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Trinkets from Japan




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The Darkzone Agent Action Figure






I ordered this (expensive!) VTS Toys Division action figure a year ago, and I never got it. I figured I got ripped off as it was on a strange/ugly site, and it was a pre-order, but hey, it came today!

It’s HUGE, and very much like a Barbie and Ken doll, pretty awkward! Love the detail but, super cool! #geekout!

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iPhone 7 Plus

Continuing the BLK theme…

Won’t lie, life’s been pretty awesome without a phone for a couple of months (!!!), but I semi-lamentably made the steps to reconnect again. Question was: iPhone 7, or 7 Plus?! I asked Facebook and most suggested the Plus.

I’m not a fan of the camera on the 7, but pretty damn impressed with the tricky fake bokeh the plus’ camera pulls off in “portrait mode”. I ended up hovering over the 7 buy now button for ages, but in the end I just hit the buy now button on the Plus.

Free Shipping, availability read next day, but then on checkout (after payment) I get a message to say shipping is free but will take a week OR I could go pick it up the next day. Lame Apple! Definitely a little misleading!

I ended up waiting a day for the phone to be delivered to a local newsagent down the road, then I headed in to Vodafone to see if I could get my old number back, turns out it was a painless 2 minute job!

Looking forward to being able to internet bank again (damn banking web site sends confirmation codes to my phone!), kinda miss Instagram too tbh!

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The power of manifestation!

PS: I’m under embargo for the Forza Horizon 3 Experience until next week, so I’ll be sure to share the amazing day that was when I can!

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Joyetech eVic AIO


I’ve been meaning to get my old Vape Pen going again, but it was on it’s way out, and it’s a few years old now so I thought I’d just buy a new one.

I had Alain over the other night, he was after one too so we both logged into the Vape Street online shop and bought up!

We ended up with this unit, the Joyetech eVic AIO. It sure looks sexy, right?!

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Samurai Taisho Darth Vader



I saw a version of this Samurai Darth Vader a few years back on Hypebeast. When it’s on Hypebeast you usually know you’ll not be able to get your hands on it (rare “limited edition” goods sell fast), but these guys came out again, albeit a little different to the first ones. Robbie sent me a link to a shop on Crunchyroll and I impulse bought one. I’d forgotten about it, but it was waiting for me when I got home from Koh Samui.

The box it came in was huge. I got a bit excited! Only to find out the box inside the box was tiny, and he’s only a small 7inch figure. Shame! Would look AMAZING if he was triple the size!

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A Visit to Family Land

Old school cool! As soon as I saw the shopfront I giggled with excitement. I also noted; hilarious that at some point someone probably got a bit nasty and forced these guys to add the “RC Hobby Creations” to their signage.

The owner Van Huynh has been in the game for a long time, and his enthusiasm shines as soon as he opens his mouth! I can see why Ved’s been a loyal customer for 10 years!

Van runs the shop right. Unlike a lot of new shops, he still stocks all the little bits for all the years. It’s all on show too, which makes for a packed out little shop, giving it that new old stock overseas hobby shop vibe.

Oh snap!

Today I tagged along with Ved from Selectnine, who was after a replacement servo for his Kyosho MP9-TKi2 RC car. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as Ved said it was a bit of a way out, that’s SO Ved! I instantly assumed it was going to be a rad old school hobby shop so I was 100% in. Fuck yeah! Adventure time!

I brought my camera along and took a few shots. Hope you get a kick out of the shop visit as much as I did. If you’re interested in checking out the full feature, visit:

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Olixar Leather iPhone 6S Wallet Case





I’ve had my iPhone 6S since Christmas and I love everything about it except the shape. I really miss the more masculine feeling and looking sharp edges of the 5, and damn this thing is so slippery I’ve already dropped it twice!

I thought about a wooden case, and also just a simple rubber case, but then I thought I’d give this a go in an attempt to not carry a wallet around anymore.

We’ll see how I go! I’ll be sure to report back soon.  PS: I got it from here.

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Merry Xmas 2015

Merry Xmas Leo!

Too cute!

Miles, cheeky monkey!

FEAST! Ham was next level!

Leo and Miles were crazy at pressie opening time, they were opening so fast all my shots came out blurry!


Smart cookie this one.

So smart that Uncle Tin (that’s me) got him a drone! HAHA!

I got toys too whoo! Mum got me the Thunderbirds toys, haha, she’s the best!

Mum also bought me a new iPhone. SO SPOILT!

I’m happy with the 6s, but still love the 5s so much more in terms of design as it’s got square edges, looks more industrial and feels more masculine.

Richie got Miles the Millennium Falcon! There’s around 80 or so stickers you have to put on it to make it look more like the picture on the (HUGE) box.

Miles flying the Millennium Falcon straight into his room for nap time.


Whilst Miles was napping I had a blast putting all the stickers on HAHA.

Love from my sister, haha. So rad!

Pressies from Lewis! He’s a good kid that one.

Xmas; always feels like the end of the year right? Quite hard to boycott Xmas when you have 2 cute nephews! Miles is only 4, but I bought him a drone anyways (LOL!). Mum got me a new iPhone! I so needed it as my old one’s had it.

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Star Wars Battlefront



My childhood is constantly being re-awakened. All my fave comic books are now movies. The skate companies have re-issued skate decks from the 90’s and now this; Star Wars Battlefront. The most authentic, real deal Star Wars game ever made to date.

A few weeks ago I had EA Games over at my place to shoot the 2nd video of the Need For Speed x Zen Garage S15 Build. The guys noticed that I had Star Wars stuff all over my place, and we got talking about Battlefront, a few days later a T-Shirt and a copy of the game was in my mailbox!

My little review is up on Zen Blog:

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