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Photoshoot with Holly




Great shoot with Holly who’s going to be using the photos we took for her Patreon. I’ll share the link as soon as she has her page up!

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Viv’s Place




Lockdown fun with Viv! Full set on my Patreon soon:

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Kammy Hues



Sometimes it’s OK to go outside. Crazy fun shoot at the bunkers with Kammy Hues.

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Sasha King Art


New shoot with Sasha King. Love her illustration work! Check it out on her Instagram:

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Just a Patreon update

Hi all, just an update on stuff.

For a while now I’ve been thinking that the guys who sign up for the $50 Tier really should be getting more for their money and support. Right now they get everything the $5 Tier gets, but with only a few more nudes which are usually shot at the very end of each photo session (when clothes come off!).

I’m making the move to shoot more nudes specifically for the $50 Tier every time I shoot from now on, and I’m also going to make the $5 Tier less about the nudes, and more about the full sets and outtakes. IE: Sexy NSFW shots will still be a bulk of the $5 Tier, but nipples and more will move to the $50 Tier.

Massive thanks again for all your support. In December last year I resigned from both my commercial design and photography businesses. This year I don’t intend to start anything new, and instead I’m just going to shoot more and rely on my Patreon to keep me afloat, so a sincere thanks for helping me do what I love.

A new set with Abby goes up this week. We shot specifically for her Patreon and we got damn cheeky so expect some great content over the next few weeks. I’ve since shot with a few more girls and will get their sets live after Abby’s set is up.

PS: The world’s gone to shit with Corona Virus. I expect a lockdown to happen in Sydney soon. I shoot mainly from home so Viv’s going to pack a bag and move in with me if a lockdown does happen, that way we can keep the content coming!

My Patreon:

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Shoot with Abby




Drunken Master.

Finally got to shoot with Abby again (we had to postpone the last 2 shoots!). We shot a LOT of nudes this time for her new Patreon page. If you want to support her, visit:

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Shoot with Viv

Got to be in it to win it.

Really sexy shoot with Viv yesterday at The Sheraton. Full set on both our Patreon pages soon!


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Got along SO well with Esse the last time (first time) we shot. We click, she’s one of my kind in so many ways. I reached out to her again recently and was stoked that she was up for catching up whether it was to just hang out, or to shoot. We made it happen last weekend and had such a rad time, we’re totally going to make more hangs and shooting a thing!

I’m still in the process of editing photos for my Patreon, look out for them next week! In the meantime, follow her:

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Hangs with Viv

09_viv__x_balmain_paris 21_viv__x_balmain_paris 27_viv__x_balmain_paris 41_viv__x_knee_high_socks 42_viv__x_knee_high_socks

Celebrating 2 years of shooting together, and becoming great friends in the process. Find the full uncensored set on my Patreon soon:

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Miss Aria May




Introducing Miss Aria May! Happy to have her as a new client. We did really well for our first shoot. Look out for the photos soon. In the meantime check out her web site:

Also find her on Patreon where she will be giving her Patrons access to daily uncensored content that does not make it to social media as well as allowing you to interact with her & even request content! Visit:

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