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NA8C updates

Clear front indicators.

Garage Star radiator cooling panel.

Short shifter kit.

Installing the short shifter.

More and more goodies in the mail… out of control (it’s a trap!). More on JDMST.

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Runabout Mirrors

Small update, scored a nice set of used M2 Runabout Mirrors. I’ve always liked these, but I quite like NA8 power mirrors both in looks and function. When these came up for sale a fair bit cheaper than a new set I couldn’t resist. Installation was easy and fun. They’re lovely, but I now can’t see shit!

Door cards had to come off so I could unplug the OEM power mirrors. Easy done once you remove the door handles and door pulls. Pioneer speakers noted.

Twisting the OEM power mirrors reveals 2 bolts for easy removal.

Mirrors installed.

That JDM blue mirror.

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Imagine if you saw this go through the Natio!

Group shot.

Rob’s glorious E30.

BLOW&TREES x Christine Joy.

In the car park.

Beers and…


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Spent last Saturday shooting Holly at my place in new V2LAB and illest gear from the US (for Zen Garage). Was fun to shoot for a change! You can view all my photos fro the day on Zen:

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St. George TAFE

Doing my thang, sitting down even!

Head Teacher Lydia Kullik and I.

Jason, Krysti and I.

Been a while since I’ve done a proper 1hr student talk. My mate Dan who used to work at Shillington College, and now teaches at St. George TAFE asked me to speak last Wednesday. No matter how many times I speak in public I still get a little nervous the night before, but the class was cozy, intimate even, and I felt super comfortable. I was on fire pretty much lol. Helped that I brought a mate Krysti along and had Jason, one of the car boys in the audience too as he’s a student there.

I got to push Field Trip too, which is filling up fast. Fingers crossed it’ll be a sell out event next Friday!

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Got a package today in the mail from Japan. It was a massive box but with something so very small and so carefully packed inside. Love the little note too. Love love love the Japanese! So much!

A little nuiguruma of my NA8C (he makes them lovingly by hand and can do your exact car if you like, albeit a lot bigger and more expensive than this little guy!).

So cute! I’ll be hanging him from the left wiper stalk inside the cabin.

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NA8C front lip


Spent the first half of today (trying to avoid doing the washing and cleaning up the house lol) fitting my freshly painted front lip. More pictures in my JDMST build thread.

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Hi-Tec Oils Figure-8 Drift Series


Last Friday night we set up the Zen stand at round 2 of the Hi-Tec Oils Figure-8 Drift Series. ‘All Stars Street 50″ provided the crowd with a diverse selection of cars to check out during the dinner break (drifters need to eat too you know) and despite the cold weather we had a great night watching the drift action on the Figure-8/peanut track at Sydney Motorsport Park.

More pics:

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NA8C update

I bought a 2nd hand MX-5 Mania intake (same as on my old NA8C) so I had to drill a big hole in the firewall. Red marks the pilot hole (which was existing).

A cordless drill was never going to cut it, so we whipped out the heavy artillery!

Intake installed and a simple bracket made up to help it stay in place.

Zi had a load of Road&ster mags which I’ve stolen for some light bedside reading (probably NOT a great idea!).

Day off yesterday so I hung out at JDMyard all day and worked on the MX-5. More detailed updates on my build thread on JDMST:

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View from the grand stand.

Downshift’s 2nd meet was on last Sunday and the sun was glorious! More images on Zen:

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