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Miles’ B’day

B’Day boy, chillin’ out eating some cheese pre-party.

Richie brewed up some special (India Pale Ale) B’Day beer.

The cake table. Jamie and Richie went to town with the party decorations!

Healthy dips and lots of naughty finger food too.

A photo a month.

Jade. We have happy little guests!

Deb and Koby, who’s really into dinosaurs right now.

Andrew, Lachlan & Jayden

Eve and Jaydon, who’s not sure if he likes chocolate coated strawberry’s or not.

Cake cutting time!

Jamie broke 2 mixers making this cake.

And what a surprise inside, the kids loved it!

Mum played a traditional game where she laid out items on the ground, each representing a different path in life. Miles went for the calculator which represents business, despite Richie yelling out for him to grab the cash HAHA.

B’Day boy Miles was pretty chillax all day.

Take away lolly bags!

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Nigorizake (cloudy sake) was recommended by our friendly waiter. We tried both versions, this one in particular had a fruity apple flavour.

Sashimi was amazing as usual.

Blood red tuna sushi took me back to Japan. I could have eaten just that all night long.

All sorts of goodness on a plate. We had many more amazing dishes, just too in the zone (eating) to take photos!

Nanami’s Mum treated us to an awesome feast at Masuya last night. She’s a local there, and called beforehand to make sure they’d hit it out of the park (and they sure did!). Definitely my fave place for sashimi and sushi now, no doubt.

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Scored on eBay

Scored on eBay UK, original 70’s Bond Lotus Submarine :) I love it!

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Finally got off my bum and got these T’s printed. Initially I was using Redbubble, a print on demand service. Whilst they print on American Apparel T’s the print itself was crap (digital printing). Screen Printing > Digital Printing any day. Find them (and a lot more new goodies) in the Zen online shop:

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EVO IX – Updated pics

Washed her this morning before work. Initiation has been done, we now know each other on an intimate level :) More pics here.

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Airtasker @ Zen Garage.

Airtasker is a great site which puts you in touch with people willing to do odd jobs at your set budget. We’ve used Airtasker to clear out a massive pile of bricks out the front of our warehouse, and also to clean the warehouse space.

Today they came in to shoot a video testimonial. I never feel any more comfortable no matter how many times I get in front of camera, didn’t help that it’s stupid cold in the garage today!

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EVO IX Build Thread

Needs a wash, badly.

Back in power.

I’ve just started my EVO IX Build Thread on JDMST. I’ve spent over an hour going through the history of the car, it’s all so so good. Very happy I’ve got a clean base to mod (if that’s what I’m going to do?!).


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Au revoir DC2R

Au revoir DC2R.

Car has gone to a good home. Was really starting to like it. you know… looking over your shoulder to take a glance at it once parked… but in reality it’s just too slow for a daily driver. I miss the urgency of the Golf GTI, it’s ability to dart in and out of traffic gaps on the way to and from work. New car is with me as of today, build thread coming soon.

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Setting up @ Motorex

Thing of beauty.

Laying frame.

Mad Max!

Mind = blown. Loved this Harley. I’d so ride this to work every day.


Sergio working his ass off.

Our little stall.

Our goodies.

We spent a good part of today getting our Zen Garage stand ready @ Motorex (in The Dome Sydney Olympic Park). We’ve been allocated a massive spot that fits 6 cars, so so awesome. Some of the rides I saw today were insane. Should be an awesome show tomorrow! :)

More info:

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We’ve found our girl!

Claudio, Phoenix Melody & Sergio.

Introducing Phoenix Melody, the face of ALL STARS! Photoshoot to come!

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