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Some pics to sum up the past few days

Red tuffs!!!

Red brake finally came in.

Wasp vs Spider!

Washed cars.



Ollie the blind guide dog.

Tag team sisters.

Pong on! Mum’s so cute.

Yeti frankenstein build.

Yeti decals in case I decide to powdercoat the frame.


Suga and I.


Linda’s B’day dinner.

Me, my cousin Nicholas and his girlfriend Romina.

Richie and my sister Jamie.


Evil Elf with ghost orbs.

Mum and Jasmine.

Bankstown Velodrome.

Bankstown Velodrome.

Bankstown Velodrome.

Pho Ann Bankstown, best Pho in Sydney.

My bike rack plate!






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Dropping to flat = bad (duh?!)

OK so I could have done a lot more damage to my ankle last Monday at Manly Dam when I went off the big drop. I’ve since gone for a few rides around the block and my ankle still feels a little tender but at least I can still ride!

I was initially a little upset that the bike is set up just how I like it but it bottomed out hard going off this drop. If I put more air in the rear shock it might not bottom out so hard off these drops but then it would surely ruin the setup for the rest of the trail.

I asked for input on MTBR and got some great input, especially the bit about putting my feet forward on the pedals:

One other thing I’ve been thinking about is finding my limit. I suppose I’ve been slowly but surely pushing myself to go harder on the bike throughout the year, it’s a natural progression right? Well after last Monday I think I’ve just about found my limit and I’m glad I’ve done so as it’s hopefully going to put an end to the frustration I feel at times when I “whimp” out of doing something.

We all have to draw the line somewhere. Going over that line could hinder progression. Just a pre-xmas thought!

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MC Cyclery hits the Dam

MCC hits the Dam.

7.30AM at MCC. The boys had to be back by 11am to open the shop.

8.30AM we’re at the Dam (Dam Sydney traffic!).

Barry’s 5 year old mint, as new Specialized Epic.

Group shot.

Joe’s awesome at hucking off stuff.

Barry’s in his 50’s and he goes hard!

Justin doing the Dam on a hardtail, full rigid single speed dirt jump bike.

Grant hucking the big drop…

… and tasting the ground. The man got up and did it again right though. RSPCT!

I got so shitty that my testicles weren’t big enough on the day to do the drop that I went back the morning after and did it. Talk about peer pressure.

I bottomed out hard and mashed my right ankle too.

That about ends the insane riding weekend for me. Friday night pissed late night riding session, Saturday Centennial Park for Suga’s maiden TCR voyage, Sunday MCC Manly Dam ride and I drove straight over to Loftus to ride with Grant (great guy I met through the BMU forums) Eddie, Thanh and friends and Monday Manly Dam with Felix and Steve, another great guy we’ve met through the BMU forums.

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She’s almost finished! Just waiting on a rear brake + red tuffs.

She’s come a long way huh?!

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Suga’s Giant TCR Alliance W

We ordered this Giant TCR Alliance W bike through MC Cyclery many months ago and we were’nt expecting it to come in until week 2 of 2009. We got it before the initial 10% price rise that Giant made world wide but we were about to get caught up in the new 15% price rise as of January 1st (all bikes not yet in the country by Jan 01, despite a deposit, will incur the new price hike). So awesome then that Giant shipped it earlier than expected!

1st thing Suga did was “fix” the drawing on the box.

In she gets!

Oh hello!

Packed super tight.

Another litthe box of surprises. The little adjustment screws on these new brakes make setting up the brakes so damn easy.

8.6kg’s (without pedals).

Suga was so happy.

Suga carrying bike off…

… um where are you going hun?

Bike on the bed in the bedroom!!! I thought I was sick but this takes the cake!

She’s a beauty.

Carbon goodness.

More pics on her bike thread on Bikes Move

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MCC Christmas Party

Friday night I was invited over to MC Cyclery for an Xmas BBQ. What a great group of guys. Beers were had, a bit of food then some unicycle mayhem and motorkhana style action around the workstands. SUga dropped in too and we both rode home (Ash lent me his awesome SE).

The boys!

Meat yo.

Meat and Tatts.

Grant’s mum’s special sauce.

Bog in don’t wait.

Mel and Ash.

Sam and Jackie.

Barry and Ilona.

Jordi and Vanette.

Nic and May.


Ash + beers + unicycle = cowboy.

Suga in mens toilet

Christina upskirt on the way home. Pissed riding is sexy.

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We’re still pulling photo albums off the shelf when we have dinner at Mums. It’s hard not to!

GForce toy (yes I still have it!) and check out Dad’s salt water tank in the background. He had quite a few different set-ups over the years.

I loved E.T.

And BMX.

Speaking of BMX (My sister and I).

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Christina and I have done all our shopping and wrapping. I’ve never been this organised before (must be love!).

Out with the plunger! Mum treated Suga and I to coffee making goodness for Xmas.

Crazy house in Eastwood.

Even crazier house in Eastwood.

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Summer is here?

Summer’s still not 100% here yet, the weather’s been damn strange actually. Having said that I went for my 2nd swim down at the pool (it’s MY pool!) and the water was so nice, lots of baby fish inthe rock pools too. Bring on summer!!!

Suga and I.

My rock pool.

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What I’ve been eating

Pool cafe’s (my local) trout dish is my fave.

Pool cafe breakfast pizza.

Coogee Bite’s Kenny’s Benny (also a haunt of mine).

Pippies in XO – Suga’s family eats here weekly (Hoho’s in Carlingford).

Mr. Teppan teppanyaki style fast food now at Eastgardens.

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