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Hello Coco!

When I shot Coco in Tokyo last week we talked about her getting more out there, and making YouTube videos was one of the things we discussed. She’s just kicked off her channel and I get a little mention in there! So glad you guys get to listen to her English too, considering she’s never lived anywhere outside of Japan, and was born in Japan, it’s amazing, don’t you agree?!

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Tokyo – Day 12

So glad I got to catch up with my buddy Luke from Maiham Media on my last day in Tokyo. The guy’s a busy motherfather, so I’m so happy that he took the time out to meet me close to my hotel.

We had a great catch up over some beers and a burger at J.S. Burgers Cafe.

Sadness, it’s home time. Sunset on the train into Narita Airport.

Goodbye Dave! One man down as Dave’s adventures continue as he makes his way to visit his Grandma in Ireland!

The plane back home was a completely different experience to the maximum capacity plane we caught to Tokyo (where I had to sit next to a sick man, and the flight was delayed on the runway). The plane was empty. I took a whole row and slept the entire flight. IE: I teleported from Tokyo to Queensland!

Landing in Queensland, the boys did some duty free shopping.

So close but so far. We knew the trip home was going too smooth. In QLD Jetstar fucked up (as expected) and there was a 40 minute delay on our flight back home to Sydney. At this stage we lost another man as Chris left us to hang out with his family for a few nights.

Finally! Landing in Sydney. Beautiful weather!

As soon as our bags came out we said our goodbyes and I jumped straight into a cab. I took the scenic route home. Ahhhh, the water. So so beautiful.

Mia was so happy to see me. Lots of head douching, licking too! I had to tell her to calm down and I amused myself by telling her in Japanese: “Chotto matte!”, which can loosely translate to “Easy Tiger!”.

I unpacked my suitcase, here’s a shot of all the goodies I got. I especially love the 2nd hand helmet with bubble visor I picked up from Up Garage, and the Mooneyes rug too!

I jumped in the shower, then as soon as I hopped out I got a call from my good friend Sarah who lives in London. She needed to hear all about Jiro! She wanted me to run her through the entire experience from start to end and doing so had me reliving the meal all over again! It’s been so bizarre writing this last post. From hanging out with Luke for brunch, through to flying back home and then having a long conversation over the phone to a friend in London. I’ve just opened up my email application. 1367 unread emails… then there’s the Zen pack and send to do as no products that have been purchased on our online store have been sent out since I’ve been gone! But hey, not complaining! Here’s cheers to an epic trip! I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily updates!

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Tokyo – Day 11

Saving the best for last. I had a date with Mimi at Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi Hills!

A few months back I decided on going to Jiro’s son Takashi Ono’s Roppongi Hills restaurant instead of Jiro’s in Ginza. Why? Well the news is that Jiro’s in Ginza is all business. You have to learn the right etiquette for eating the sushi otherwise you’ll be frowned upon, and there’s no talking, no photography and you have to be in and out quite quickly too.

Mimi tried so hard to get a booking a month or so ago, and it was looking pretty grim, but on her last attempt to call she got through! Again, just amazing how much luck I’ve got!

I read that Jiro’s son’s restaurant was way more relaxed, and dead set, it was such an amazing experience and the best sashimi and sushi I have ever had in my life. Takashi-san ran us through every dish (was great having Mimi as a translator!). Also noteworthy, they picked up that I was left handed and all my dishes were served left handed (mirror opposite to Mimi’s). We were “mmmming” so much! Heaven, sushi heaven!

The green tea (which was amazing) was topped up constantly throughout the meal.

We opted to go half sashimi, and half sushi for our set menu. First up, delicious flounder fin and clam.

This mackerel was amazing, so next level. Perfect texture. I can’t get over it.

Smoked bonito was a taste explosion. It was had 2 ways, first straight with dipping sauce below.

Dipping sauce for bonito.

Second 2 pieces you used ginger and wrapped it up in a leaf. Amazeballs!

Sole fish.

Squid, so creamy!

