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JDMST End Of Year End Of Month Meet

Photo by Mark Pakula.

Last night’s JDMST EOY EOMM was HUGE. We packed out the boat ramp carpark at Botany Bay. There must have been 300+ cars with more cars still rocking up way past 9.30PM, but unfortunately the security at the Port freaked out, called the Police and we were asked (nicely) to leave.

More photos are making their way to JDMST. Click here to check them out.

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2nd place – Speedhunters Street Car of the Year Awards

The winners of the Speedhunters Street Car Of the Year have been announced and amazingly my GT-R came in 2nd! Being nominated was awesome, but to be voted 2nd amongst such company just blows my mind!

I just wish I didn’t have such a sore head from the big night out last night so that I could truly appreciate this!!!


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Lonely Drivers Club

I love ripping off shit. This time it’s the lonely planet logo. Yeah…. so this is my new club. Who’s wants in? :) Join up here:

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Interesting thing I noticed; every year there are less and less cards (more emails, sms’s and facebook messages right?).

Miles was the star of the show. The reactions he got from everyone were amazing!

ABCD hehe.

I got a tonne of pressies, the cats got heaps of living too! My fave pressie was this Fox cushion from Jamie, Richie and Miles. I love it!

We had Christmas at Mums this year. Ate a lot, drank a lot (Richie’s most excellent Christmas Home Brew!), ate some more and played silly Christmas games. Got home only to realise that I’d left my sunnies, wallet and keys at Mums so I stumbled back to Mums on foot, got my keys and on the walk back I ran into a mate from the VWGolf forums, random! Continued on my way home and amazingly I sobered up instead of drinking on. Soft!

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Merry Mishmash!

Maxy. He’s a big boy now!

Attack cat.

Eating tree.

Eating decorations. Haha.

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THRILLZ Scrambler

I sold my white one the other day at Zen Garage (to a guy who works for MTV and wanted to use it in a commercial on TV) so now I’ve got this black one built lovingly by Cliffy and Timmy, thanks boys! :)

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Kuriosity Killz

Logo design for a couple of rad DJ’s. More soon!

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Zen Garage Boat Night

Million dollar cruiser, ours for the entire night until morning.

Once we got out of Sydney water traffic Ash opened her up. 2 x turbo charged V8 engines on full song, pretty impressive stuff!

Got to love Sydney.

John be pimpin it.


Last night, through to 3AM this morning the Zen Garage crew pimped it out on the harbour in a million dollar cruiser. We’re all feeling a little hazy today, was a great night, lots of laughs, lots of love and a great way to celebrate the manic 3 months we’ve had since founding Zen Garage, not to mention wrapping up the year too.

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So not only is my GT-R being nominated for Speedhunters Street Car of the Year Awards. I just found out a second ago that it’s also being nominated for Speedhunters Awards – Reader Car of the Year! I’m not getting my hopes up for winning either award… I’m just super happy that my car was nominated, twice! :)


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Zen Garage occasional cards.

And just for a bit of fun :)

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