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Paying respect to Asmongold

Monday Morning Rant!

Just a rant about my resentment issues, and also paying respect to Twitch Streamer Asmongold who lost his mother last week.

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Proof of COVID-19 vaccination – Linking myGov to Medicare is impossible!

Viv has started working again and I was all set to go into the city to a nice hotel she’s booked for a shoot this past weekend but it turns out I needed to have proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

No worries right? Hop on the myGov web site, link my Medicare, this should be easy? NOT! It turns out that it’s fucking impossible. In the end I had to call, and guess what? Phone lines are only open on weekdays.


Weekend ruined. Why they don’t just give you what you need on your second jab, then and there, is beyond me. Fuck myGov!

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Organic Food Hub

Suit no more!

Hello family and friends!

I’m doing my bit to help a good friend of mine Joshua who I’ve known for over 20 years. Josh is the only entrepreneurial type I like. Someone who’s always wanted to do good.

Over the years I’ve seen him ditch his suits, leave the city, buy a farm, get married, start a family and he’s now putting everything he’s got into launching an organic food company.

Those that know me know that I don’t eat healthy (hey I don’t even drink water!) but I completely understand the concept of “you are what you eat” and “your body is your temple”. I know a lot of you out there value a healthy lifestyle so I’m hoping that those of you who do will give Josh’s organic food service a go.

From today, Josh’s Organic Food Hub can start delivering products and servicing clients all over NSW.

Please check out, and if possible, put in an order, no matter how small, to help this beautiful man out.


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Ellie cooks



OMFG I love love love the food that Ellie cooks!

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New shoot with Viv and Ellie now on my Patreon








New uncensored photo sets with Viv and Ellie are up on my Patreon (which I update every day!). Visit/Support:

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I was wrong about New World

The grind to max level (60) was huge.

Initially I refunded the game after 2 hours of playtime, but I’ve since bought it again and put in 140+ hours. The grind is real and fuck I love the grind!

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Sony X90J 75″ Bravia XR LED 4K TV [2021]

The new TV is a LOT heavier than the old one. There was no way I was going to get it up the stairs alone so I had to call a mate to help out.

It’s fucking HUGE!

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Monday Morning Rant – Lockdown is over!

Lockdown is over and that ‘randomness’ I need in life is coming back.

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My Sony X850D LED TV blew up

Google: Black screen + red light blinking 6 times = DEAD LED TV.

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Monday Morning Rant – Thoughts about New World

Gaming rant this week, surprise surprise?!

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