Giant clam. It was, for a better word, amazing!

Tuna, this was epic.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, fatty tuna, which was just too good and had us both vocally expressing ourselves, and shaking our heads in disbelief.

Sardine, but not at all salty or fishy.

The dishes came up fast, and we were encouraged to eat them (with our hands) as soon as they landed on our plates.

Horse mackerel was one of our fave dishes.

Takashi Ono, second son of the world-famous sushi master, Jiro Ono. Takashi-san spoke to us quite a lot, if Mimi wasn’t with me he probably would not have (he did not speak to the other foreigners much at all but spoke and joked with one of the locals a fair bit).

Never had roe so god. Such amazing popping and bursting with liquid textures.

Prawn for me.

Prawn for Mimi. Chopped off tail, for ladies only!

Urchin, which I don’t usually love, but I loved this. It literally melted in your mouth.

Sea eel, best eel I’ve ever had no doubt!

If you’ve seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the movie, you’d know what goes into this amazing egg dish which finished off our meal.

Chopped in 2 for ladies only!

Takashi-san said ‘thank you’ to me in both Chinese and Indonesian, he see’s a lot of tourists and knows how to say thanks in over 40 languages. He was more than happy to have a small chat afterwards, and also asked if we wanted a photo with him.

With happy bellies, hearts and minds, Mimi and I checked out the Mori Art Museum. This piece was beautiful, black sand pouring out like an hour glass, set to a moody soundtrack.

Taiwan-born artist Lee Mingwei’s show was on and it was the best interactive art show I’ve seen in ages. This piece ‘The Moving Garden’ encouraged visitors to take a flower and then give it to a stranger you pass by on the way home.

I gave my flower to Mimi though, apologies Lee!

Shoes off, we stepped up to a platform littered with tied up wooden boxes.

We were encouraged to open them up and find items of clothing from Lee’s childhood.

Under each lid, stories associated with each piece. Very sweet.

This huge piece on the floor was made by different coloured sand. The audience is dared to walk over the sand painting and deform the image, destroying the crazy man hours involved in making the sand painting in the first place.

Loved this. The audience is encouraged to take their shoes off, enter and write letters that they had always meant to but had never taken time for. You can also read letters people have left, and if you put an address on the envelope the artist will send the letter for you when the exhibition closes.

We then checked out the view from the top, that’s Tokyo Tower in the picture.

Was a beautiful day!

Back down to earth we tried some ice-cream treats from Crème de la Crème.

And bought a drink from the cute ELLE Café next door.

This almond milk drink was such a perfect choice.

We found a place to sit and just and chill, was so great to catch up with Mimi. I’ve missed her terribly (and I’m going to miss her even more when I return home).

Spotted out the front of a carpark in Roppongi Hills.

Later that night. A festival in and around Shinjuku station.

From the highs of Jiro to the absolute low. The Burger King Black Burger just came out in Japan, we had to try it, right?! Visually trippy, but taste wise it was just AOK.

We then hit up HUB British Pub in Shinjuku.

Krysti and I managed to convince a couple of Japanese girls to join our table so that they could practise their English and we could practise our (horrible) Japanese!

It’s a sign! We got pretty tanked in there, and we were the last group left when they kicked us out to close.

New Acquired Taste recruits!

Kiss kiss! Krysti and I, wasted!

We hit the Golden Gai, where anything goes. The Japanese girls were infatuated with Krysti’s boobs! When Krysti gave them the go ahead, they couldn’t keep their hands off!!!

So much grabbing action.

Such epic lols!

Then it was Krysti’s turn to feel their boobs!

Such a rad night out.

Kaori’s tattoo.

Kaori, Miwa and me.

We stumbled back to the hotel, kebabs even!!!

And we went a bit silly on the vending machines to prepare for tomorrow’s nasty hang over! What a night!

