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So how’s ZEN going?

Just a few post WTAC thoughts: I had a lot of people come up and ask me how ZEN is going, and I found myself repeating myself throughout the day, and refining the story as the weekend played out, so I thought I’d share.

EOMM shook me up a little. I’ve spent 10+ years fighting for a carpark for us car guys to hang in, we finally get it but within a year the kids have ruined it for themselves. Truth is the guys who were fighting along side me have moved on in life, had kids, etc IE: they’re not the guys rocking up to the meets today, and the guys at the meets have little to no idea about the past.

The disconnect is real.

I’ve done a lot for various communities, focused outward a lot but lately I’ve been spending time on me, focusing inwards, and realising that I might not have the energy to do both ZEN, and me at the same time.

I’m working on family relations with a councillor, and I’m also working on getting over the guilt of doing less in life. Producing less, and just doing what I want to do for me (right now, family and gaming!).

I’ve also started to think about putting my house on the market. When you’re complaining about your council rates being so high you’ve got to realise they’re that high because your property is worth way more than when you bought it 10 years ago. I’m 42 now and whilst I might have blown all my profit if I sold the house too young, I’m sure I’ll be fine now.

Back on the topic of ZEN.

It’s gotten to the point where I almost despise the customers who are buying our goods now because it’s 5 cents cheaper at $39.95 not $40. I know we have the potential to be in General Pants Co. but it’s not the go.

Going forwards I need to go backwards; When I meet someone like-minded, someone I click with, someone who gets it. It makes sense for them to like me, for me to like them, so if I GIFT them a ZEN hat, it feels right. There’s a lot in this. I want ZEN to be free for those who get it. I’ve just got to figure it out, but thanks to all who asked at WTAC, you guys are the best sounding boards/mirrors ever and have helped me to get all the above out. Much appreciated!


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Video by Ved and audio by yours truly. #vibes

Hittin’ the ground rollin’. I’m vibe hunting tonight. Expecting a HUGE End Of Month Meet (EOMM). I’ll be there with the ZEN stand so please come down and hang. Community. Unity. Haters and Hoons don’t fuck this shit up for me.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

19657182_1579389702094669_4903734480336276206_n (1)
“ZEN” Wheels.

To all of those on my friends list sending me videos of Sergio in Ozzy Tyres videos these past weeks: Please stop. I’m not sure exactly what it is you guys were trying to get out of me, a LOL? Honest truth is I don’t find it funny.

One of the main reasons as to why Sergio left ZEN was because we weren’t making money. To this date I am not paying myself a salary from ZEN, and that’s exactly what Sergio needed at the time.

I’d assume Sergio has what he wants/needs now at Ozzy Tyres. I’m not sure what the thinking was with using our name and logo for one of their new wheel designs (pictured), but if some sort of response is what he/they wanted well this is it.

No hate, just regret. Wish you all the best Sergio.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Repeat after me: “Money is not evil”.

Has anyone read that book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”? Yeah I haven’t either, but it’s got something to do with me in that I was born into wealth, and ever since being aware of it (high school pretty much) I’ve been more guilty of it than anything else, so much so that I’ve made it my life’s goal to use the position to do greater good for others.

I’m good at a lot of things, but making money isn’t one of them. I’ve spent my life creating not-for-profit communities. I’ve put my money and my soul into each and every one of them and never felt the need to get anything back but positive feedback (which is my preferred currency). I’ve frustrated the fuck out of business partners who have in the end had to leave the business because I just refused to make money.

I’ve had countless conversations with friends, about the disservice I’m doing to the industry. IE: If I am a professional graphic designer charging people $500 for a logo (or worse yet doing it for free which I do all the fucking time), then how the fuck has any other designer, especially ones starting out have a chance?

Getting on topic. We’ve just changed the pricing of all our goods in the ZEN GARAGE online shop in an attempt to get more sales (in an attempt to make more money). Where a T-Shirt cost $40 before, it’s now $39.95. I literally had friends tell me that if they had 2 T’s in front of them; one was $40 and the other $39.95 they’d buy the cheaper one, even if it’s only by 5 cents! This is killing me. I then did a fair bit of research into what others are doing (not that I really care), but hey even the God I met last week (Shepard Fairey/OBEY) does it with his goods, so if he does it then it’s OK if I do it too?!

