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#wearedivine #matchingtattoos #wecray #yolo

Crazy, right?! I have DIVINE tattooed on my left arm. The tattoo means a LOT to me, but Star truly does deserve the word with some of the shit she’s been through in life, and I’m honoured that I mean so much to her. We booked in to Tora Sumi in Balmain, Eduardo Star’s tattoo artist was an awesome dude, Star took the needle like a champ and she’s so ecstatic with the end result!

More photos:

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Awwww Betty!


Day made! Love love love Betty’s blog on the hangs we had a couple of weeks ago. Check it out! Visit:

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Shoot with Bettina Banks




Gets to a stage where it’s years between seeing friends. I’ve not seen Betty in AGES but I’ve seen her on TV! Betty’s on My Kitchen Rules this year. That’s prime time TV! I’m SO proud of her. The girl just wants to be famous, and man, she’s there! She’s always been super driven, a strong self believer and she works her ass off on her self image, as well as representing her clients (check her blog for more).

Having been caught in corporate land before I knew she must have struggled with MKR. All the shit they would have told her to do, what she couldn’t do, etc. It’s easy for everyone on the outside watching the show to judge, but the community rarely gets to see what goes on behind the scenes on any of these projects. Knowing this I couldn’t wait to hear all the goss when Betty messaged to catch up and shoot.

Was a dark late afternoon hang and shoot. We caught up and shot (in my kitchen of-course!) at the same time. Was funny that we had no plans, but ended up shooting the same exact shoot we did the first time, with a vape in the lounge room, but instead of all black, noir, this time Betty was wearing all white.


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#EAMES shoot with Cayla


Chop chop! One of many cheeky shots with Cayla, who I shot drunk. Going through the shots they’re loose as (as in framing, focus, etc), but I love them! #sometimesitsnicetoturnoffthegrid #artistbeforeadesigner #eames

Full set here:

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Photoshoot with Kylie

Magic carpet rides with Kylie.

My set of photos that I took with Kylie last weekend are up! You can check them out here:

Some of these shots turned out alright, but we’re only just scratching the surface I believe. With most shoots I throw away the first 30 minutes or so worth of shots as they’re usually part of the warm up process, with models I shoot often I feel like I want to throw out the entire first shoot as the shots taken early on just pale in comparison to what you can produce when there’s trust and respect involved.

PS: Have had a lot of people complain about the slow load speeds on my photography site, it’s a Squarespace site which isn’t really designed to hold so much content. If I split up the main gallery into 2 it would help load times by a LOT so I’ll look into that ASAP.

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Shoot with @ky_ls


Lazy Sunday shoot today with a girl I’ve been wanting to shoot for AGES! Kylie’s tied in with my friends at Babylikestopony (anyone who’s a friend of those guys are a friend of mine!).

I follow Kylie on Instagram, her insta is so crazy hot, drives me up the wall… It’s a combo of select images she finds (which really reflect a lot about who she is), and selfies which I absolutely love for their candid cheeky nature, natural light, and bedroom eyes kinda feel.

Shoot was a little awkward at times, but super fun! I’ll get to posting up some sets ASAP!

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Photoshoot with Cayla




Finally got around to working on the images I took of Cayla a little while back. I’m getting WAY slower (I used to get the photos up on the same day of the shoot!). It got a little too forced and awkward when we were doing suggestive nude poses so we said fuck it and had fun shooting some nudes.

We’ve decided against publishing them for now, but check out the final edits here:

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Shoot with Cayla


KILLER shoot with Cayla the other day. Our 3rd shoot, sexier than the last 2 but super chill, definitely more like hangs than work! (so much talking = so many photos of her mid sentence LOL!). We pushed a little harder with this shoot and got some great shots, will share the full set soon.

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I’m almost back

No haul. Definitely not used to coming home empty from an overseas trip!

It’s nice to have a woman around the house again.

The struggle is real. Some girls love putting on makeup, Amanda hates it. I just love that I often get to watch the process!

Beautiful with, even more beautiful without (trying to convince a girl to shoot without makeup is another thing altogether though!).

I’m still without an iPhone, but I’ve got my bank cards in order, an interim drivers license and I’ve even managed to figure out how to instagram without a phone. Hilariously my internet went down over the weekend as I had an overdue bill on the previous credit card, which I then cancelled from Vegas, and Telstra figured I’d done the runner so they cut my internet, which almost killed me as getting that back on without a phone was pretty fucked up.

I shot with Amanda yesterday though. Photos from the session can be viewed here. She’s here for another week so I hope we stop talking, and shoot some more before she leaves!

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