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Funny MSN

I have a little sticky note on my desktop where I paste in funny MSN conversations which literally make me laugh out loud. Here’s a few recent ones:

matthew willis says:
we would love a girl to balance things out but not going to take the chance of having another boy. shit man – 3 boys… that would be nuts!

justin says:
many little nuts
matthew willis says:

Christina says:
what was on oprah

justin says:
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts new film
justin says:
They were both on the couch sucking Oprahs cock

Jing says:
59kg for me depending if i crapped

justin says:
1kg crap?
justin says:
You must be full of shit
Jing says:
just went for a bike ride

justin says:
And theeeeeeeeennnnn? says:
lol says:

Day after Zi’s 1st ever mountain bike ride:
z10@JDMyard says:
legs are ok ass is fucked..

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Setup – Day 2

Time’s running out to get the setup right for the Gong ride this weekend but I think I’m pretty much there.

I was feeling a bit of numbness and pain in my hands from holding onto the brake hooks, and this was only after 10km’s! So here are some changes made on today’s ride:

Green – Saddle is now 1cm lower and also level to stop me from sliding forward and putting more weight onto the bars.

Blue – Bars are tilted up some more which in turn brings the brake hooks closer to me (I am less stretched out). MWG suggested to point the end towards the rear axle as a general rule of thumb.

Red – As a result from the changes, the brake levers are too far away for me when I use the drop bar position. Not sure if there’s any reach adjustment at all on these Suntour Superbe Pro levers.

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ʎɹɐɯ ǝuo uo

ʎɹɐɯ ǝuo uo

on one mary

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Ghost Bike

Whilst I’ve been busy on my ‘white out’ Paino project it hadn’t occured to me that I was building a bike that resembles a “Ghost Bike”.

Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. A bicycle is painted all white and locked to a street sign near the crash site, accompanied by a small plaque. They serve as reminders of the tragedy that took place on an otherwise anonymous street corner, and as quiet statements in support of cyclists’ right to safe travel.

Click here for some images.

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R32 GT-R wallpaper

Mark Pakula has uploaded a huge wallpaper sized image (1600×1067) of my R32 GT-R’s rear badge. Such an awesome shot (and photographer!). Check it out here.

The GT-R’s sadly been just sitting there for a good part of the year. Losing interest in it was a combination of things. One major wake up call was the money. I was blowing so much cash on cars I just had to slow it down (looks like I’ve come to a full halt). Another thing was the ‘end’ of the project, finishing the GT-R kinda killed it in some ways and the Auto Salon Feature was like icing on the cake.

The last time I drove it was at Eastern Creek on Australia Day. I’m not even sure if the car will start up. It’s sad, but it’s alright. The most important thing is that the beast is still mine, it’ll make it over to Indy’s (IS Motor Racing) for a full service and perhaps even a small tune up and be back on the street and tracks sooner or later.

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Christina’s new R32 Golf

Haha look at her face!

The interior is a nice place to be.

Who’s the lucky girl?!

The car sounds lovely.

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Sydney to the Gong update

She’s ready (but I’m not!). I’ve been feeling a little nervous about completing the 90km’s. I’m sure I’ll make it, nervous energy is just something I go through before big events.

My ride plan (lol) is to:
– Pace myself for all flat sections and just get into a nice spinny light cadence
– To coast all downhills in order to conserve energy
– To attack uphills as I always find uphills more tiring if I slow down

With the help of family and friends I’ve raised $185 so far for the MS Society. Check the funny comments from my sponsors here.

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Lake Crackenback

Suga surprised me a few months back with a trip for 2 to Lake Crackenback for our 2 year anniversary. We just got back from our lovely little trip to the snowy mountains, here are some pics:

Before we set off on our 6-hour drive we dropped into Barloword to check out Suga’s new R32 Golf which will be ready on Monday. She’s pretty exited about it!

So fat from the rear.

We’re here at last…

Bug out!

The drive was long, but being a Friday, there wasn’t much traffic at all. The postcard scenery from our balcony (which was right on the lake) was amazing. You can still see snow on the mountains too.


Hello hello bike hire! We came just in time for great weather, but just a bit too early for the new 2009 Giant Halos, which were still in boxes waiting to be built up, but we hired some Trek hardtails which were crap, but still did the job and made us appreciate our bikes back home that little bit more.

Giant Halo’s (+ beer) waiting to be built up.