I can’t feel good about the move, and if it does generate more sales then it’ll be bitter sweet, but the reality of it is that ZEN GARAGE is doing great, and has always done great since 2011, but we’ve never made a salary or any real money out of the business. We only make enough to pour it back in to make another run of stock, and even then we usually fail to re-stock as we don’t have enough money in the bank (which explains why our hoodies come out in summer most times haha!).

“Hallelujah!” is what my business partner Rob had to say; “I’ve been in the business for 6 years waiting for you to wake up!”. More profit means being able to have our staple range in stock all year round and it’ll also allow us to up the quality of our goods as well as design more new products and I’m excited about that.


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Old & New Japan 911 Sticker Design



Late last year I flew to Las Vegas to cover SEMA for Toyo. I took a photo of the Old & New Japan 911 and David from Import Bible Canada has turned it into an illustration, and now a sticker design. They look great! Find them in the Import Bible shop:

SEMA Feature:

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New Shopify ZEN GARAGE Online Shop


OMFG we did it! The all new Shopify ZEN GARAGE online shop is live! Thanks Catalina Briceño for the lifestyle shots. All the product shots need to be re-shot ASAP (that’s my job!), text descriptions need love too, but I’m so glad it’s live!

Free shipping on all orders over $100 for now (one thing we’ve been meaning to implement for ages but couldn’t with the last shop software).


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Cat’s Zen Babe Photoshoot






Loving these great crisp shots by Cat. I sent Cat a box of Zen goodies before I went overseas and it’s been AWESOME seeing her shoot it on her babes. AMAZE! There’s so much to come! First up, Kat Barry. Del Rey eat your heart out!

For the Full Feature, visit:

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Star Interview Foxy Asia Magazine – DIVINE


I got the word DIVINE tattooed under my left boob about 2 weeks ago. My best friend @justinfoxau had it tattooed on his arm when his father passed away. I loved the analogy of it, DIVINE after all the shit that almost killed you in the past. Our friendship means a lot to me because I feel like he molded me into the person I am today. Justin’s been a huge part in my transitioning and has mentored me in graphic design, so it’s been an honor to get a matching tatt. (No matter what we do, it’s always a fucking blast, we are as reckless as each other hahaha!!)

The last few years for me were pretty rough, I was in a really unhappy place. I’ve been able to break free from the rut I was so stuck in and I wanted to get DIVINE to mark the start of my new life alone. To new adventures!!


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SO GLAD that Zen is not being sold in General Pants Co.

Thrills Scrambler sold at Zen Garage Leichhardt 2011.

We had contacts a few years back, and made moves to try and get our gear in General Pants Co. We hit a wall though and left it at that.

A little while back I had dinner with my relos and one of my aunties was wearing a Thrills T-Shirt. I asked her about it and she had NO IDEA who Thrills were, she just liked the design and bought it from General Pants Co.

Thrills are a small label from Byron Bay, think Deus, they were more a small bike gang than fashion label and they even approached Zen to sell their gear in our store when they were starting out (and we did sell some of their stuff in the end). So it was a surprise to see such a small young brand make it into General Pants SO quickly.

I’m just glad the people who buy Zen get it. And when I see someone wearing Zen I can wave, or beep my horn and get smiles and waves back. That FEELS good! I hate the idea of aunties and whoever wearing Zen, but not understanding what Zen is about. So here’s cheers to being unsuccessful with getting the Zen brand out there in the big shops. #fuckthatshit

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Import Model: “Hey, let’s collab!”

Me: *Checks her instagram page, lots of followers, USA, cool, why not?!* “Sure! What’s your FULL address? It might take some time to get to you though, we’re in Australia!”.

Import Model: *didn’t know we were based in Australia* “I charge $50 for a promotional post”.

Me: “Ah yeah sorry not into that shit. All the best!”.

Import Model: “No need to make it unprofessional. In all honesty why should I promote a clothing company or any company for free? Merchandise is not payment”.

Me: *goes to neck myself*…

A SINCERE THANKS TO ALL ZEN BABES (guys and girls!) WHO REPRESENT ZEN PROUDLY. You guys rock my world. It’s not about the money, never will be. We promise to never ever pay someone to wear our gear, ever. #keepitreal #findyourzen

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