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Tokyo – Day 10

Group shot at the first Torii Gate. We all slept in today. Whilst we weren’t at all hung over, we had such a huge day and night yesterday that it almost felt like we were out clubbing! We thought we’d check out Meiji Shrine which I’ve somehow managed to miss every single time I’ve come to Tokyo. It was shut the other day when we were in Harajuku too (there has been a mosquito scare here lately so they shut it early), we were lucky to get there this time though.

Sake barrels.

The second massive Torii Gate just a few minutes walk in.

Do as the locals do. Wash your hands, and have a drink of the water too. It just felt so cleansing. So Zen.

Into the shrine we go.

Krysti and I wrote wishes on little pieces of wood and hung them on the prayer wall, such a beautiful and emotional experience. We also tossed some yen into the offering box, instructions were to bow your head twice, clap twice, and bow once more. Again, such a beautiful experience.

We also spotted a traditional wedding procession.

After the shrine we got our shopping on as we didn’t get it finished last time (as we were all just too hung over!).

I headed back to Supreme to buy a shirt.

We fuelled up at Cafe Studio.

Burger patty was excellent, cute little cafe too.

Then amazingly we ran into the US Boys from yesterday. What are the odds of running int someone in Tokyo?! We decided to all check out Akihabara, more commonly known as “Electric Town”, again, a first for me (despite the many times I’ve been to Japan!).

As soon as you pop out from the station you’re greeted by buildings with multiple floors of stuff, anything from games, to electronics good and manga shops.

We played a few games, not the arcade stuff, just the prize stuff.

And we were very tempted to check out a maid cafe, but we weren’t hungry and we had a HUGE group so we gave it a miss, this time!

We stumbled into an 18+ manga shop that was full of whack hentai.

Yep, school girls panties vending machine! We bought some, they were new (not used!), phew?!

Then we found this shop. 8 floors of sex related goods. There’s some funny and innocent stuff in there, but thee’s some really sick as fuck shit in there too.

Spotted this sign in the train station on the way home… makes sense to have these signs at Akihabara Station considering how perverted some of the goods that the shops sell are!

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Tokyo – Day 9

Tight fit! Day 9 kicked off with Zee from All That Low picking 8 of us up from our hotel in a rented Honda van.

We then met up with the American crew from Royal Origin and then we were on the road.

First stop, the biggest Up Garage in Tokyo. Matty pulled the trigger on this awesome cammo HPI harness and Zee scored a hydraulic handbrake for $46 for his Aristo (which funnily enough he was thinking of selling, but after buying this he’s turning it into a drift project!)!

Zee then took us all to Up Garage GT, a more race focussed Up Garage. Alexi took us to this shop the other day but it was shut, so again, it’s just amazing how our luck is panning out on this trip!

So much wants.

Monkeys (also so much wants!).

Spotted in the car yard next door.

And this beauty.


I want that steering wheel + horn button combo, amazing!

Our crew was growing in size as another car load of American guys met up with us.

Across the road from Up Garage was this GT-R shop. You can have that R34 GT-R for $30k.

Zee then surprised us with a visit to Mines and we each individually greeted by President and CEO Michizo Niikura. I was having a pretty massive fan boy moment as I’d seen him in so many magazines and DVD’s over the years.

This super clean BNR32 was in the workshop. I got to show Niikura-san photos of my GT-R (which I told him came with a Mines ECU when I first bought it). He said “R32, Favorite!”.

Niikura-san pulled out their amazing R35 GT-R, unfortunately the famous R34 GT-R was not at the shop.

Mines Super Response Engine.

What a dream. Krysti got to sit in it too, and Niikura-san also told her that he though she was “very pretty” which had her squirming.

We then headed for Zee’s hometown of Yokohama. After a quick tour of the area (which was all lit up and had a great vibe by night) we hit Shakey’s for all you can eat Pizza.

It was time to hit Daikoku for Zee’s All That Low x Royal Origin Daikoku Night Meet. Walking back to the carpark we spotted this old man drumming away in front of a crowd of youngsters at a game parlour.

Zee’s friend Shingo’s amazing ride. Our van was packed, so Krysti got a ride in this beast!

