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Banana Palm

Entrees – Salt and pepper chilli squid, Soft shell crab and crispy marinated quail on a papaya salad.

Mains – Steamed fillet of barramundi, warm duck breast salad, stir fried beef.

Dessert – The fanciest fried banana I’ve ever seen.

Had dinner with some visiting relos at Banana Palm tonight in Coogee Beach. I’ve eaten here once before, many years ago. They serve up Vietnamese Cuisine, nothing traditional, more fusion, so much so that I thought 2 of their dishes were outright Chinese, and nothing at all like the Vietnamese food I’m used to. Strange meal, really hit and miss. Some dishes were OK but some weren’t great. The fried banana dessert was almost saved the night except the pear on the plate was nicer than the banana’s themselves!

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Cars Move Us update

Who didn’t have a Lamborghini Countach poster on their wall as a kid? (Dad bought me one with a naked babe on the bonnet! Daaaad!).

Cars Move Us is doing really good 3 days in.

I initially registered the domain name in 2008, never used it (Narada and I almost did, we had dreams of making it an amazing blog which superstar drivers contributed to) and let it lapse. I ended up turning it into Bikes Move Us.

The other day I was hunting down domain names for the space (so hard to find a name for it!). I punched in ‘Cars Move Us’ and it was available so I bought it (again). And this time I got going on it right away rather than let it fizzle out.

The concept is a lot simpler this time around. It’s basically inspired by the “car pron & cool shiat” folder on my desktop which I use to store images I love and find, usually on the net.

I’ve noticed a lot of images in the car pron thread on various forums have broken (due to people hot linking an image which is not online anymore). It’s a real shame that these images are lost, perhaps forever in some cases so I’m making an effort to re-upload them all onto the Cars Move Us server (clicking on an image loads in the full sized image where possible).

We’ve got quite a few contributors on there at the moment, all local for now but that will change soon (I’m envisioning 20+ international contributors in future). All posts are made anonymously, so the contributing team as a whole takes the credit. No posts are dated either (though the site will be updated daily) as the content we’re posting is arguably timeless.

Please visit:
Twitter: @carsmoveus

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Rockpool Bar & Grill

Sign and menu from the outside.

So much on the menu but my eyes always focus on this bit.

I always love checking out the $40k+ wines on the wine list, but we went for a much more modest Wynns Coonawarra 1994 Cab Sav Black Label (my fave drop of red).

We were there early and service was crazy fast.

Who needs fancy presentation when the produce is this good?

Cam and Suga.

Jason and Alison.

The Pavlova was massive. Cam smashed it too!

Haven’t had a great steak since the Tassie Trip so when Cam (who was with us in Tasmania) was in town we thought we’d line up a dinner at Rockpool Bar & Grill for a killer steak. Jason, who was also with us on the Tassie trip came too so it was almost like a re-union of sorts!

All of us were on Facebook the night before, starving just thinking about the steak, and Rockpool didn’t disappoint. There’s so much awesome stuff on the menu. I’d love to try it all, but every time I’ve been I just go straight for the grain fed steak on the bone. Can’t help it!!!

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Senna Charity Screening

Pretty excited about this! I can now share that JDM Style Tuning + Circuit Club will be hosting a private screening of Senna, a documentary on Brazilian Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna, who won the F1 world championship three times before his death at age 34.

We’ve got 220 seats to fill. All proceeds go to charity too. :)

When: Thursday 28/07/2011
Where: Hoyts Cinemas, Entertainment Quarter

Ticketing details ASAP!

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Visual Response “WOMAN” entries are now live

A massive 252 entries (which I’ll be judging for the next few hours!), all inspired by the word “WOMAN”. Now live on INfront. Visit:

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Hotpot night

Christina organised a hot pot night with the guys and gals at her parent’s place last night (they’re away on holidays). Always awesome, the special peanut sauce is the shizz.

It seems like every time this crew get together we go for a bender.

Gee and Robby.

Jon and Jono.

Jon “planking”. New to me?!

Jono planking.

Planking gone mad.

Christina and Nat.

The girls.


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Jamie and Richie’s new house

Just a few pics. So nicely done, very feminine, lots of attention to detail. 20mm pancake lens isn’t the best lens to use for this kinda thing!

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Cars Move Us

Not another blog! Spreading myself too thin? Cant help myself! Visit:

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JDMyard logo T

The boys at JDMyard have just received a batch of new T’s. Tooting my own horn, but I love wearing my own designs on my chest. :) $25 pick up, $33 shipped. Visit:

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Cycling Express goes live

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been working on launching Cycling Express, a new Australian owned and run online cycling shop which price matches the 2 largest cycling online shops in the world. Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle.

I’ve managed to get the industry talking and I’ve heard some crazy rumours through the grape vine (one mob are spreading rumours that the company is owned by the latter day saints?!). The Cycling Express Facebook page almost hit 1000 likes, the page itself has had over 42,000 impressions. The blog is geting over 600 unique vistors a day. All in all I’m really happy with my performance, the guys at Cycling Express are too.

The shop has just gone live 10 minutes ago. If you’re after a bicycle, or bike parts, then there’s nowhere in Australia cheaper, not to mention you get local warranty and fast delivery too.


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