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Star Wars Battlefront



My childhood is constantly being re-awakened. All my fave comic books are now movies. The skate companies have re-issued skate decks from the 90’s and now this; Star Wars Battlefront. The most authentic, real deal Star Wars game ever made to date.

A few weeks ago I had EA Games over at my place to shoot the 2nd video of the Need For Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build. The guys noticed that I had Star Wars stuff all over my place, and we got talking about Battlefront, a few days later a T-Shirt and a copy of the game was in my mailbox!

My little review is up on Zen Blog:

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NFS x ZEN – Week 2 Video

Welcome to week 2 of Need For Speed – Crew Create. We did wheels last week (the TE37SL”s won the vote!), and this week we’re onto Body Kits!

We got to partner up with surfboard designer Hayden Cox of Hayden Shapes and together, Hayden and I find out that wings and fins share a lot more in common than you might think!

Be sure to watch the video above for all the details!

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NFSZEN – Heasman Steering Video

Heasman Steering video by Selectnine. Enjoy!

You can view the full feature here:

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Need for Speed x Zen Garage – Crew Create Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of Need for Speed – Crew Create. First up, wheels! We’ve got 3 choices; Rays TE37SL’s, Rays 57DR’s and Fifteen52 Tarmacs! Check out this video to learn more & how get involved.

Also, the most creative reasons for your choice of wheels will be rewarded with an ‪#‎NFSCC‬ prize, so be sure to comment here, under the video on the official Need for Speed Facebook Page for your chance to win.

More info + terms and conditions:

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From game to reality! Thanks to for making this happen!

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Need for Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build Kicks Off!

And in 360!

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People to thank

s15 (1)

The Need for Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build Project hasn’t officially kicked off yet (kicks off next week!) but I’ve already got a few people to thank!

The budget is tight, timeframe is damn short too (4 weeks!), but the support is there and I’ve been overwhelmed by how many local businesses want in to help out on this build!

Many thanks to Ved at Selectnine for being my wingman on this project. To Pete at Hypertune for stopping all work and letting us film in their amazing workshop. To Zi, Yonas, David, Adam and Kiet at JDMyard for all the advice and parts, to Chris for staying up late after hours to work on the car at Heasman Steering, to Budi at Autotechnik Tuning for wheels, to Leo at JDM Concept for parts, to Toyo Tyres for tyres and to Chern at RWB Australia for wheels too.

Cant wait to get started!!!

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Need for Speed









It’s time to get to work!!!

Picked up a couple of PS4’s and 2 copies of Need for Speed yesterday. We’re on it, winning as much cash and rep points as we can in order to buy the S15 in the game, then unlock all the body kits for our NFS x ZEN S15 project.

This is actually work. We’re still pinching ourselves!!!

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Drove the Need for Speed x Zen Garage S15 home from EOMM last night.

She’s mine!

Engine feels strong and car feels super solid. The tiny Nardi doesn’t feel right so we’ll most likely swap that out. There’s only one little annoying rattle inside the cabin coming from the light in the headliner, pretty impressive considering the age of the car. Car is in desperate need of a wheel alignment though, and it’s slammed too, so we’ll raise it up a little ASAP.

The above shots are screen grabs from a short video Ved is putting together of the car at EOMM​ last night. The build kicks off soon! Stay tuned for updates!

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NFS x ZEN – Filming the intro with EA Games




Yesterday I spent the day at Hypertune who kindly loaned us (Zen and EA Games) their sexy workshop to film an intro movie for the Need for Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build.

I’m not too bad with speaking to a person on camera, but speaking directly to a camera screwed me over and I kept stuffing up my lines! I had Zen Racer Adam Burgess on hand to help out with the speaking parts though, he saved the day!

EA brought a copy of the game along, a US version fresh in plastic wrapping! We opened it, shoved it in the PlayStation. We made a bee-line through to the stickers to see if the Zen logos are in the final game, and fuck yeah! They’re in the game! So pumped. So psyched!

The NFSZEN S15 will make an appearance at tonight’s EOMM, from there I’ll be driving it home. The project doesn’t officially kick off until next month, but for us, it starts now!

Photos by Selectnine (have so many more I want to post but will refrain for now in case I get into trouble!).

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