Snapping necks! It just looked amazing rolling so low on the streets. Sounded beast too.

I was trying to snap a shot in the tunnel. Soon after I snapped this shot a bike rider popped a wheelie past Shingo’s car and hit the hard left up ahead with one knee down. What a sight!

Daikoku was absolutely PACKED! Zee did an amazing job of uniting the stance community in Tokyo!

Beautiful. We’re all falling in love with 4-door R34′s.

I’l take it.

This crew was called “Lifetime” and they had some absolutely sick rides.

Like this E46.


And this crazy R32 Golf.

Which didn’t have a rear bar.

This R32 Golf was amazing too, it’s roll cage lit up with LED’s when he drove off.

This scooter was on an air set-up and scraped the ground rolling in to the meet.

Loved this E46.

I’ve never seen so much hardcore camber in the one place.

Beauty. Not everything on the night was stanced up.

And as expected, there was just so much variety on show.

From old school VAG.

To new school madness.

Lots of cars were rocking USDM stickers. Illest etc.

There were also a lot of fun local stickers.


Had to take a snap of this Odyssey.

And one of my personal fave cars of the night. It was an oval window too!

A guy owned this!

The Bōsōzoku rocked up, they were loud, and visually spectacular. They all parked up in front of the Police HQ at the car park (Yes balls! And yes, there’s a police station at Daikoku!) and very soon after the Police came out to shut the meet down (they were amazingly nice about it and no one was defected!).

When one venue gets shut down, everyone seems to know where to go to next. We cruised to our second venue in Yokohama with a bunch of very tough cars.

Loved this carpark (which was already packed when we got there), what a backdrop! Reminded me of the Opera House. Again, there was a Police Station at the car park, but amazingly they let everyone stay.

Hottest S15 there. Picture does it no justice at all. The colour was amazing, the whole car just had so much presence.

There was just so much amazing fitment everywhere you looked.

View of Yokohama from the carpark.


All Class.

I had to sit for a while in front of this Cima to take it all in. How is this rolling on the streets? Mind = blown.

Loved this S13 convertible that rolled in.

It’s now reppin’ an Acquired Taste sticker!

So happy that some old school metal rocked up.

Thing of beauty.

Heart is stolen.

Gahhhh. So amazing from every angle.

1am. Zee from All That Low now rocking a Zen snapback and getting one last cold drink from a vending machine before calling it quits and driving us all the way back to our hotel. What a day, and none of it would have happened without Zee (what a man). The guy has 2 kids and a hardcore job, yet he took the time out to hire a car for us, drive it all the way from Yokohama to Shinjuku to come get us, then he gives us a grand tour and takes us to his meet, introduces us to his friends, gets us to another meet and drives us all the way back home (only to have to drive 1.5hrs on his own to the rental company and drop off the van before making his way home).

We owe him lots! Be sure to follow his page: All That Low.

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Tokyo – Day 8

We’ve been doing SO much that Tokyo took a toll on us again today, and we slept in until lunch time, but we all managed to get out of bed and catch a train out to Kumagaya to check out the closest Up Garage (since they were shut yesterday).

We got there without issues thanks to Alexi’s directions. A sleepy little suburb with a relaxed vibe. The shop instantly blew us all away. 80% second hand goods and some new stuff too. The seats were really well priced and had us all wishing we had something like this back home.

So many awesome wheels. All reasonably priced too!

Spotted this guy leaving, what a stretch!!!

We got back in time for an epic dinner at Zauo in Shinjuku, a restaurant where you catch your own fish!!! We had a private booth, they serve a set menu (and the freshest most dark red tuna I’ve ever had), unlimited beer, sake and plum wine and when you’re tanked, you can go fishing!

Mimi and I both caught crayfish!

The boys did well with a couple of snapper and a flounder too!

I’m on a boat. Such a mad concept, everyone in there was having a blast!

This snapper came out in a casing of hard salt, which you lit, then broke with a hammer to eat the fish inside. Absolutely delish!

