. I don’t intend to buy another car to replace the Golf, instead I just want to put it all into stock, and basically reboot ZEN GARAGE. 2018, it’s my year. I’m pumped!

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China Trip – Day #10 – Hong Kong









Repulse Bay.

The trip has kinda fallen apart here in HK. Where we were all staying in the same hotel in China, and boarding the same tour bus every day and doing everything together, we’re split up over 3 different hotels here in HK, and there’s no tour bus either. Everyone seems to have contacts to catch up with whilst they’re here (or shopping!), which has seen some people skip family dinners (myself included the other night when I drank a little too much before dinner in the hotel room!!!).

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China Trip – Day #9 – Hong Kong


Exercising whilst you’re on your computer! Oh man I swear I had this exact concept YEARS ago! So good to see someone actually make it!

Tung Choi St.

KARAOKE Round 2!

My hotel Ciggy Break spot #bladerunner

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China Trip – Day #8 – Hong Kong

God damn my cousins dress cool!

The Godfather!



Nothing here in Hong Kong but brand label shopping, shoulder barging, fucked service and MSG. SO HOMESICK. Can’t wait to get home and slay. #IHATEHK

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China Trip – Day #7 – Hong Kong






Matrix Steak.

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China Trip – Day #6 – Hong Kong


When in HK one must Ho Hung Kee.

Hanging out with my young cuz Anthony, the super car buster!


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China Trip – Day #5 – Hong Kong

JR Marriott.

Fatty Tuna, Urchin and Roe on sushi rice.

We lost a day in transit today. Everyone was moving super slow due to lack of sleep, and we’ve got a pretty big group so it almost got testing. We spent most of the morning trying to get on a plane in China, and once we finally landed in HK we got stuck in hardcore traffic as the streets were blocked off for a protest of some sort, the traffic was so bad that we didn’t get to our hotels by dinner time.

I’m not a huge fan of HK. I’ve visited Hong Kong more times than any other country I’m pretty sure, mainly because Mum and Dad used to take my sister and I every single year for one of their 2 business trips (Mum used to own a couple of high fashion stores in the CBD back in the day). When I was a kid I hated it that I couldn’t speak Chinese, just made me feel dumb, still does!

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