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I’ve been following Hypebeast for years now but I’d never bought anything from their online shop. I saw that they were doing free shipping to AUS (how they do it I just don’t understand! I wish Zen could offer free shipping!), couldn’t resist. This book/magazine of theirs is lovely, the black envelope with thank you card and stickers was a classy touch too.

Black, grey or white… surprise surprise!

OK I did get some colour. HUF beach towel!

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Star Projector

Alain and Glenn following the video installation guide.

We have light!

Almost there!

As soon as it was finished we turned the lights out in the lounge room and… Boom!!!

We then went to the bedroom to test it out, awesome!


I stumbled on some images of a bedroom on tumblr lit up with the galaxy, after some hunting around I found the device! It’s a cheap LED powered light which you have to build on your own. The instructions are rubbish (they’re wrong) but there’s an easy to follow video online which makes putting this gizmo together quite easy (not that I did a thing, Alain and Glenn made it!).

The results are stunning! Can’t wait to do a shoot with it!

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American Zen




I came across an image of this desktop toy set on tumblr. I did a search for “American Zen Day Dreamin’ in the Garage” and managed to find a new unopened one on eBay USA. Had to have it!

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iblazr LED Flash

Mounted to the GF1′s hot shoe. So cute!

Worked a treat (iblazr comes with a diffuser too but I didn’t use it in this situation).

End result.

Last week I got an iblazr LED Flash, today was the first time I’ve used it in practise (I shot the new Zen iPhone cases, more photos a couple of posts below). It’s mainly made for phones, but I had to give the cold-shoe a go on the GF1. It fits great, and works a treat! Definitely a handy little thing to have in my everyday bag.

Visit: MobileZap, if you’re interested it’s $60 and you can buy it here.

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iblazr LED Flash




I scored this great little toy from the guys at MobileZap. It’s got 4 bright LEDs, a silicone diffuser, uses an audio jack for smartphones and tablets (constant light or flash modes) and recharges via USB.

I think it’ll come in handy on it’s little cold shoe mount when shooting products in the light tent for Zen Garage. And if you’re always carrying a bag like me, it makes for a great gadget to have in your front pocket (it’s little pouch keeps it tidy).

I’ll be sure to test it out on my iPhone soon, if you’re interested it’s $60 and you can buy it here.

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From Japan with speed and love. The GF1 kit has much more coverage than the GF6 kit.

Love the detail on this kit, they even made a little cover for the back.

Less is more? All logos wiped out!

Modifier for life! I had a little downtime today so I installed my leatherette covers on both the GF1 and the GF6. Installation was super easy, the GF6 now looks a little less shit, and the GF1 looks great with or without these covers tbh!

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GF1 Viewfinder

Mounted to the hot shoe.

You can flip the viewfinder up so you can look down into your camera as well.

Whatever date you had on your screen is now in the viewfinder (I always use grid lines to help me compose photos).

Today I got this Panasonic Viewfinder for my GF1. It comes in a sexy little pouch and mounts onto the hot shoe. It works really well, will force me to shoot old school styles when using the GF1 (as opposed to crazy new school styles with the GF6, shooting and focussing by touching the screen and shit) and will save a lot of battery juice too as I can operate the GF1 without using the screen from now on.

PS: Somebody stop me. Looks like I’ve got a new obsession?!

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MCA Zine Fair

Gotta love self-publishing!

Some great art for purchase too.

That’s Terry Richardson, without skin!

My purchases! Needed new cushions, impulse bought Mr Al-Qaeda! The poster is a massive James Jirat which I hope to get framed ASAP.

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Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye Lens

It’s built really well, all metal. Feels great.

Looks the part on the GF1 too.

Just a quick test shot.

Another B’Day gift to myself. I’ve always wanted a fisheye lens and I’ve never bought one because I’ve always doubted how much I’d actually use one. There are heaps of cheap fisheye lenses on eBay, many going for under $50, but after doing much research I found this Samyang lens, which cost more than the GF1 it’s living on, but it’s a quality pice of gear and I’m looking forward to having a bit of fun with it.

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Bose SoundLink III Bluetooth Speaker



I’d gotten sick of my old Bose sound dock not charging my old iPhone (which I only have music on) and not accepting my new iPhone, and lately I’ve been paying music from the Zen Tumblr off my laptop with some external Bose speakers plugged in. It was all just getting too messy so I splashed out on my B’Day and bought myself this little bluetooth speaker.

There were many options out there, most of which were way cheaper but at $400 I still think this is a steal in comparison to how much I once used to have to pay for great sound. Within minutes I had my iPhone and laptop connected, streaming Rob’s Soundcloud. Sounds amazing, as expected. Very happy!

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