Sake shots for the 2 guys who failed to catch anything, haha!

I told Angelo the eye was the best bit (I lied), so he ate it. I rewarded him with letting him eat the cheek though, which is the best bit!

Matty’s “Aussie Pride” tattoo has bad letter spacing. To me it reads: “P ride”.

I thought I’d fix it.


Crayfish was unreal! Such a mad night, what a great concept, and such great company! A trip to the Golden Gai (again) will see us in bad shape tomorrow morning, but hey! YOLO!!!

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Tokyo – Day 7

Today Alexi of Nori Yaro took us on a grand tour. We’ve been psyched for this, and he sure as hell didn’t disappoint! The guy is such an amazing tour guide and you get a lot more than just visiting stores and workshops. He’ll talk to you about anything you want to talk about, in our case, Japanese culture. The conversations we had in the van between stops were just as awesome as the places we visited.

First stop, Crystal. These blue Rays Gram Lights were fucking amazing!

So too these custom order Work Kiwamis.

This beast was sitting pretty upstairs.

Love that they have a place for you to put your fuel cap in Japanese fuel stations, so thoughtful!

Next stop, Top Secret. Unfortunately they were shut!

Spotted some rad rides up front and out the back though.

Next stop: Super Autobacs in Tokyo Bay! It was huge, and a lot like our Supercheap Auto but with quality parts mixed in with all the cheap stuff (like a whole isle of drink holders and air fresheners!).

TRD sound changer for the new 86. Very cool!

Alexi was spotted by a couple of the staff who stopped him for a photo!

Next stop: Mooneyes in Yokohama!

Loved this buggy!

This Mercury was pretty special too.

And this sled!

Mooneyes on the inside. These guys must have more branded merch than any other automotive brand I know of. Downstairs they had lifestyle products.

Upstairs they had an amazing range of car parts.

We had lunch in their cafe, which looked and felt a lot like a retro American diner. Even their regular customers dressed in the right attire which was pretty impressive.

Doubt you’d get away with this beer’s description in Australia!

We all feasted on burgers which were totally satisfying.

Evidence of pinstriping in the workshop. Mooneyes is the kind of store where your eyes just can’t settle on any one thing. It’s packed with eye candy. Culture plus!

Spotted out the back. Alexi exploded over this very rare 2 door Crown.

He wanted it, bad!

Pussywagonesque! This is the same model car as Alexi’s mini-van, but done Mooneyes style!

Next stop: The new Nismo HQ.

Unfortunately they were also shut as they were about to host their 30th anniversary party (which explains the flowers), but Alexi sweet talked our way in and we were able to snap a few shots of the cars on display.

Inside was the 2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo which holds the record for the fastest-ever time for a factory GT-R on the Nürburgring.

Jaws dropped. Nissan GT-R JGTC Nismo.

Super GT Z.

Stiff Pipe!!!

On the wall they had a big collection of race badges dating way back.

The 2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 car stole my heart.

Carbon headlights for extreme lightening. The car costs $500k, which isn’t too much to ask IMHO!

Next stop: Bee-R!

This super tough BNR32 was parked outside.

Tough stickers, for reals.

Also outside was this tough BMW.

Yellow Peril! Then we saw these beasts and got all excited like little school girls.

Alexi was given the go ahead to pop the bonnet on the B80R.

Whoo 2J!

Inside was all business bar the Hello Kitty clips. Boss man Imai stuck an Acquired Taste sticker on the dash which blew the boys away!

So fresh, mind-blowing. What a work of art.

Alexi was playing translator with Bee-R boss Kiyonori Imai who was such an awesome character.

Imai showed us his 180SX (which looks like a R35 GT-R) in a magazine, with Option Boss’ 180SX (which looks like a 370Z).

Bee-R’s current D1 drift car.

Super wide chaser, the sunken rear door handles give it all away.

This new accord looked out of place in the workshop.

Until we saw the custom supercharger setup!

Spotted inside the office. Winners, obviously!

