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Fast & Furious 7 DVD Launch – Media Drift Day!








Couldn’t resist taking a shot of my Golf. Damn what a great location for a shoot!

I’m out at a container lot today drifting MR2’s!!! So rad!

I was invited (along with with Kyle and Jackie O, Channel 9 and to meet up at this container lot this rainy morning as part of the Fast & Furious 7 DVD release.

We had an instructor who taught us how to do some basic handbrake manoeuvres, then some power out sliding and finally some donuts! YEW! Was super fun (I just wish I had more seat time!).

They took a lot of video footage so video + more photos soon!

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RB26 x x Toyo R888 Sticker

Hey look Mum! I’m on a sticker!!!

A little while back Anthony Crivelli of sent me some stickers along with a cool illustration of my GT-R, which also features myself peering out of a stack of Toyo R888 tyres. When I posted it online a few people expressed interest in buying it if it was on a T-Shirt, but I’ve decided to make a few stickers instead. You can find them in the Zen Shop:

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Vector of my GT-R + Toyo R888’s!

Haha so mad!

Anthony Crivelli of has traced his sketch of me and my GT-R in Illustrator and just for kicks, we’ll be making this a sticker soon!

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Need For Speed




Embargo has been lifted! I’m now allowed to reveal that earlier this year I was flown over to Sweden to play and consult on the new NEED FOR SPEED.

I’ve played the game (in development) and it’s going to be AMAZING. I just kept say “about time!”, especially in regards to car customisation. These in-game grabs should get you pretty excited, and give you an indication of what’s to come.

More about NEED FOR SPEED on Zen Blog!

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Zen Photowalk #3








The 3rd Zen Photowalk was held today and yet again, it was an awesome day out! The clouds threatened rain but it held out for the whole afernoon. Our group of 20 strong met up at the Botany Bay helipad carpark and we made our way to Cape Banks, our final destination the SS Minmi shipwreck.

My shots from the day above, as usual I did more talking than shooting! Catching up with some familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. Look out for the full feature on Zen soon, in the meantime check out the previous Zen Photowalk features here.

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Interview on Babes & Gents


I’ve been interviewed on Babes & Gents! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but I love interviews. I never turn them down as they’re a great way to hold a mirror up to yourself so you can see where you’re at in your life at this very moment (and I have to say, I’m really happy with where I am in life right now!).

Check out my interview/profile here:

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Photoshoot by Boudist for LYNX






A man of style, apparently! Photos by the amazing Dan Boud. My style interview for LYNX here:

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Mon shot by IVORY LUX for Zen Garage






Mon shot by IVORY LUX for Zen Garage. So Fashion. Love this shoot, so much. Thanks to the amazing Breanna Espina for making this happen. More on Zen Blog:

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Zen Photowalk 2

Zen Photowalk #2 was to Cockatoo Island! Perfect weather (luckily it wasn’t the day before, where temperatures were through the roof) and a much bigger crowd than our first Photowalk! Was such a great day out. Matthew Mead and I are already discussing locations for the next one! Look out for the full feature, featuring work from all the photographers on the day, on Zen Blog soon.

Group Shot! In the end one of the staff from inside the office came out to shoot it for us.

The first of many more gulls we saw that day.

Stefan and Milly were already on the island when we arrived.

Matt was only sweet to Milly to steal her camera.

Photographer Extraordinaire. Garry Trinh. Check out his work here, he’s amazing.

Turns out it’s breeding season and there were gulls laying eggs everywhere.



One of 2 deep tunnels.

Something I’ve always wondered. What do baby gulls look like. Now I know!!!

Mead directing Moo loves to direct. Firmly! So direct!

We ended it with pizza and beers at the bar.

Prosciutto Pizza is tha bomb!

Sunset Moo.

On the express ferry home. Goodbye Cockatoo Island. You were awesome.

Hey Bill!

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It’s OK if you don’t get it!


OMFG read this. I love this woman, who’s the closest thing to a mentor I’ve ever had (checking in on the things she writes on her Facebook wall alone inspires me to no end!). Pauline writes:

Many come close, yet few dare, so boldly to live without judgement, to give without expecting, and to love for no reason. I know this because I have come across so many, who interpret generosity as having an ulterior motive. Who react to compliments with suspicion. Who respond to offers of abundant opportunity with fear and derision. I have come across so many, who are consumed by their limiting beliefs and what others may think of them, that they are too afraid to explore that which is outside of the mundane matrix that they have trapped themselves in.

I have learned that there are more Sleepwalkers out there, than there are those who are Awake.

My religion is love. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I guess that’s why I fucking thrive when I hang with those who are weird, who are random, who are not afraid to be themselves. People who are full of love, generosity, authenticity, courage and presence.

You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can certainly do something about it’s width and it’s depth.

And sincerely, to all the naysayers who have had something smart, derogatory or sarcastic to say about the way I live my life and the way I speak my mind…. I say to you… Hey, it’s okay if you don’t get it. I wish you nothing but love, but I also choose to no longer waste my time with you. XP


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