Lake Crackenback has a little skills park to play in. It’s so cool. A few beams, berms and some technical rock structures to play on.

Berms and jumps.


Me having a go at the technical rock climbing.

And log riding.

The guys at Lake Crackenback have just built a scenic single trail around the whole resort which takes about an hour to complete.

You can see the trail is still pretty green.

The trail leads you down to a beautiful lake at the base of the mountains. If only we brought our swimmers!

We spotted this guy fly fishing for trout.

The postcard scenery was amazing.

Snow on the mountains – Thredbo was literally 10 minutes down the road but a comeplete ghost town at this time of year.

We stumbled onto a Triumph car show at Thredbo. This car was happy to see us :)

Great cars, we were checking out colour schemes in particular as Suga’s about to build up a custom road bike (that’s another story!).

The resort also had a 9 hole golf course which was heaps of fun. Suga’s 1st game and she was super frustrated (and super cute). PS: Nice golf boots!

We came across some roos, and these brumbies were in the way of hole 4.

Early dinner at Jindabyne, which was also a ghost town this time of year. I loved that everything was dead, and that we were there off-season, made the whole trip more fun.

We missed our chance to do an organised night walk to check out the wombats (we saw so many wombat caves everywhere during our ride) but the kiddies bikes weren’t locked up so we stole them for a little night ride instead lol.

Our apartment had a nice little open fireplace.

The package included a buffet breakfast in the morning. Buffet breakfast, no matter how shit it is, has to be on my top 5 favorite things in life list for sure.

Suga fondling The Big Merino’s nuts on our way home.

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Sydney to Wollongong memories

I was over at Mum’s tonight for dinner, and after a few glasses of red I decided to raid the old family photo albums to find photos of my old bikes. (LOL). It’s a shame I couldn’t find images of my old Cannondale mountain bike which I built up by hand and raced at the Nationals, but I did find these!!!

1990 Sydney to Wollongong – LOL too funny. LOOK pedals (I still have them!), LOOK spandex and profile aero bars. They didn’t have escorts down the national park then and you could go down those twisty roads as fast as you wanted. I remember not being able to make a few of the corners, hitting those little plastic reflectors in the middle of the road and crossing the line to the other side of the road into on-coming traffic, definitely dangerous. I did the gong flat out, no stopping. The frame is Italian, rebranded as a Europa, gold parts and friction gears I loved the thing!

1991 Sydney to Wollongong – I borrowed my good mate Eugene’s Shogun Praire Breaker and whacked some slicks on it, an awesome chromo mountain bike at the time.

My old GT shitbox which I used to ride to school. Check the oval chainrings and strange Scott bar.

1990 – Me on the left, my mate Eugene on the right. He was an awesome rider who later got into some serious downhill (Oxford Falls/north shore). He’s now a father, living in Taiwan and running a Giant bicycles dealership. :)

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White out

Cateye computer (stolen from Suga’s bike), translucent knogs, white brake cable outters and handlebar tape is on (installing the tape was fun!).

Cateye Computer, if it’s good enough for Cadel it’s good enough for me.

White cable outters look nice.

Old school Cinelli cork grip.

Found these lovely little stars on the inside of the forks.

Campagnolo cable guides brazed onto frame.

Little knoggy.

MWG pointed me to which helped me identify all the parts on the bike and put the spec list together. The spec list goes as follows:

Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Nuovo Record (290g)
Brakes: Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport
Brake levers: SunTour Superbe Pro
Cable brakes: Jagwire
Cable gear: Shimano
Cable housing: White teflon lined
Cassette: Shimano 6 speed
Chain: Shimano HG
Crankset: Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport
Frame/Fork: Frank Paino 48cm
Front derailleur: Campagnolo Nuovo Record (81g)
Handlebar: 3TTT Competizione Merckx Bend (275g)
Handlebar tape: Cinelli cork white
Headset: Campagnolo Nuovo Record (194g)
Hubs: Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo low flange
Pedals: VP 196 (280g)
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo 980 (200g)
Rims: Campagnolo Montreal 76
Rim tape: Zefal
Saddle: Selle Italia XO (295g)
Seatpost: Campagnolo Super Record Fluted
Shifters: Campagnolo Super Record friction
Skewers: Campagnolo
Stem: 3TTT Pantographed Paino (273g)
Toe clips: AFA
Toe straps: Europa/Campagnolo leather
Tubes: Maxxis Flyweight (53g)
Tyres: Diatech Gran Compe White 700×23 (200g)

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