Next door to Bee-R was Racing Paradise, an RC shop with a huge slot car circuit.

View of their circuit from the top floor.

They even had a massive drag strip!

Next stop: CPW Skate Shop. I’ve been following their blog for a while and they were the inspiration for the Zen Garage funny bike.

The owner Motoyan was working on a customer bike outside (his own personal bike is on the left of this picture).

Motoyan is the same age as me, so it all makes sense! Old school skate decks galore… I was right at home.

These guys have probably bought up all the Banana saddles out there.

The shop was tiny and jam packed of amazing stuff.

Motoyan is into cars as well! He pulled out his EF Shuttle just for us.

It sounded offensive, and yup, that’s static.

CPW Skate Shop from the outside. So rad!

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Tokyo – Day 6

We’ve been winging everything, pretty much, and last night we decided to go to Osaka (with no plans!). We got up early and caught the Shinkansen with our JR passes.

Hang Rings! We had to make many train transfers after catching the bullet train, and it got a little overwhelming, but hopping on one of the much older trains out in the burbs was fun.

First stop; Osaka Aquarium. Check out this arapaima! I had a book on these jurassic fishes back in 2000 when I had a predator only tank. They used to get a LOT bigger than this once upon a time but even so, they’re still one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Was great to see a few of them today, such an amazing fish.

Dolphins! Great to see them swim and play from behind the glass as opposed to from above.

What we were really here for. A live whale shark in a tank?! For real? Yes for real! The largest fish in the world, but this guy was still pretty small (yet still very impressive!).

Luckily for us we got there on feeding time! Feeding fish is one of the most fun parts of owning fish in aquariums, and it was awesome to watch the diver hand feed the whale shark.

A sunfish! The heaviest bony fish in the world. Another first for me, never seen one of these either in real life, so awesome to watch it’s dorsal fins move.

The big tank (ok, the HUGE tank) had a couple of big hammerheads in it too. Again, never seen one in real life. This aquarium just kept on delivering!

This turtle was pretty big too.

Tank full of Japanese spider crabs.

This seal was literally just chilling, smiling, squinting, and floating still like a buoy.

At the end there was a large tank full of rays and sharks that you could touch. Another new experience knocked off the list!

We then caught a shuttle boat from Osaka Aquarium to Universal Studios.

Boating across the port of Osaka, unfortunately with the Backstreet Boys playing from the speakers on top deck (might have had something to do with all the staff running the boat being female? Driver and all).


Shrek! Oh noes!

As soon as we got in, the boys were mobbed by young Japanese girls who wanted to take their picture with the group!

Matty was pretty popular with the girls. Maybe they thought he was Macklemore? Or perhaps Prince Harry?!

We had to be back at the station to catch the last train back at 7PM so rides were out of the question as the queues were all 90 minutes long. Instead the guys just kept walking around getting mobbed by girls who wanted to take their photos with them!

At Jurassic Park.

Back to the Future! We couldn’t get on the ride, but we did buy some goodies in the theme store.

The spinning Universal globe came alive at night.

We had to rush back to the train, and grabbed a quick bite in the station to eat on the train. The 3hr ride to Osaka was great, the 3hr ride back home just destroyed us.

Tired, and sore (we’ve been doing a lot of walking!) it was great to finally be back at home in Shinjuku. Now for some rest. Tomorrow Alexi takes us on an epic tour of Japan’s workshops and car parts stores!

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Tokyo – Day 5

Day 5 kicked off with a shoot in my tiny hotel room in Shinjuku with the absolutely gorgeous Coco Komatsu. What a gal! She’s 100% Japanese but speaks amazing English. She’s hilarious, smart, sharp, crazy cute and sexy all at the same time! Won’t be working on the photos whilst I’m here in Japan, but will do as soon as I land back in Sydney!

By the time our shoot was done, everyone was starving so we hit the road to get some lunch. The boys were gawking hard at something…

Turns out it was Stephen’s Mum’s car, only done right!

Coco joined us for lunch, and the boys just fell in love with her. She’s such a bright light!

Matty, such a gentleman, offered to carry Coco’s heavy bag.

Coco took us to an awesome Okonomiyaki restaurant. I’ve never in my life had such great Japanese Pancakes!

Not so sure about these ray fins though!

Car Spotting: Beast mode enabled!

Matty’s been amazing at choosing the worst drinks from the drink machines, daily.

2000GT. We then headed off to Toyota Mega Web in located in Tokyo’s waterfront entertainment suburb of Odaiba (which was a little tricky to get to my train, but hey, we got there thanks to Chris’ amazing sense of direction).

We made a B Line for the History Garage and it didn’t disappoint! Toy cars, books (we scored some HyperREVS!), a cafe, amazing classics of all makes and eras.

Spotted this rare Split-window Corvette. Delicious.

This old dude was working in a garage behind glass. I asked the store cashier if we could go inside, and after asking the old dude inside if it was OK if we all came in, we got the thumbs up!

The smell of grease was soooooo good. What a job this guy has, restoring amazing bikes and cars. The whole place had such a Zen vibe.

Hey Matty!

For around $30K you could buy this beast. I absolutely love it! Japanese G-Wagon!

Little pocket rocket.

TRD are making some amazing things for the 86, like these venetians! SO cool.

And check the little wings on the side near the side mirrors, fresh!

Could not resist this pet store in the mall which joins the History Garage to the more modern stuff.

Nyaw puppy!

The ferris wheel outside is one of the world’s largest. We didn’t get to go on it though, maybe next time!

What I was really in Odaiba for. The massive Gundam. I was emotional. I’ve been into Gundam since I was a little kid. My first robot toy was a steel Gundam figurine (I still have it too! Such a hoarder!).

WE WIN! For dinner we smashed a shitload of sushi at Sea King. Loved this place. The sushi train is so long, and when you order sushi with the touch pad it gets delivered to you on a super fast bullet train above the main sushi track. Amazeballs!

Back at Shinjuku Station West exit, feet are dead, was a great day out!

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Tokyo – Day 4

The team were pretty dead this morning. Only Robbie, Krysti and myself were on chat, and the rest of the boys were dead dead. We downed some greasy chicken skewers from the 7/11 downstairs from the hotel in an attempt to cure our (quite bad) hangovers.

Nike Crew. Robbie, Krysti and I checked out the Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art again whilst the boys were asleep. We had a good long sit down in front of the Sunflowers painting by Van Gogh. The silence was soothing. Soon after that the boys were finally ready (it was 3PM lol!) and we hit the road for Harajuku.

Acquired Taste Shinjuku.

Harajuku comes alive on weekends, check out the slow stream of people in this shot. Madness!

Supreme. So many great stores, but we were just so flat today after the massive night we had last night. The crew persisted though, and bought quite a few goodies, but we’ve decided that we have to return during a quiet week day.

Undefeated. So much more shopping to do but just too hangry! We ate, then decided to check out the activities surrounding the park.

We got to see a few of the awesome rockabillies (crazy breakdancing Elvis subculture!) do their thing, they’re so so so awesome!

Acquired Taste Harajuku.

Finally spotted an E30 from the overpass at Harajuku.

Everyday Tokyo. Rad line-up at these lights.

When in Harajuku one must drop into Kiddy Land. 5 floors of toys (lots of small things on the first floor which make for great gifts).

Car Spotting: Clean EVO 6.

The whole crew is sporting newly bought kicks! We spent some time in the Nike shop, but again, we were just SO dead. We decided to bail and rest up at the hotel for a couple of hours before going out for a late dinner.

We failed to get a table for 8 at a fair few restaurants which were all pretty packed out despite it being 10PM, but eventually we stumbled upon Rokkasen and we went for the all-you-can-eat Yakiniku.

The Matsuzaka Galbi was next level.

Matsuzaka Sirloin.

Ox Tongue.

Fugu (balloon fish), prawns, scallops and crab.

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